Vengabean Family

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Vengabean Family
Abbreviation: 'beans
Group Numbers: 50+
Leadership: Dabney Vengabean
Goals: Family reunion - Mission accomplished November 7th 2005. Family exodus - Underway
Recruitment Policy: Closed.
Contact: Via The V

The Vengabean Family is a group of human player characters, largely belonging to the Civilian Consumer class. Their main aim is to survive.

The Vengabeans spent the first weeks of the zombie apocalypse attempting a mass reunion of the entire clan. This objective was achieved on November 7th 2005 with a huge family celebration at Frossard Place Police Department in Lockettside. Their final aim was to attempt a mass exodus to the family wine vaults, to liberate their contents and effect an escape from the city via secret underground tunnels.

The Vengabean Family is largely composed of British and American posters to The V, an internet forum.


The Vengabeans are a louche clan of alcoholic trust-fund layabouts who have fallen upon hard times through profligate excess of diet, drink, and sexual carelessness, leading to the family's sprawling size and questionable survival skills. They woke up drunk one afternoon after a particularly rowdy party to find themselves scattered across the city and completely unprepared for a zombie apocalypse.

The family also includes a cluster of visiting backwoods hillbilly cousins, and a smattering of foreign-born children from ill-judged holiday liaisons, all seeking a share of the family's diminishing and currently rather worthless fortune. There are a couple of children with actual professional skills, but these Vengabeans are considered disappointments to the family and have been ostracised. The only skill the Vengabeans are naturally inclined to is shopping.

Additional Mentions

The Vengabeans were mentioned (along with The Many) in an article about Urban Dead in the November 2005 issue of PC Gamer UK as well as the January 2006 edition of PC Gamer US


A notorious troll with a personal vendetta against members of the V has attempted to spread disinformation about the Vengabeans on Urban Dead messageboards and via graffiti within the game, claiming that they were zombie spies. He has simultaneously attempted to reveal the family's location to the zombies. The ruse has largely failed, as it has been pointed out that a massive group of characters with a shared and very memorable name and the fewest possible useful skills at the outset would make very poor spies. A troll has also attempted to edit the Vengabean entry on the Urban Dead Wiki to spread further unsupported allegations against the family.

There is only one confirmed report of an unprovoked attack by a Vengabean, when a drunken Mordekai Vengabean punched Jerry Seinfeld in a bar. His father Dabney punished him by cutting off his absinthe allowance. Vengabeans only attack known PKers or those abusing the family name - though the patriarch has advised against this last course of action.

When Ras al Vengabean attacked a Vengabean impostor in retaliation for a previous attack on another member of the family, he was placed on a PK register on Oct. 8th/05. Ras surrendered to the authorities, was publicly executed by the family and removed from the registry on Oct. 13th/05. Since that time, other members of the family have also attacked the impostor in self defence, because of the impostor's avowed intent to kill all Vengabeans.

Notable, if minor, Vengabean Tactics

As they were actively hunted by PK'ers, the Vengabeans needed to come up with ways to ensure their survival. This led to the adoption of a "revive + stay down" policy for killed 'beans as the date of the family reunion approached. These revived and "sleeping" Vengabeans carried stockpiles of first aid kits as well as revive syringes and were effectively indestructable while they "slept". Meanwhile, the active beans continued to remain mobile and add to their own stores of FAK's and syringes.

In combination, this prevented a delay in the reunion even if all the active family members were wiped out as any of the "sleeping" Vengabeans were capable of starting a revival chain that would restore the entire family to life in short order.

Known Fake Vengabeans

The following players have adopted the Vengabean name despite having no connection to the Vengabean family. In some cases, they have attacked other residents of Malton in what appears to be a further attempt to besmirch the family name, even claiming that they are seeking retribution on behalf of the family. If the Vengabean in your house is on this list, they are not connected to the V forum and are not part of the Vengabean family, and thus should be treated with caution.

It is always worth checking the Rogues Gallery to see whether these characters have an outstanding bounty on their heads. If they do, and you don't wish to claim the bounty yourself, you can report them to the PKer Sightings thread on the forums so they can be dealt with by the bounty hunters guild. If they do not, you are advised to put some distance between them and yourself.

Probably Fake Vengabeans

See the discussion page for details.

The Others

Notations of other Fake 'beans:

The following note was found scrawled in a bathroom stall in the Pinchen Road Police Department.

"Howdy, cousins - I do hope that one of you finds this note. It has never crossed my mind that the deaduns out there would get all y'all killed; I of all people know how hardy the 'bean breed is. Some are hardier than others, to be sure, but we come from a good, strong stock, every one of us. Every one of us. I hear y'all had quite a shindig a few weeks back. A good ol' fashioned family re-union is what I hear. Course, it's a damn shame to get the whole clan together and not to send a little word ol' Pervis's way. Damn shame, I think, the way you only invited all the "proper" 'beans, leavin' poor ol' Pervis to his lonesome. Just cause I got myself a record don't mean I ain't family. Just cause I got myself a few problems upstairs don't mean I ain't family. I've heard of fair weather friends, but family? I need a little help "adjustin'", I admit, but ain't it the office of one's family to lend a helpin' hand? Nearly enough to bring tears to an old dog's eyes, it is; it's sinful in the worst way, and I think all y'all are deserving of God's own justice. And, being family and all, I bet I know just the people to do it. Them zombies ain't a trouble; most of you ought to survive this little quarantine, as long as it stays only the dead y'all are fighting. I suppose that's where we come in, ain't it?

Be seeing you, cousins. -PERVIS VENGABEAN"

Official Vengabeans

If you are approached by a Vengabean who is not on the 'official' list below, or who was not added to the list by the user 'Wheeler', they are almost certainly not a real Vengabean and may pose a threat.

  • Dabney Vengabean Patriarch
  • Ace Vengabean
  • Ajax Vengabean
  • Angus Vengabean
  • Bergerac Vengabean
  • Bernard Vengabean
  • Bernhardt Vengabean
  • Billy Bob Vengabean
  • Blackie Vengabean
  • Briony Vengabean
  • Cab Vengabean
  • Chachi Vengabean
  • Chairleg Vengabean
  • Chucky Vengabean
  • Chutney Vengabean
  • Cindy Lou Vengabean
  • Cortez Vengabean
  • Devereaux Vengabean
  • Dudley Vengabean
  • Elmer Vengabean
  • Eustace Vengabean
  • Fenton Vengabean
  • Festus Vengabean
  • Findir Vengabean
  • Foucalt Vengabean
  • Frodo Vengabean
  • Gantry Vengabean
  • Gorsha Vengabean
  • Gossip Vengabean
  • Gotcha Vengabean
  • Gunther Vengabean
  • Horatio Vengabean
  • Jack Vengabean
  • James Vengabean
  • Jeb Vengabean
  • Jethro Vengabean
  • Jing Vengabean
  • Joe Bob Vengabean
  • Kevin Vengabean
  • Kiki Vengabean
  • Lazlow Vengabean
  • Leo Vengabean
  • Liam Vengabean
  • Miriam Vengabean
  • Mordekai Vengabean
  • Mortimer Vengabean
  • Olaf Vengabean
  • Oscar Vengabean
  • Otto Vengabean
  • Pedro Vengabean
  • Ras al Vengabean
  • Raven Vengabean
  • Rip Vengabean
  • Rock Vengabean
  • Saphron Vengabean
  • Shausa Vengabean
  • Slater Vengabean
  • Spengler Vengabean
  • Sprinter Vengabean
  • Sympathy Vengabean
  • Theodore L Vengabean
  • TJ Vengabean
  • Tracy Vengabean
  • V Vengabean
  • Victor Vengabean
  • Violet Vengabean
  • Winston Vengabean
  • Whitley Vengabean
  • Wilhelm Vengabean

Most of the Vengabeans in this list are currently inactive.