Voss Lane Police Department

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Voss Lane Police Department
Thvortex (talk) 19:13, 6 August 2020 (UTC)
Voss Lane Police Dept

Danversbank [75,96]

Carrington Plaza Patton Way Bramwell Drive
The Poulet Museum Voss Lane Police Dept Shepherd Place
Teresa General Hospital Sidney Plaza The Hibbert Museum

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.



The breathing residents of Danversbank appear to take the defence of this PD rather seriously and both zombies and survivors see plenty of action. Survivors who want to get in on the action should learn Free Running and Construction. Zombies who want in should turn up and start chewing on the barricades. Both will eventually get some satisfaction.


Voss Lane PD has been a survivor stronghold in Danversbank since the early days of the zombie plague. According to local gossip / BS it had been completely sacked only once, during the infamous raid by the original Big Bash. Since that time the PD has had a very long history of zombie break-ins and it has become a popular zombie takewaway joint. The DRRP have installed revolving doors with an attached dynamo in order to power the PD.

Low-level survivors should note that the PD is a high profile target and is frequently ruined and repaired in any given 24 hour period. Sleep here at your peril.

Barricade Policy

Voss Lane Police Department is a designated EHB safe house in Central Danversbank. It is maintained by the DRRP in accordance with the Provisional Danversbank Barricade Plan in order to provide a tactical resource point.

Voss is often at EHB due to the sheer number of zombie attacks but whenever possible it is opened at VSB+2 to permit access by beginning survivors who have not yet purchased the Free Running ability. In the event that the PD is heavily barricaded the nearest VSB+2 entry points are The Poulet Museum (1W), the junkyard (2S), The Panter Building (2E), Martha General Hospital (Danversbank) (3W) and St Simon's Church (2W 1SW).


April 21th 2009

Everything is a-ok, the zeds are under control, but please bring down the freakin' barricades, PLEASE. --Jack Dawes 18:07, 21 April 2009 (UTC)

March 16th 2009

This building is OVERCADED, there are survivors trapped outside who cannot get in. UNCADE ASAP PLEASE.--ScaredPlayer 02:24, 17 March 2009 (UTC)

December 30th 2008

The PD is restored and electrified. Barricade status is at EHB. 10 survivors inside. --Jemboot 04:37, 30 December 2008 (UTC)

November 04th 2008

The PD is ruined and a small zombie horde is successfully camping in the S Central area. Survivors are advised to be cautious. --R33F3RM4N 19:34, 4 November 2008 (UTC)