Vengeance Unlimited

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Vengeance Unlimited
VU main.jpg
Abbreviation: VU
Group Numbers: ??
Leadership: Mr Chapel
Goals: avenge the innocent
Recruitment Policy: None
Contact: nope

Vengeance Unlimited helps the innocent who aren't able to be helped by conventional means. We take care of bad guys who have slipped through the cracks of the justice system. If you need help, call on us - but there is a cost: $1,000,000 or a favor. The favor can be called in anytime, anywhere, and is used to help some other poor soul in need.

So what does all this mean in a city overrun by zombies? We kill or revive zeds, we don't like PKers, and anyone who attacks one of us unprovoked will open himself up to... Vengeance Unlimited.

Chapel & KC.jpg

Founding Members

Mr Chapel

Once upon a time, Mr. Chapel had a very bad day. Someone close to him was hurt by some people who were not very nice. He started Vengeance Unlimited to stop people like that, and to help the helpless.

"My business, this is my business."

Gun chapel.jpg

KC Griffin

KC works for the DA. Once, some very bad people were threatening her, and Mr. Chapel helped her. Then one day, Mr. Chapel called in his favor, and she helped him stop some other very bad people who had left a little girl without her mother. Whether out of a sense of fulfillment in protecting the innocent or a sense of adventure in stopping evil, KC liked helping out. Chapel hasn't been able to get rid of her since then. Pretty kc.jpg

Mr. Chapel's Rules of Etiquette

1. Do not kill.
2. Do not steal.
3. Do not lie.
But if you do...
4. Do not worry.

He'll get you.

Our Aim

  1. Protecting the Innocent
  2. Avenging the Innocent
  3. Stopping Evil in all its Forms
  4. Ridding Malton of Zombies
  5. Avenging our Own - Don't Mess with Us

We're always watching... Always watching.jpg


Roscoe P Jenkins and Dr J Santos of Pen Island have been very helpful and are considered valuable friends.

The Butthole Surfers were very hospitable to Chapel and KC during a recent stay in Club Fortescue, and on their own talk page. Thanks especially to Paul Leary, Patty Cake, and honorary member Tex Tripppin.

Gibby.jpg Friend of The Butthole Surfers
This user or group is a friend of The Butthole Surfers in all their golden-brown glory.
Official Butthole supporter

Saint Gambi of The Saints helped KC with an interesting little problem.

KC was also helped by venom77777 concerning the same little problem.


All those who would prey on the innocent are our natural enemies.