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Virtua Ultimo Mo Fo's Turbo Allstars Unlimited are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 01:13, 16 September 2010 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Virtua Ultimo Mo Fo's Turbo Allstars Unlimited
Abbreviation: Team: Mo Fo
Group Numbers: <5
Leadership: LesterUnlimited (CEO), Mr.Pauser (Team Adjutant)
Goals: Enhance The Malton Experience
Recruitment Policy: Open

Corporate Overview

The Virtua Ultimo Mo Fo's Turbo Allstars Unlimited is a group of survivors dedicated to exploring and documenting major events around the city of Malton. The group formed intially as Virtua Mo Fo's, but after successful Tours around Peppardville and Pitneybank more and more superlative adjectives were added to their name. After the successful survivor defence of Caiger Mall against the hordes of the Mall Tour '06, the adjective Turbo was added.

The Virtua Ultimo Mo Fo's Turbo Allstars Unlimited have recently expanded into the Defence Industry and firmly believe in a Forward Defence Policy. To that end Team: MoFo are reinforcing existing survivor positions and Rapid Response Teams are available to contain and control outbreaks.

The Virtua Ultimo Mo Fo's Turbo Allstars Unlimited is active around Giddings Mall: Peppardville, Pitneybank, Heytown and Spracklingbank. Group Creation Date: December 2005

Team Headquarters

The Virtua Ultimo Mo Fo's Turbo Allstars Unlimited Headquarters is known simply as The Library. It is large seemingly abandoned structure but for the 'Team: MoFo' neon above the front entrance.

After extensive renovations, the 1st floor features spacious living quarters and large open planned leisure and food preparation areas. The most recent addition is The Games Room which as been equipped with looted X-Boxes and a Dreamcast with dual arcade boards.

The Ground Floor is the Operations Wing which constantly monitors and controls local infection before they esculate into an outbreak.

Before the Virtua Ultimo Mo Fo's Turbo Allstars Unlimited moved in, The Library was inhabited by zombies and a costly operation was launched to clear it. Teams reported zombie mutations and nicknamed the mutants 'Flood.' A handful of rookie Mo Fo's wandered off to investigate strange sounds and were never seen again. Their status was filed M.I.A. after five days searching.

To date, there are still several floors unexplored and for the meantime sealed off. Plans are inplace to annex the neighbouring Warehouse or Autorepair Facility.

TheLibrary.jpg MoFoCommand.jpg

Customer Service

The Virtua Ultimo Mo Fo's Turbo Allstars Unlimited are available to assist survivor groups and currently operate an Emergency Call Centre. At the time of placing a call, the operator will determine the nature of your problem and offer you immediate assistance if applicable. Call Centre staff will then interrogate our detailed database that will instantly provide the most appropriate course of action.

Operators have the ability to monitor, at any point in time, where the Field Teams are, the projected time of current calls, which call they are scheduled to go to next, time remaining to respond, and the urgency of the outstanding scheduled calls.

Once incidents are contained, Account Managers will visit the customer to make sure the outcome was as expected and arrange for follow up training to help prevent further incidents.


Revive Point: Opalinska Road


The Virtua Ultimo Mo Fo's Turbo Allstars Unlimited have a dedicated Revive Wing and specialise in Post-Life Solutions.

Opalinska Road [83, 37] in the Spracklingbank suburb is designated Team:MoFo's Official Revive Point. Our highly trained, sympathetic Revive-Technicians will be at hand to treat any post-life trauma in the utmost confidence. A full consultantcy service is available and our highly trained staff are able to tailor each solution to the individual. For further information, please visit: (dead link) and enter co-ordinates [83,37] (preferred)

or (last post in May 2008, deserted forum)

Standards Of Conduct

The Virtua Ultimo Mo Fo's Turbo Allstars Unlimited expects a high level of professionalism, integrity and pride from each MoFo. As such should any Mofo's standard of conduct causes grievance, please in the first instance contact The Library as soon as possible. Once the leadership is aware of any occurance, the situation may be managed and bloodshed avoided. Team:MoFo does not tolerate Pk'ing and any MoFo caught PK'ing will be punished as appropriate.

The Virtua Ultimo Mo Fo's Turbo Allstars Unlimited would also expect the same degree of respect from other Malton inhabitants. Team:MoFo protect their own and anyone attacking Team:MoFo without due cause or provocation will be punished severely.

The following survivors have attacked Team:MoFo without due cause or provocation. As such all Team:MoFo are briefed and authorised to Kill On Sight and Nemesis Units may be deployed. Guilty parties will be removed from the list once justice has been dispensed or a mutual arrangement has been agreed. Imagery which may be used as evidence can found be found in the Team:MoFo Evidence Log


Although each member of Team:MoFo is trained and equipped to perform basic melee roles, further training moulds the MoFo into a highly trained professional. The Virtua Ultimo Mo Fo's Turbo Allstars Unlimited currently have five specialised Branches available to personnel.

Assault Element: Probably the most glamorous side of being a MoFo, this Branch administers the MoFo Fury. Members range from cool snipers to raging beserkers. Responsible for the close protection of other members and assaulting and controlling key positions.

Revive Technicians: These highly trained operators manufacture and administer the Revivefication Serum. Revive Techs also run comprehensive rehabilitation courses for the recently revived to enable a smooth as possible transition to normal breathing life.

Medics: These key support personnel are responsible for the day to day welfare of Team: MoFo from the more routine medical complaints to the more specialised curing of Zombie Infections and major trauma.

Scouts: Scouts are fulfil all round role. Primarily they perform reconnaisance duties ahead of Assault Teams. Once a Forward Base has been established, Scouts are also responsible for reinforcing barricades and maintaining power and communications to the building. They are equipped with spare Generators, Fuel Cans, Radio Transmitters, Crowbars and Spraycans.

Nemesis: Nemesis Units are recruited from the Assault Element and are gunmen of the highest calibre. Heavily armed and well protected they will stalk their prey with infinite patience. Nemesis Squads are designed purely to hunt down and deliver retribution with extreme prejudice.

Special Weapons: Classified _


Standard Equipment

All new recruits are issued the following study material.

MoFoGuide.jpg All Team:MoFo members are expected to make best use of the knowledge and practises outlined within this publication. "Read it, know it, use it"

In addition to specialised equipment all Team:MoFo members are equipped to be fully self reliant should they become seperated from their squads. The following equipment is issued as personal kit:

MoFoFireaxe.jpg x1 Flak Jacket x3 First Aid Kits x1 Fire Axe x1 Revivification Syringe x1 Radio

Should Medics not be available, the squads are able to cure infections and administer basic first aid to each other. The use of the Revivification Syringe is reserved for emergencies in the absence of qualified Revive Technicians. As long as one squad member is still alive, the whole squad still has a second chance.

27.17Mhz Radio Mo Fo fm.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.17 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: The Library

Radio Mo Fo fm for great hit after hit after hit is brought to you courtesy of:

Segalogo.jpg and Capcomlogo.jpg

Radio Mo Fo brings you the best of house, hip hop, bass and beats in a lighthearted look at the country's floor fillers. Featuring the latest news, travel and up to date information in your favourite suburbs. Plus special guests.

"I love the variety, Mo Fo fm just makes the time between breaches go by much quicker." LesterUnlimited.

"Gotta love that dark DnB set by NoisiA and Black Sun Empire. Nothing better to get in the zone with while on sentry." Subatai.

"I also part host the late night 'Doctor's In The House!' clinic. I give advice on medical conditions listeners are too embarrassed to go to their GP about. It's a break from the more mundane day to day zombie infections and post-life rehabilitations I deal with. It's small things like this that make a difference and make my job just so rewarding." I Got Pills.

"Walking the beat in Scarletwood (and dealing with the administrative side of police work) gets awfully boring sometimes, but the adrenaline flies (along with the heads) whenever I tune into Mo Fo FM! Thanks, 27.17!" Captain Juri Arisugawa of the SPD.

Global Solutions

The Virtua Ultimo Mo Fo's Turbo Allstars Unlimited recognise that Malton's complex environment can very quickly become extremely hostile. Significant advantages can be created by forming strategic partnerships with organisations. We know that every situation is different and there can be no 'one size fits all' approach. Here at Team:MoFo, we are dedicated to working in partnership with our allies providing immediate and effective Urban Pacification Solutions.

The Virtua Ultimo Mo Fo's Turbo Allstars Unlimited enviable portfolio of allies include:

If your group is interested in forming a partnership with Team:MoFo then please visit our forum and a Global Solutions Director will be pleased to advise you further.


Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

Environmental Policy

As part of our fundamental principles, we recognise environmental conservation as one of the most important missions given to mankind and we endeavor to integrate it as a key element in all our activities. We therefore willingly accept our responsibility for environmental conservation and direct this approach on a company-wide basis.

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