Veterans of Fort Creedy

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Veterans of Fort Creedy
Abbreviation: VFC
Group Numbers: Limited, The Draft is In Currently in Effect
Leadership: General Alex Creedy
Goals: Defense of Fort Creedy and its suroundings
Recruitment Policy: Any military minded Zombie
Contact: Theater of Operations Command Post


The Sound of Battle had faded when he clawed his way through the dirt to the surface. Confused as to why he had risen, General Alex Creedy began to limp slowly towards his namesake determined to ensure its safety and that the secrets buried beneath it remained secure for the rest of time.

Little is known yet of this small group other than it seems to have literally sprung from the ground when Fort Creedy recently fell to hostile forces. The General for which the fort is named rose from the sleep of ancients and made his way towards the fort.



The Vetrans are rising from memorial cemeteries all over the city and shambling towards the fighting at Fort Creedy.

Having defeated the threat at Fort Creedy, and turning the keys of the secret arsenal over to the CDF, we are advancing on the site of an ancient burial ground to assist one of our allies re-take their HQ.

Special Note: Maxwell Hammer, you have made an ass of yourself. You and yours are about to face a whole new world of oppression, and unlike the DHPD, we are facist, we are proud of it, and we will be happy to rub your face in it.

How to Join


  1. Be a zombie character.
  2. Have Veterans of Fort Creedy as your Group in your profile.
  3. In your profile, give an RP description of how and/or why you are a fallen Veteran of the military based out of Fort Creedy.
  4. Mobilize towards Dunell Hills. And as such are now efectivly part of the DHPD.

Leadership and Ranks

General Alex Creedy is the erstwhile "leader", however being dead and defending Fort Creedy is all that really matters. If you wish to play a survivor may we suggest the Creedy Defense Force or the DHPD.

General Alex Creedy
Col Dominic Peppard
Captain Sprackling 
Maj Ezikiel Randall
Lt Obidiah Pitney
SSGT Denton 
PFC Coleman
(pvt)biohazerdous waste 
(pvt)a trip hazzard

Friends and Allies

Creedy Defense Force DHPD

The Veterans are now a fully functioning part of the DHPD.

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