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First Annual VZW Zedapalooza Concert Tour

Join the VZW as they launch their first VZW Zedapalooza Concert Tour hitting the top club's in the city. Listen to Malton's finest bands at each watering hole. Imbibe on a bottle of Finlandia Vodka or Goldschlager, if that's your thing, as zeds bang on the doors. No worries, we'll turn the amps up to 11! Check out the bands of the past, the present, the punk - something for everyone. This tour will visit 14 clubs finishing up at VZW HQ and it is sure to be a memorable event. You don't want to miss this colossal, non-corporate rock and roll festival where a bottle of water won't cost you $6. Finally, a tour we can all be proud of plus entrance only costs you a DNA sample.

Note: VIP Passes will be issued for each concert venue. If you have been awarded a VIP Pass you are welcome to copy the template for the Zedapalooza Concert found on the discussion page.

  • Club Noake (78,50). Feb 1st.-Feb. 3rd.
    • Tom Petty & the Zed Breakers

Petty's cult-following after his appearance in the apocalyptic film The Postman grew to such a point that Tom and the boys found the urge to revive their old dusty albums of the late 70s to create a retro tour as if they were back at the Purple Porpoise in the swamplands of Gainesville, Florida. Petty's fans won't be denied as he plays his classics yet again with hits such as American Zed, Breakdown, Listen to Her Fart, Here Comes My Zed and Don't Bite Me Like That. Comedian Stephen Wright opens the evening with his stoic one liners. 'Every place is walking distance.... if you have the time'. First 20 into the Club gets VIP treatment inside the Zombie Freak Show backstage. (Band reviewed by Dr Mugwump) No VIP passes were issued for this concert as the delivery man in charge of their handling was devoured in Giddings Mall.

Robert FacePlant is back with Jimmy Page as they kick off their new album called Zombies of the Holy. This gig is sure to be sold out so arrive early. We aren't allowed to reveal their playlist, but you can be sure that Zedway to Heaven will be part of it. Those near the stage may want to key a look out for FacePlant's eyeballs as they have a tendency to pop out when he tries to hit the high notes. Pass the bong and reminisce about those Dancing Days before Zedaggedon. Mushrooms and peyote buttons will be sold at the bar. Just ask for dealer Hank Chinasky. (Band reviewed by Dr Mugwump) Concert VIP passes issued to: Schnerri, Franz Molotov

  • Club Swabey (71,7) Feb. 8th - Feb 12th.
    • Scrantonicity II

Kevin Malone headlines this Police Tribute band that was stranded in Malton just days prior to the outbreak. The group normally plays only for weddings, but has agreed to a 'one time only' break from tradition perform a set of covers at Club Swabey. Although the exact details of the agreement are confidential, it can be reported that several un-opened bags of Cheetos and a 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola were involved. Scrantonicity II typically includes in their playlist; Roxanne, Message in a Bottle, Every Breath You Take, and Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, which are all sung by Kevin. They also perform You Were Meant for Me by Jewel and Sting's Fields of Gold. Scrantonicity II T-shirts are available in exchange for (2) NecroTech Revive Syringes or (4) First Aid Kits. (Band reviewed by Luis Tully) Concert VIP passes issued to: Aleister Curton, Kaitiri Rensa, N454, The Sixth Master, Toma Hawk, curtons ghost, Killroy Kutter, Anti Claus

  • Club Bennetts (50,3) Feb. 13th - Feb. 14th
    • Elmer Dangle and the Beppo Brothers Trash Can Orchestra

Elmer Dangle leads an eclectic ensemble of misfits banging on such things as trash cans, NecroTech centrifuges, and sawed off shotgun barrels. Those who have never witnessed the mad cacaphony of noise might miss the subtle influences of Hootie and the Blowfish and the Stray Cats. Make sure you arrive intoxicated and be prepared to stay for the finale which always hits a high note with Elmer's personal rendition of Only Wanna be with You. (Band reviewed by Luis Tully) Concert VIP passes were issued to: mastergurosp1, Remody, Mari Ghent

  • Club Wadman (27,10) Feb. 15th - Feb. 19th
    • Mikhail Yakson

The Russian 'King of Pop' has been entertaining Malton since the quarantine wall went up. He brings his 145 minute version of Thriller to the stage complete with actual zombie dancers! This event will have the living and the undead rocking! Dr Emilio Lizardo of the Yoyodyne Zombie Research Institute has generously let out on loan Vincent Price's zombified head to once again provide the creepy voice over and cackle at the end of the show. Do not miss this once in a life-time event! (Band reviewed by Luis Tully) Concert VIP passes were issued to: Dhavid Grohl, knappyone, norfolk n good, PsychoPhil, dog lacroix, Mefiste, pirx, Bulldog C6, FaMzNeSS, Cerrus, robert eid, Silas Reg, Biopsist of Dirz, Cpl Eugene Roe, halosix, HereLiesPete, Karaburma, Natiliana, SnifflesMcGruff, Zwelgje

  • Club Tarring (8,14) Feb. 20th - Feb. 22nd
    • Dwayne Newton Spears

The love child of Wayne Newton and Britney Spears, DNS , provides his skull rattling and mind warping blend of his parents' most famous songs. Arrive early as you do not want to miss his opening song Oops I Danke Schoen. (Band reviewed by Luis Tully) The Concert VIP pass issued to Nievadogg was revoked when he turned feral and ate Zedapalooza Tour Official Dr Mugwump.

  • Club Loaring (15,50) Feb. 23rd - Feb. 25th
    • Zergie and the Black-Eyed-Zees

Da Phunk hits Malton with luscious Zergie and her Zees' dance fest at Club Loaring. She'll be shakin' her 'ass'ets to such great hits as Let's Get Z-tarded In Here, Smells Like Z-funk, My Humps (tribute to the two pet zeds she keeps leashed and muzzled stage left) and the classic Pump It: The 12-Gauge Song. Rumor has it Zergie will perform tracks from her solo album including Zergalicious and Big Zeds Don't Cry. Platform shoes, fake furs, and 70's pimpin' couture will be sold at the bar, just flash us your 'humps'. (Band reviewed by Samuel L Plisken) Concert VIP passes were issued to: Robert Loblaws,

  • Club Hunn (14,95) Feb. 26th - Feb. 29th
    • Quatto

Everybodys' favorite Torso-Tenor will rock Club Hunn with a storm of interpretive noise. Enjoy such earsplitting headache inducers as, Start the Reactor, Save Mars!, Gut-shot Melancholy, and the spoken word monologue You are what you do, a man is defined by his actions, not his memory. Those less inclined to be inspired by a belly splitting mutant, might want to ogle the three-breasted go-go dancers while enjoying a fresh 'Can-o-Air' provided to all patrons courtesy of the Vilos Cohaagen Oxygen Institute. (Band reviewed by Luis Tully) Concert VIP Passes were issued to: Doctor Feelygood, Bmambl, Flantto, kawasaki636eric, Lars O'Malley, nurrr, president advan, Pvt Irons, SILENTE, Smilin'Jack, Soleice, tehninja12, TeOneVanni, Young Wanderer

  • Club Morris (54,99) Mar. 1st - Mar. 4th
    • Death Metal vs Goth Festival

This festival is sure to bring our the dregs of society clad in leather, lace and steel-tipped Doc Martens. Death Metal vs. Goth is headlined by Zed Slayer and a regrouped Marilyn Manson. Other bands from the Death Metal docket include Obituary, Morbid Angel and Death from the Tampa area plus Danzig-zed. The Goth corner will feature a mummified Joy Division (previously dead lead singer Ian Curtis marks his return to the club circuit), the original Southern Death Cult, 69 Eyes & HIM from Helsinki plus Type O and AB Negative. Bring along your favorite paleface vampirella or warlock buddy and gyrate to the battle of subculture in a mosh pit that will have no holds barred. Spiked elbows and switchblades are encouraged. Note: There will be no medical staff onsite. Any fatalities will be immediately stripped down and escorted to the Red Zed Bondage Room where they will be featured in a documentary of the event filmed by director Slob Reiner sponsored by Meathead Foodstuffs "the Ultimate Brain Experience". (Festival arranged by Dr Mugwump) Concert VIP Passes were issued to: Doc Manifesto, John Lennon Live, Mister Blockey, Nikolai Andros, OT Batigol, Payne Caine, Pweechmo, Steve Farmhouse, xepher2792, Young Wanderer

  • Club Shortt (89,87) Mar. 5th - Mar. 6th
    • Kallll meee Nee-ko-lie

Malton's most famous zed featured in that award-winning zedumentary of the year "Nicholai" is back in public view after a six month hiatus. Nicholai Hel will spend the entire evening on stage with a ukelele playing a song he calls "I saw little bumble bee in a tree, won't my mommy be surprised of me..." No entrance fee required and doors are expected to stay wide open all night. (Soloist reviewed by Dr Mugwump) Concert VIP Passes were issued to: John Lennon Live, Lord Vermin, Lt Fury, Marcim, Neohuman, Nightmare General, Seamus Donnelly, silent zeus, Young Wanderer

A recently un-undead Pink Floyd tribute band, Zed Floyd will be playing a full version of The Wall with the giant quarantine wall that surrounds Malton serving as a backdrop. (Band reviewed by Luis Tully) Concert VIP Passes were issued to: John Lennon Live, Young Wanderer, cutXchemist, Fouque, Lufio, Queen Mum, R0ad Dancer, Raivo, Tim of the Dead

  • Club Head (70,62) Mar. 10th - Mar. 13th
    • The Grateful Zed

Drink the red Kool-Aid, whirl like a dervish, turn on, tune in and drop out. Long live The Grateful Zed. Adventurous trippers can gain entry into the rainbow room where they can pay a dead hooker for some amazing Zed Head. Rave sponsored by Sandoz Laboratories which does not claim responsibility for any appendage injuries sustained in the rainbow room. Signed waivers allow entry into the club. (Band reviewed by Dr Mugwump) Concert VIP Passes were issued to: John Lennon Live, Young Wanderer, Chromium Redblade, Clinton Jones, Dov Ecluts, DrSetebos, Elvis Thomp, Haywud Jablome, Lance of Uppercut, Logic Gates, Maelios, Michael Panes, Miles Maximus, Veregon,

  • Club Somerton (75,57) Mar. 14th - Mar. 20th
    • An Evening with Amin Bhatia

After a long Zedapalooza tour, time to chill out with the musical stylings of electronic keyboard legend, Amin Bhatia. Straight from his extended Interstellar Suite Tour in Yukon Territory, Amin continues his thrilling galactic sweep with hits like The Ship, Hostility, Distress Signal, Rescue Fleet and Battle. Max Rebo and Sy Snootles of "Score-Hoarder Monthly" magazine hail Bhatia as "an explorer of musical outerspace from an innerspace perspective". Come dressed as your favorite Star Wars character and get 20% off top-shelf drinks. First 25 people through the door receive commemorative "Interstellar Suite" Ipod ear buds. (Reviewed by Samuel L Plisken) Regrettably, no VIP Passes were issued for this venue as the Guest List and the Passes themselves were lost in the massive melee between a horde of zombie gate crashers and concert goers. If you were there and happened to find a pass on the ground, you are welcome to it!

What better way to end the First Annual Zedapalooza Tour than a live concert by classic italian soundtrack artist -- Goblin! Massimo, Claudio, Fabio and Agostino re-create their now famous movie score for Dawn of the Dead the 1978 George Romero zombie-fest. Relive those classic moments from the film with Safari, The Hunt, Oblivion, The Awakening and who can forget the ever-popular Pie In Face/Edge of Madness. Rumor has it that the concert will feature an all-star, rousing rendition of Send in the Zeds (reminiscent of the international hit, We Are the World) featuring encore performances by Nicholai Hel, Quatto, Robert FacePlant, Tom Petty and Zedbreakers, Zergie, Mikhail Yakson, Dwayne Newton Spears, and Elmer Dangle and the Beppo Brothers. All of your Zedapalooza favorites live, on one stage! Flash your Zedapalooza VIP Passports at the bar for a free commemorative I got Zedi-fried at Zedapalooza 2008 t-shirt (while supplies last). (Reviewed by Samuel L Plisken)


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