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VZW Tactical Page

June 2011 Rebuild Stock on Revivification Syringes from the Turner Building and stock up on rebuilding supplies for travels to Edgecombe towards the SE.

VZW Journal

September 17, 2013 Received some stale candy from Luis Tully as he passed through last week. Been hanging in the area. Zed Pirate Roberts was zombified so I revived him. Plenty of other Zekes in the area; most with brain rot, so we'll need more ammo.

September 05, 2013 We've been held up in Edgecombe in the Maver Building. Apparently, nothing much has happened in over a year. Perhaps we'll load up with syringes and ammo and go on a cleaning spree.

February 09, 2012 Nicholai Hel and Zed Pirate Roberts are both hanging out in Edgecombe. Zed is dead, and waiting in RP with another member of the VZW. Nicholai has bumped into other VZW players about a week ago. Nicholai will head to the RP to help Zed and one other Vet once he gains action points, he's out.

January 10, 2012 Hanging out in the warehouse in the far NE corner of Edgecombe. Zed Pirate Roberts scored his first hit and kill with a flare gun today.

January 03,2012 Held up in The_Gibbons_Building in Peppardville... this building is safe for the moment, but there is a mess in some buildings around here.

December 27,2011 Someone revived Zed Pirate Roberts, but a zombie decided to kill Nicholai. Roberts ran to find a syringe and revived Nicholai. Both loaded up with syringes and ammo... the map looks mostly green nowadays. Statistics: 4 suburbs are Very Dangerous, 5 are Dangerous, 25 Moderately Dangerous, 65 are safe, 1 Ghost Town

December 16,2011 PKers killed a lot of people in the mall. We are currently stationed in Blight_Park in Crowbank, waiting for revivification. Look out for these idiots: Rakewell [1] Emperor Lrr [2]

December 8,2011 Life has been brutal. We held up in Tollyton at the Woodroffe_Mall; Loaded up with guns and ammo and just about ready to head out again with Zed Pirate Roberts to scout the neighborhood; There have been many PKers in the area; and most walkers have brain rot; it's just been hard to get anything productive done. Which is why I've been just hanging out in the mall sleeping on a real bed, eat mostly good meals, and watching a shit load of blue-ray movies on an HD television. Not a lot of women around here, but I did hook up with a few that wanted protection from some of the creeps in here. I caught a cold, of sorts; my nose has been bothering me since I made chili the other day and used too much onion; and yes I even attacked my own eye with onion juices. But at least it was an excellent hot meal, though it did give us all gas. Note to self: Women to fart, it's usually in their sleep.

August 23, 2011 Standing dead waiting revivification.

August 8, 2011 Lost track as to how many infections and revivifications we have endured. Held up in the suburb of Tollyton in a warehouse hugging Crowbank. Been trying to re-activate the Spragge Building. We left one survivor in there, with two zombies. At least he healed most of his wounds, and killed a zombie and really wounded another. We'll return soon to see if they survived. Most zombies we run into can not be revived; their brain rot is permanent.

July 23, 2011 Nicholai Hel and Zed Pirate Roberts are killed by zombies when the building they were in went into ruin. They were revived and Zed Pirate and hanging out at the Hildebrand_Mall in Roftwood while Nicholai is at the Vivian_Cinema napping in the back row of a midnight showing of the 1968 film 'Night of the Living Dead'.

July 18, 2011 Two days ago the Giddings_Mall fell to an zombie horde. Both Nicholai Hel and Zed Pirate Roberts were killed. They now stand as zombies in a RP location in Peppardville. If they are not revived in a day or so, they'll move to the Roftwood suburb. At least there are more survivors than zombies in that location; plus four RP locations. SUPPLEMENTAL: We were both revived but we'll stay motionless on the ground until we can figure out where to go next. A lot of buildings are under attack in this area.

July 14, 2011 Nicholai messed up, he's stuck out side near The_Powys_Monument, I've managed to kill off zeds the near him, but he'll be stuck for a while. He needs like 5 action points to reach safety. Goes to show you can't be nice, he revived a couple of zombies, but that stripped his action points. SUPPLEMENTAL: Nicholai didn't survive the day; Zed Pirate Roberts revived him and he's back in the mall, in need of first aid. At least he's back.

July 11, 2011 Held up in the Giddings_Mall in Pitneybank with Zed Pirate Roberts. A whole lot of people here. A bunch of walkers outside with cortex damage, so it's time to kill them all if they get in the way. This actually might be the best place to hang out for a while, revive who we can and kill the rest as we move slowly to the southwest and Edgecombe.

July 8, 2011 I'm hanging in the lit up Halberry_Boulevard_Police_Department in Pitneybank. Zed Pirate Roberts made his way to one of those indoor malls, where it is secure and lit. If I travel his way I'm not sure how many walkers are on the outside. I really need ammo, we are running into a lot of zombies with cortex damage and cannot be revived. These are the true enemy.

July 6, 2011 Still held up in Brendan_General_Hospital_(Starlingtown) in Starlingtown; zombies came in and bit everyone, a few survivors killed the attackers. The barricades are back up, but there are eight zombies outside. Everyone in the hospital was infected, so Zed Pirate Roberts and I administered first aid to all. Scouted to the Halberry_Boulevard_Police_Department in Pitneybank but with the lights off, I couldn't find any ammunition. At least it was heavily barricaded. I forget if it had a generator, so next time I go I'll hunt for fuel first.

June 30, 2011 Held up in Brendan_General_Hospital_(Starlingtown) in Starlingtown obviously. Loading up on first aid kits and then heading out again.

June 28, 2011 Not sure what's been happening or how we got here, it's been a confusing few days. Currently held up in the dark in the Gowing Building in Gibsonton. Not sure how long I want to stay here. Found a bunch of zombies a few blocks over, but I couldn't get passed the one with cortex damage.

June 24, 2011 With no hospital near by working out of the Crampton Building is rather useless. We did managed to revive a few zed heads; but tomorrow we will venture SW to the Vetch Building at least out of that NT building we can use St. Odile's Hospital (Dunningwood) as the hospital (if it is not overrun by now).

June 23, 2011 Zed Pirate Roberts and I made it to the the Crampton Building which is an apparently really safe NT building.

June 22, 2011 PM Made it down to the Madden Library in Dunningwood... heading to an NT building nearby.

June 22, 2011 Made it down to St._Josephine's_Church_(Pescodside) still going to travel.

June 21, 2011 We were revived over night; this is a monitored location for revivification. We are held up in a hospital, the lights are out, but the lights turned on in the police station to our SW. We'll check it out tomorrow, we don't have any action points.

June 20, 2011 Zed Pirate Roberts and Nicholai Hel moved to the Pescodside, a lot of survivors are there. The infection map shows that this community is the only one still green. We are hanging out in from the Clewett Building. No lights are on, but at least it is barricaded. We hope to be revived here. St. Ninian's Hospital is near by with it's lights on, so hopefully we can join the survivors soon. Well that didn't last long, we moved two blocks south to Otto Street, it is a Revivification Point

June 19, 2011 Zed Pirate Roberts and Nicholai Hel did not survive a zombie attack on the Turner Building; We left there as zombies heading southeast. We are now in Pimbank outside the Nunn Building looking for help. At least the lights are on.

June 17, 2011 Josaphat General Hospital (Shearbank) next door is back online; A lone zombie is in there with brain rot. Nicholai is trapped in there. Zed Pirate Roberts tries to kill the zed, but he still lives. Not sure how this will all turn out, hopefully the other survivors in the area will take care of this. We still have not started out move to the SE. We need to find tools to fix things, and perhaps a generator and fuel. But in the meantime, just surviving is the order of the day.

June 16, 2011 A zombie broke into the Turner Building; Nicholai Hel revived them and threw the body outside. He then heavily re-barricaded the building; Zed Pirate Roberts went to the ruined factory next door, found one survivor and revived a lone zombie outside; also revived a lone zombie outside the Turner Building. We want to get the factory secured and look for a generator and tools, etc. Traveling SE to Egdecombe is going to be hard... I would have to make a run for it with no safe house around.

June, 2011: Nicholai Hel and Zed Pirate Roberts meet up and set up shop in the Turner Building in Shearbank; Their plan is to revive as many survivors as possible on their way to Edgecombe; Once there, rebuild and reclaim Edgecombe from the dead.

2010 No Entries

2009 No Entries

August - September, 2008: VZW is knee-deep in the Second Running Man Competition. While the undead swarm, the VZW plays!

March 14, 2008: Almost home, the tour enters Club Somerton. Unfortunately the mind bending bleeps and boops of Amin Bhatia do more than entertain the living -- apparently the special brand of music created by Mr. Bhatia provokes a primal rage within the zombie brain. A massive horde of zombies quickly forms in the area and it immediately begins to ransack and destroy everything in the entire suburb!!!

March 10, 2008: Club Head hosts the Grateful Zed, however, the show is stolen by John Lennon Live again with another great performance.

March 8, 2008: Snug up against the quarantine wall at Club Croxford the Zedapalooza concert turns the volume up to 11 and lets the outside world know that things are still rocking inside Malton!

March 5, 2008: At Club Shortt the lead act is booed off the stage and the event is only saved by the timely arrival of John Lennon who quells the angered crowd with his own zedified version of some wonderfully updated songs.

March 1, 2008: Club Morris puts its own Goth Metal stamp on the tour attracting wide attention from the local area. Several sound ordinances are violated repeatedly.

February 26, 2008: The disturbing freak show put on by the rock group Quatto at Club Hunn gets Zedapalooza back on track! 14 VIP Passes are issued and several fans follow the tour to the next stop!

February 23, 2008: Club Loaring hosts a lack-luster Zedapalooza show by Zergie and the Black-Eyed-Zees. Apparently their up-beat and happy-go-lucky message fails to resonate with the local population.

February 20, 2008: A lip-synching scandal at Club Tarring is made worse by an untimely zombiebreak-in. One of the few concert goers is bitten, infected, killed and turned into a zombie...then promptly stands up and devours the lead act of the show, Dwayne Newton Spears!!! The following evening's event is canceled and the tour pushes on to the next stop.

February 15, 2008: Finally out of the Red Zone, the tour makes it to Club Wadman and blows the roof off with a massive extravaganza! 20 passes are issued and the event is held over for 4 days!

February 13, 2008: The tour moves on to Club Bennetts for a short two night stint. The howl of ravenous zombie hordes almost drowns out the show. Even so, 4 new VIP Passes are issued to some very brave and very loyal fans of Elmer Dangle and the Beppo Brothers Trash Can Orchestra.

February 8, 2008: Club Swabey hosts the third leg of Zedapalooza. So far the concert has been very difficult with each venue being deep inside zombie infested Red Zones, but the concert staff has been diligent in clearing each club out and powering up gennies and trannies. Scrantonicity II pulls in the largest crowd of the tour so far with 8 new VIP Passes being issued!

February 4, 2008: The Zedapalooza concert moves on to Club Humphries and the first VIP Passes are issued.

Zedapalooza2008.jpg Zedapalooza 2008 VIP Pass
I rocked out at the First VZW Zedapalooza Concert Tour of Malton!

February 1, 2008: Zedapalooza starts off with a bang at Club Noake!

January 30, 2008: The VZW announces the first ever Zedapalooza Concert Tour of Malton! You can learn more by following this link: First VZW Zedapalooza Concert Tour

January 7, 2008: Members of the VZW have been on leave for the last few weeks. Many have been out and about meeting new people and exploring the dark areas of Malton. Some have been showing a particular interest in the Clubs around Malton.

December 7, 2007: Members of the VZW liberated the Buckrell Arms from its ruined and deserted status. Fresh brews and rum were delivered courtesy of the Clatworthy Arms. It seems the Player Killer Pub Crawl had been attacking Buckrell for the better part of two weeks, chasing the occupants away.

November 19, 2007: The Film Festival has been over for a few days now and the VZW have been busy cleaning up Edgecombe after the Grand Finale of the Festival. A covy of PKers has also nestled into our fair town and our group has been scouring the surrounding areas and rooting them out. Check the Bounty Hunter's page for info on who we have found and who we have terminated.

November 2, 2007: We're almost halfway through the Film Festival. It's been quite a whirlwind tour of western Malton. Starting tomorrow we'll be covering the eastern half before heading back to Edgecombe.

October 23, 2007: Day 1 of the First VZW Malton Film Festival has been bloody and challenging! Danversbank is a complete ruin, overrun by zombies and devoid of survivors. But! The VZW has pushed through the hordes of dead and managed to take over the cinema and get it powered up. Deliverance II was shown to a small but enthusiastic crowd of VZW members. One local showed up for awhile, but left when several zombies began rampaging through the concessions area.'

October 22, 2007: The VZW geared up for its first ever Malton Film Festival. Members loaded up on ammo, syringes, FAKs, generators, fuel and radio transmittors.'

October 16, 2007: The VZW have established a rotating member on site overseeing the Indoor Revive Center at Cadbury Bank (72,52). Operating on a trial basis for two weeks, many VZW members have been impressed with how easily survivors can be revived and moved into safe houses by using the new indoor revive center.'

September 30, 2007: The Clatworthy has been overrun by zeds. There are 7 outside, unknown how many inside. The interior is ruined and the generator is broken.'

September 24, 2007: The VZW were joined by a new member, Wedge, today! Many of the team assembled at the Clatworthy Arms and enjoyed several rounds of homebrew compliments of our friend Co Fragment.

September 12, 2007: Several VZW members were instrumental in the retaking of Hildebrand Mall. Clearing Zeds, repairing ruined sections, barricading and reviving survivors were all parts of the VZW mission at Hildebrand. Crowbars played a role in countering the newest Zed tactic of ruining a building, deserting it of zeds, then sending in human spies to barricade the ruined building beyond VSB. This effectively makes the building impossible to free-run into. VZW construction teams had to tear down the barricades surrounding the ruined Mall in order to enter and effect repairs.

September 11, 2007: The VZW joined in Alliance with the survivor group called the 'Malton Resistance Front.

September 7, 2007: The VZW joined in Alliance with the federation of survivor groups called the 'Alliance of Fort Creedy.'

September 1, 2007: Equipped with toolboxes, the VZW reenters a devestated Edgecombe and begins rebuilding the ravaged Suburb. Making their way from the Fort Creedy area in the North East, teams of VZW operatives clear and repair buildings as they push deeper into Edgecombe.

August 28, 2007: The VZW joined in Alliance with the survivor group 'The Jedi Order of Malton.

August 15, 2007: With the help of fully loaded weapons and several heavy duty wheel barrows, a contingent of VZW operatives helped clear all the Zeds from Fort Creedy. The entire operation lasted less than 24 hours and the pile of corpses outside the Gatehouse has reached close to 200 bodies!

August 14, 2007: Hearing of a concerted effort to retake Fort Creedy from the Zombie Horde, the VZW mobilized several members to join the combat inside the Fort Walls. Hopes are high that the Fort can be reclaimed and a reliable source of ammunition established.'

August 10, 2007: Due to the overwhelming success of VZW Bounty Hunting efforts, additional operatives were disbursed to the Caiger Mall area and the Hildebrand Mall area. Follow VZW Bounty Hunting operations at this link VZW Bounty Hunters Page.'

August 1, 2007: The VZW began Bounty Hunter training today and sent operatives to the Giddings Mall area to seek out and terminate career PKers and Text Rapists. Follow VZW efforts at this link VZW Bounty Hunters Page.'

July, 27, 2007: The Running Man Competition ended today with a spectacular finale where each player had a chance to win the whole thing on the last day! Check the link VZW Malton Running Man Competition for details!'

July 14, 2007: On a dare, Tokarishi and Tully foolishly spend 24 hours in an abandoned warehouse in the middle of Ridleybank. The evening was frought with emergency barricading and neither Tully or Toka slept a wink. Both survived their stay in Ridleybank, but neither will be willingly returning there any time soon!'

June 18, 2007: Today marks the beginning of the VZW Malton Running Man competition! Check the link here VZW Malton Running Man Competition for details.'

May 31, 2007: Several weeks of battle with rogue zeds and a horde around the Clatworthy Arms has drained the VZW Team of resources and morale. Thankfully we have got something new to look forward to -- The First Annual VZW Malton Running Man Competition! Rules have been compiled and invitations sent to competitors. The start date has been set for June 18 and we hear that Ettore is going to smuggle some grappa over the wall to help us start the show with a bang!

May 19, 2007: Back in the Four Corners Region, the VZW have been trying to help stem the flow of Zeds in the region. So far our tactic of shooting as many zeds as we can has met with little success. Although we have steadily increased our total kill amount, the Zeds keep coming back for more. A slight adjustment to tactics has switched half the VZW over to revive duty, perhaps this will help get more active survivors up and running in the area!

May 18, 2007: The VZW signed a Statement of Friendship with the survivor group the 'MDK.'

May 9, 2007: After a highly successful venture to Caiger Mall where the VZW helped thin the Zed horde around the nearbye Necrotech Facilities, exhuasted members are slowly making their way back to friendly territory in the Four Corners Region. Of particular note, no VZW members were killed by Zeds or PKers during the expedition across 9 suburbs to Caiger Mall.

May 2, 2007: The VZW has responded to a call for help from survivors of the Caiger Mall. Team members are mustering for the long haul east and planning routes through heavily infested Zed territory.

April 26, 2007: The VZW entered the Four Corners region this evening as the sun set over Malton. Scouting from high towers indicated a horde of rotters attempting to break into the Maver Necrotech facility. Unfortunately for the Zeds outside Maver, the VZW was here for more than DNA scans this evening. By the time the smoke cleared the Zack Pack had been thinned by 10. Members of the VZW retired to safe houses and shared stories of their first full force raid over a few warm Coca-Colas and some Wheat Thins. (Note to group: someone really needs to dig up some better post-raid rations!)

April 24, 2007: The VZW is resupplying and loading up in preparation for another foray into the four corners region. Although there has been a slight decline in Zed activity within the four corners lately, their presence is still substantial enough to pose a threat to all survivors. We call on all of our allies to coordinate with us and send these Zeds and Pkers out of our area!

April 19, 2007: Several VZW members have spent the day trying to help fellow survivors clear the hospitals in Edgecombe and Roftwood of Zombies. It is important that the low level survivors who cannot get into or use the Malls have a place to secure FAKs for healing and experience.

April 18, 2007: Samuel L Plisken collected the first ever VZW Bounty on the PKer MumblingGusto and avenged the PK death of VZW member Dr. Mugwump. Revenge is a beverage best served in the Mall at the Thanks A'Latte Stand.

April 5, 2007: The VZW entered a new phase today, joining forces with other noted local groups in an effort to retake several areas from Zed. The VZW has benefitted greatly from this endevour, gaining valuable experience, new skills and forming new alliances. April is our month to take it to Zed and mete out a little payback!

April 4, 2007: The VZW joined in Alliance with the survivor group 'the Crusade of Reclamation.'

April 3, 2007: The day is almost here! The storm has gathered and will soon break. See below for some tactical ideas to maximize the assualt.

April 1, 2007: Successful scouting and replinishing of much needed syringes has allowed the VZW to revive their entire team. Coordination with other local groups has led many VZW members to harbor a small flicker of hope believing that they may soon be able to reclaim territory for Survivors.

March 30, 2007: The VZW are regrouping after the almost complete destruction of Edgecombe by the Zombie blight. Finding safe haven in a sea of undead has proven difficult and dangerous. Members have searched for resistance zones from Fort Creedy all the way down to the Mitchem Mall and found little more than ransacked devestation along the way. However, survivor efforts have begun to turn the tide in subtle ways and the VZW will soon be healed and in action once again!

March 2007: The VZW helped fellow survivors fight the Zombie horde of the Mall Tour '07 at the Hildebrand Mall. For close to 10 days, the valliant defenders of the Mall held back a rising tide of Zeds that at one point saw a mass of over 400 zombies attacking the NW sector of the Mall. After the Mall fell, the VZW remained in the devestated area and helped to revive fighters and retake important facilities.

Storm Tactics

These tactics are designed to make the most use of AP spread across a small number of cooperating survivors. These are just ideas...possibly more trouble then they are worth...but a worth a try. Give them a shot.

Tag and Bag An important facet of efficient AP use is focusing on the right targets. Career Zeds are a menace to all survivors, while a temporarily undead survivor making his or her way to a revive point is a waste of ammo and AP (and not just your AP but the poor unintended Zed's AP too!). If you have the skill to use a DNA extractor then you can afford 1 AP to check your target before blazing away. With experience you can tell quickly which zeds deserve your well aimed head shots and which deserve to be pointed towards the nearest revive point. Now, when you have identified a legitimate target Zed, and you have failed to kill it, post its ID, location, HP, and the date and time on the Tag and Bag section of the Discussion board. Other fighters can check that board before they go out hunting, add the zed to their contacts, navigate to its location, and finish it off. This maximizes the AP use of the entire group and allows fighters to select a weakened zed from amongst a crowd and put the shambling brain sucker down. Once you terminate a Zed target, Remove the Tag line from the Discussion Board. Ex.: ID:123456, (77, 58), HP=15, 20:56EST

Sweep the Front Porch If you are a high-level fighter, your first duty upon waking is to check your intel. Group members routinely send email reports calling out Zed locations and also post Tag and Bag targets on the Wiki page. Find a target and clean the porch. If you exhaust yourself, just get back inside. This may get boring after a week, and we'll adjust tactics then. The healers will be ready with a pat on the back, and of course, chips, salsa, and beer.

Enjoy the Salsa...its here for you Lower-level survivors are responsible for preparing the healing brew for the fighters. When they come back in from a hard morning of sweeping, treat them well and one day you can be out there sweeping the porch too!! Reserving healing for the lower-level members is the best way to help them become higher-level members. VZW Members with Diagnosis skill should take note of survivors that need healing and report to other members the names and locations of those in need. This makes it easy for low level members to gain XP and is also a great way to spread the word that the VZW helps survivors in our area.

Neighborhood Patrol Your neighborhood is small!! If the porch is clean, kill anything in a 4 block radius of the target. Only venture out of the radius for killing if EVERYTHING ELSE IS DEAD. If you have to go outside the neighborhood...then we are doing great. This tactic may also change if Zed groups begin to take notice.

Make the menaces pay!! Any Zed you find and kill at 20th level or higher is a menace. Add them to the Menace page. When Fighters leave in the morning, add these zeds to your contacts and when you are looking for something to attack...attack a menace first! We want these folk on the ground as much as possible. In fact, we want them so annoyed that they just leave. Add a Last Kill date and time. Once the Menace has moved on, it will be pulled from the list.

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