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Stupid Clumsy Zombies

Timestamp: 06:48, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies, who are, of course, stupid and clumsy in real life, so this obviously must apply to them
Description: Companion skill to this suggestion. This is a subskill of Lurching Gait. Zombies who purchase this skill acknowledge that they are clumsy, stupid creatures due to the decay of their various organs and tissues.

Zombies have a ~40% (the numbers are up for debate) chance to fail in their movement and trip. Zombies who trip lose 5 AP for that movement. In addition, there is an 80% chance when zombies fall that they Bite and Infect (100%) themselves (this happens whether or not the zombie has purchased Infectious Bite.), to represent the zombie biting itself in the arm when it falls.

If the zombie has any guns in its inventory, there is an addition 40% chance (Kevan can change the numbers if he likes) of the zombie shooting himself in the head. This would have effects identical to the Headshot skill.

Obviously, this is not applicable if the zombie is dead or has not moved. As always, we can increase the chances of this happening, because we all know zombies are just too decomposed to really shamble around in any coherent manner.


  1. Keep - Author vote. My skill ROCKS. And rolls. All night long. Sweet Suzie. Bentley Foss 06:48, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Keep Good.... goooooooood..... --Zaruthustra 19:29, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Keep - Add a chance of the zombie headshoting self while saying 'barhah' and we are done --hagnat 17:15, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Keep They should also have a 60% chance to lose 10 xp from banging their head against various objects such as streetlights, pavement, and brick walls. AllStarZ 23:45, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  5. Keep - Hey guys - I saw a suggestion the other day on the "official" suggestion page that looked very much like your version of zombies with guns in this suggestion. I think someone is trying to steal your thunder.. --Blahblahblah 01:48, 2 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Crates of Supplies

Timestamp: 07:30, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Random event, skill addition
Scope: Survivors, mostly
Description: This suggestion would add gender distinctions to the game, namely "Female" and "Supply Crate." Each player will randomly have their gender assigned.

To go along with this, a new skill called "Get to know X", where X is a drop-down list of all the females in the current block, will be added. Survivors who are of the "Supply Crate" gender can purchase this skill for 100 XP. When used, the Supply Crate-gendered survivor can get to "know" (in the Biblical sense) the designated player. There is a random chance (based upon a complex calculation involving the tides, the distance of the Moon from Easter Island in joules, and binary value of the letters in the survivors' names) that the female survivor will become pregnant. The female survivor then has a 95% chance to give birth to an actual crate of supplies in nine months.

The Supply Crate-gendered survivor can use this skill on the same female multiple times in order to attempt to increase the number of offspring she will have, up to a maximum of 4,000 in each litter.

Getting turned into a zombie does not affect the pregnancy.


  1. Keep - This suggestion is so awesome, it will make your eyes BLEED! Bentley Foss 07:30, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Keep Everything is falling into place... --Zaruthustra 19:30, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Keep DEAR GOD, MY EYES! AllStarZ 23:19, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Kill - How do I know we won't all end up as Females? - KingRaptor 05:35, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Re Havent you seen Jurassik Park ? If everybody ends up as females somehow nature will find a way into turning a few into males. --hagnat 17:14, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  5. Keep - While KingRaptor has a frightening concern, I believe this is the most sensible supply crate suggestion to date." --Sgt. Sarcasm 06:45, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  6. Keep - Sounds nice for me. --hagnat 17:14, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  7. Kill - I have to say that KingRaptor raises a concern that can't be ignored, not even with consideration of what hagnat pointed out. --Signal9 17:42, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Re Life does find a way. Well, life and the various survivor doctors who purchase the new "Sex Change Operation" skill that will have to be added. Bentley Foss 19:32, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  8. Keep - Well if we do all turn out to be Female... the pillow fights alone...--Vista 22:34, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  9. Keep - ^^^^ and the malls would be looted empty in a day. --TheTeeHeeMonster 01:25, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Especially the department stores. AllStarZ 23:50, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  10. KEEP! - The most beautiful thing about this is all the guys who find themselves suddenly turned female, will spend all their time checking out their new tits - and leave Malton ripe for conquest! --Blahblahblah 01:45, 2 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Flavor Text for More Actions

Timestamp: 23:20, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Flavor improvement
Scope: All players
Description: Have flavor text for more actions, not just attacks, etc.


  • Hit
    • "The round hits the zombie square in the chest, causing them [x] damage. (Flak Jacket effect here) It stumbles backwards a few steps and then regains its posture."
    • "Your shot lands directly in the zombie's throat causing [x] damage. (Flak Jacket effect here) Black blood squirts out like a fountain for a few seconds before it starts to clot. The zombie still stands, but less easily so."
    • "Your shot enters through the front of the zombie's mouth, exting on the other side of their head causing [x] damage. (Flak Jacket effect here). Unfortunately you miss the brain. The zombie slows for a moment and then resumes its previous stance."
    • "You level the gun and steady your twitching hands. You fire and the round hits the zombie directly in the eye, dealing '[x]' damage. (Flak Jacket effect here). The zombie howls, obviously in pain."
    • "You close your eyes and take a blind shot. You hear the round go off, followed by the sound of blood splattering. You open your eyes to see a zombie with a large chunk now missing from its torso. It loses '[x]' HP (Flak Jacket effect here)."
  • Miss
    • "The round clips the zombie's ear. They seem unaffected."
    • "You fire and hit the zombie in the thigh. They don't seem to notice."
    • "You fire widly and completely miss the target."
    • "Your shaking hands cause the gun barrel to swing wildly as you pull the trigger. You hear a loud bang and see smoke, but nothing appears to be hit."
    • "You pull the trigger prematurely, before you can bring the gun fully up. You do nothing but make a small hole 5 feet from where you are standing."
  • PK Hit
    • "(Target) takes [X] damage (Flak Jacket effect here) and drops to their knees in pain. You glance around quickly - as (target) slowly rises to their feet clutching their belly - delighted that no one else heard your shot."
    • "(Target) takes [X] damage (Flak Jacket effect here) and reels against the wall, spattering blood in a violent pattern where they hit."
    • "You sneak up quietly behind (target) and put a round in their back, causing [X] damage (Flax Jacket effect here)."
    • "You look (target) directly in the eyes with a sinister grin and unload into their torso, causing [X] damage (Flak Jacket effect here) ."
    • "You glance around to make sure no one is looking before pulling the trigger. The shot hits the target in the lower torso causing [X] damage (Flak Jacket effect here). They shout and stumble backwards before pulling themselves together."
  • PK Miss
    • "You have an attack of conscience at the last second and jerk the gun upright. The shot flies harmlessly into the ceiling."
    • "You close your eyes and pull the trigger. When they open you see a small bullet-sized hole in the wall. Your target is unhurt."
    • "You attempt to sneak up behind (target), but trip over some debris and fall on your face - your shot hitting the ground with you. Fortunately for you, nobody turned to observe the ruckus."
    • "You sneak up behind (target), but they turn as you fire and your (bullet/slug) hits the wall. They look at you funny, as you apologize and blame it on the gun's safety."
    • "You miss (target) and your (bullet/slug) is lost in a pile of rubble."

Sharp Melee weapons:

  • Hit
    • "You burry your blade deep in a zombie's torso, causing [X] damage. Spurts of blood emit as you draw your blade back out, but the zombie does not fall."
    • "Your blade finds a home deep within the zombie's chest, causing [X] damage. If the creature still had a beating heart, it would surly be dead."
    • "Your blade tears open a zombie's belly, causing [X] damage and spilling its entrails onto the ground. The zombie reels for a moment, and then regains its posture - not even noticing that its guts are hanging out."
    • "Your blade slices through a zombie's throat causing [X] damage to it, and spraying blood all over your face. If it was human, that would surly be the end of it..."
    • "Your blade strikes a zombie's skull causing [X] damage, and spattering you with filth. The zombie staggers drunkenly for a moment, but remains standing."
  • Miss
    • "You swing and take a small shred of fabric out of the zombie's ragged clothing. They are unhurt."
    • "You raise your (weapon) above your head and bring it down hard. Your shaking hands are unable to control it and it slips to the side of the zombie, leaving it unharmed."
    • "With great effort, you attempt to slice off a zombie's head. Your blade is hasty, and cuts only air."
    • "Swinging in desperation, you attempt to sink your blade into a zombie. You miss the zombie, and it emits a sound you suspect to be laughter."
    • "You slice at a zombie with [X], lightly catching it across the face. The wound is shallow, and does not appear to bleed. The zombie is unaffected."
  • PK Hit
    • "You swing your blade maliciously at (Target). You feel it sink deep into their flesh, causing [X] damage. They scream in pain, clutching at the wound on their arm."
    • "You bring your blade down hard, catching (Target) in the shoulder causing [X] damage. The wound does not appear sever enough to stop them from attacking you back."
    • "You strike (Target) in the torso with your blade, causing [X] damage. Blood spurts out from the wound as you remove your blade from their body, and they hold the new wound in their side. They give you a look of utter confusion, but remain firmly planted on their feet."
    • "You bring your blade down hard into (Target)'s thigh, causing [X] damage. They hobble slightly from the wound, but it fails to bring them down."
    • "Your blade glances across the chest of (Target). You open up a gash, causing [X] damage and dyeing their shirt a deep scarlet around it."
  • PK Miss
    • "You hack at your comrade in his sleep, but he roles over at the last second, barely averting the (axe/knife)"
    • "You scream and swing your weapon in a violent rage. When you recover yourself, you realize that miraculously no one was hurt."
    • "You attempt to sneak up on (Target), but stumble on something as you swing your blade. Your attack misses harmlessly."
    • "You have a last second attack of conscience and your swing misses wildly. You steady yourself and consider trying again."
    • "You dash at (Target), hoping to sever their soul from their body with your blade. Your target moves just in time to save their life, and your blade slices into a wall behind them."

Blunt Melee Weapons:

  • Hit
    • "You wind up and swing at a zombie, striking it square in the chest causing [X] damage. You hear ribs crack, but the zombie remains on its feet - though now looking slightly agitated... as much as a zombie can look anything."
    • "You smash a zombie's head causing [X] damage, and severely denting its skull. It staggers and falls to one knee, but stands right back up - its brain still protected."
    • "You take a giant swing and smack a zombie across the face causing [X] damage - and spinning it 360 degrees. Frighteningly, it's still on its feet and focused on you."
    • "You swing with all your might, and strike a zombie in the face causing [X] damage. It's jaw appears slightly maligned, though still functional."
    • "You swing your weapon like Babe Ruth on steroids - determined to knock a zombie into oblivion. You connect, striking a zombie in the chest causing [X] damage, and knocking it back a few feet. It doesn't appear to be fazed."
  • Miss
    • "You swing wildly at a zombie. You are amazed as you miss such a stiff and slow, lumbering undead creature as this."
    • "You attempt to bludgeon a zombie with [X]. Your blow strikes the ground inches from the zombie. The creature emits a soft guttural moan, snapping its jaws at you."
    • "You bring down [X] from hight above your head. Your strike grazes a zombie's arm, but the creature looks unaffected."
    • "You dash at a zombie, winding up for a running blow. You stumble on some debris just as you swing, and you miss the zombie completely."
    • "Swinging [X] at a zombie, you hope to take off its head. You are wildly off mark, and your blow is ineffective."
  • PK Hit
    • "You make a quick dash at (Target). You wind up and swing, catching them across the chest with [X] and dealing [X] damage."
    • "You pummel (Target) with [X], dealing [X] damage. You swear you hear a bone break, but your target remains standing."
    • "You smack (Target) across the face with [X], causing [X] damage. The area you hit immediately reddens and begins to swell. Your target spits out blood and teeth, but remains facing you."
    • "You smash (Target) in the arm with [X], causing [X] damage. They howl in pain, clutching their arm."
    • "You bash (Target) in the torso with [X], dealing [X] damage. They swagger for a moment from the blow, as if they might fall. Your target regains their equilibrium, and remains on their feet."
  • PK Miss
    • "You swing wildly at your target, missing them by a great distance. You are amazed to find they didn't even notice your attack."
    • "You attempt to bludgeon (Target) with your [X]. Your blow strikes the wall beside them, punching a hole through the dry wall."
    • "You wind up and swing madly at (Target). You miss their face by inches, blowing back their hair slightly with the breeze made by your weapon cutting through the air."
    • "You dash at (Target) and bring your weapon down hard. You miss them completely, and your weapon glances loudly off the ground."
    • "You make a great strike at your target with [X]. They step aside just in time, and your weapon catches only air."


  • Police Station
    • "You ransack a desk, throwing personal photos, half-filled out incident reports, and empty donut boxes over your head. (You find nothing that will help you.) or (You find [x].)"
    • "You raid the evidence lockers. You toss away bloody clothing, stolen goods, and bags of cocaine. (You find nothing of use.) or (You find [x].)"
    • "You raid the officers' lockers. You toss away old uniforms, pin-ups, and bags of cocaine. (You find nothing useful.) or (You find [x].)"
    • "You search through the rows of holding cells, looking for something useful, (but are unable to find anything.) or (and are delighted to find [X] in a supply closet next to one of the cells.)"
    • "You crawl on your hands and knees, looking beneath desks. You see something in one sticking up slightly from a drawer in the captains desk, (but are horrified to find it is a severed hand.) or (you are delighted to find it's [X].)"
    • "You crawl on your hands and knees, looking beneath desks. You see a pistol barrel sticking out from underneath one and pull it out. A severed hand is attached. You gingerly loosen the fingers' grip and pocket the weapon. (If search is unsuccessful: 'You scream at the sight of the hand and fling the pistol somewhere into the room. You curse, steady your nerves and go back to searching.')"
    • "You rummage through the locker room, tearing open the doors without padlocks. You find a flax jacket inside one and try it on.

  • Fire Station
    • "You search the equipment lockers. (All you find are fire extinguishers and oxygen tanks. Nothing you found is of any use to you.) or (You find [X].)"
    • "You search the firefighters' quarters. (You find nothing but family photos, dirty magazines, and a teddy bear.) or (and stumble across [x].)"
    • "Searching a utility closet, (you find nothing of use.) or (you find [X] behind a broken generator.)"
    • "You search the rear of a busted fire truck. (You find a severed hose still attached to the truck, but you cannot seem to pry it off.) or (You find [X] mounted on the back.)"
    • "You rummage though the firefighters' quarters, looking under the cots for something useful, (but find nothing worth noting.) or (and find [X] hidden behind a pair of boots.)"
    • "You find a flare gun stuck in the pocket of a torn fire-proof jacket."

  • Hospital
    • "You rummage through the front desk. (The drawer marked 'Emergency First Aid' is empty. You find nothing) or (You pull open the drawer marked "Emergency First Aid" and find [X].)"
    • "You check inside the recovery rooms. (You find dozens of wilted flowers, a stack of get well cards, and empty IV bags) or (and find [x] under one of the beds.)"
    • "You search the operating room, wondering how many of the undead rose from these very tables, (but find nothing of use.) or (and find [X].)"
    • "You tear through the waiting room, hoping to find something of use among the overturned chairs and tables, (but are unable to find anything useful) or (and find [X] under a tabloid headlining Bat Boy's Visit to the Queen)"
    • "You rummage through a patient room, (and find nothing aside from a used bed pan.) or (and find [X] next to a used bed pan.)"
    • "You pluck an old newspaper off of the floor and put it away to read later."

  • School
    • "You smash open a locker. (Inside are the answers to the SATs.) or (Inside is [x].)"
    • "You pound on a locker until it opens. (You find old schoolwork dated just a few days before the breakout.) or (You find [x].)"
    • "You slowly turn the combination knob until you hear a click. Inside is a stash of marijuana. (You bump into the locker door, slamming it shut again. You realize you forgot to write down the combination.) or (Next to the bag of weed is [X].)"
    • "You search through the gymnasium - pausing briefly to toss a ball at the basket ball hoop. (Your shot swishes through the net... but you've not found anything that will help you.) or (Your shot misses the hoop completely, but when you chase the ball under the bleachers - you notice [X] under them.)"
    • "You search through the science lab, wondering if it was science that created the monsters you now battle, (but find nothing to help you fight them.) or (and find [X] behind a jar of pickled pigs feet.)"

  • NecroTech Buildings
    • "You raid the main desk, finding memos on world domination progress, incomplete evacuation plans for all of Malton with the words 'Unnecessary Expense' stamped on them, and a list of puppet politicians controlled by NecroTech. You spit on the papers and then rip them in frustration."
    • "You look inside a crate marked "Experimental Medicine. For Lab Director's Eyes Only." (You open the crate and find bags of cocaine.) or ("You find a syringe burried beneath an unnecessarily large amount of packing peanuts.")
    • "You bend down and pick up what looks like a pistol with a small TV screen on the end. The cracked screen flickers to life with the words "DNA Extractor" displayed in big red ledders. (If search fails:) The screen fades out and then explodes, showering your face with sparks. You drop it before you get hurt."
    • You find a handheld GPS unit laying near a door marked "No Entry to Civillian Personnel." You bang it against your hand a few times until the screen turns on. (If search fails:) The device blacks out again and you throw it against the wall.
    • "You find a book on taming the mad scientist within you."
    • "You find a book on controlling the urge to make a monster out of body parts and bring it to life with lightning."
    • "You find a book on how to deal with insane coworkers."
    • "You search a lab room, marveling at all the equipment kept here. (You find nothing that will help you.) or (You find [X] next to a microscope with something particularly foul looking under the glass.)"
    • "You tear through a room full of empty cages. (you note some particularly large cages, and wonder what form of beasts they kept in here.) or (You find [X] inside a large cage with blood stained all over the inside.)"
    • "You look through a room that is mostly empty and open, with bloody hand prints and smears all over the brick walls. (You note a large pile of what appears to be rotting flesh, and quickly leave the room.) or (You find [x] next to what appears to be a pile of rotting flesh, and quickly leave the room.)"
    • "You search through a room with a large map of Malton on a table in the centre of the room. You see red flags posted in certain areas, and white flags bearing the biohazard symbol scattered in various parts of the map. (You wonder what exactly this is all about...) or (You find a [X] next to the map.)"

  • Churches and Cathedrals
    • "Starting at the back and working your way towards the alter, you move quickly through the rows of pews searching for something of value. (Unfortunately you find nothing of use.) or (Under one of the pews you find [X].)"
    • "You spot a small, ornate crucifix laying on the ground. You pick it up and pocket it (or you pick it up, but then put it down on the altar. You just didn't feel right looting a church').
    • "You search behind the pulpit, (but are unable to find anything useful.) or (and find [X] under a stack of notes for a sermon that would never come.)"
    • "You sit down on a bench, pick up a Bible and start skimming through it. (You put the book down and jump up as you hear a gunshot in the near distance.) or (Looking down, you find [X]).
    • "You search the community service wing, hoping to find something useful. You search a stack of children's drawings and find nothing.) or (Underneath a stack of children's drawings is a first-aid kit).
    • "You stand under a statue of Jesus, uttering a prayer under your breath. (You don't see anything else around you.) or (You open your eyes to find [X] at the statue's foot... You're not sure how you missed that before.)"

  • Warehouses
    • "You search through an open crate, (but are unable to find anything of use beyond some canned goods you save for dinner.) or (and find [x] inside.)"
    • "You rummage through a pile spilling from some overturned crates, (but find nothing but packing material.) or (and are relieved to find [x].)"
    • "You dig search through the foreman's office, digging through the rubble of overturned furniture, (but are unable to discover anything of use to you.) or (and find [X] under a collapsed filing cabinet.)"
    • "You search through a row of crates hoping for something to aid you against the growing hordes, (but find nothing of use.) or (and find [X], which you wonder - will it really stop them all?)"
    • "You check inside an abandoned forklift, (but are unable to find anything you need.) or (and happen across [X], left in the cab.)"

  • Arms buildings
    • "You rummage through a pile of debris consisting mainly of broken liquor bottles, (but are unable to acquire anything other than a shard of glass protruding from your index finger.) or (and find [x].)"
    • "You riffle through a defrosted cooler - desperate for something of value - (but are unable to find anything of use.) or (and are relieved to find [x] still untouched.)"
    • "You check behind an overturned video bowling game - taking care not to cut yourself on the shattered play screen - (but find nothing.) or (and find [X], miraculously uncrushed by the fallen machine.)"
    • "You search under a dead body - too badly decomposed to be considered anything other than rubble - (but are unable to find anything, aside from the fresh pool of vomit coaxed out of you by the stench.) or (and find [X], delighted that you didn't touch this mess of former humanity in vain.)"
    • "You check an overturned pool table, (but find nothing aside from a cracked 8 ball.) or (and find [X] surrounded by chunks of crushed billiard balls.)"

  • Clubs
    • "You look under the collapsed half of a broken turntable, (but are unable to find anything functional.) or (and find [X] behind some Jungle records.)"
    • "You scour the dance floor, (but turn over nothing of use.) or (and you find [X] behind a shattered disco ball.)"
    • "You search the seating area - overturning tables, chairs, and half empty pitchers of beer in your desperation - (but are unable to find anything useful.) or (and find [X].)"
    • "You check the entryway, (but are unable to find anything) or (and find [X] under the bouncer's stool.)"
    • "You check behind the bar, tossing aside stacks of coasters, rock glasses, and shakers - (but are unable to find anything useful.) or (and find [X] buried in the dish sink.)"

  • Junkyards
    • "You dig though a pile of garbage bags - holding your breath to avoid the stench - (but are unable to find anything of use.) or (and are ecstatic to find your rummage through the filth has yielded you [X].)"
    • "You scavenge through a pile of car parts, taking care not to cut yourself on the rusty edges - as tetanus shots are hard to come by these days - (but find nothing.) or (and find [X] hidden beneath a crushed door.)"
    • "You search through the piles of discarded junk - thinking how much you must look like the old bag ladies you used to make fun of before the outbreak - (but find nothing that will aid you now.) or (and are overjoyed to find [X].)"
    • "You dig through an open bag of garbage, hoping for something of use, (but jump back in discussed after realizing you have just handled a used condom.) or (and are delighted to uncover [X].)"
    • "You dig through a bag of garbage, munching on the moldy bits of half eaten food you uncover - wondering just when it was you came to this point - (but find nothing else.) or (and you stumble across [X].)"
    • "You search through a pile of junk, (and find a set of usable tires - briefly entertaining the thought of building a mobile fortress to escape Malton with, laughing at the absurdity of it.) or (and find [X].)"

  • Auto Repair Shops
    • "You rummage through the cars in the shop, (and find a set of keys under the floor matte of one... Of course it's just your luck that the car refuses to start.) or (and find [X] inside the trunk of one.)"
    • "You tear through the waiting room - kicking an empty pot of coffee across the floor - (but find nothing of use.) or (the pot crashes against [X], drawing your attention to it.)"
    • "You scavenge through the employee break room, (but only succeed in knocking over an ash tray - spilling cigarette butts down the front of you.) or (and you find [X] under an old, well worn swim suit calendar.)"
    • "You search through the waiting room, tossing aside tabloids and old car magazines - (but find nothing of use.) or (and find [X] under an untouched issue of "Good Housekeeping".)"
    • "You rummage through a storage room, wading through boxes of oil cans and air filters - (but see nothing that will do you any good now...) or (and find [X] in a pile of dirty rags.)"
    • "You search through the lobby, desperate for something of use, (but find nothing) or (and find [X] by a display of new tires.)"

  • Stadiums
    • "You rummage through a supply closet, tossing aside orange cones and team jerseys, (but find nothing of use.) or (and find [X] behind a pile of medicine balls.)"
    • "You scavenge through a souvenir stand - pausing briefly at a pennant of your favorite team, and wondering how many of them are zombies now - (but find nothing of use.) or (and find [X] amidst the team paraphernalia.)"
    • "You rummage through a hot dog stand, looking for something useful, (but only find a bag of stale hot dog buns - which you eagerly devour.) or (and find [X] under a bag of rotten meat.)"
    • "You slowly make your way through the rows of seating, hoping for anything of value, (but don't see anything more than the many wads of gum stuck to the bottoms of seats.) or (and find [X] in one of the rows.)"
    • "You search through a locker room that reeks of sweat and blood, (but find nothing more than some very dirty jerseys.) or (and find [X] inside one of the lockers.)"
    • "You riffle through a skybox - admiring the view of the field and thinking if things ever get back to normal, you will get yourself one of these - (but find nothing useful to you now.) or (and find [x].)"

  • Hotels
    • "You search through a room with blood splashed all over the walls, and marvel briefly at the massacre that must have happened here - (but find nothing of use.) or (and find [X] in a dresser drawer next to a Bible.)"
    • "You check behind the concierge desk, (and see nothing but stacks of room keys.) or (and find [X] next to some room keys.)"
    • "You search a room that is in complete dissoray, (but find nothing useful.) or (and find [X] under a pile of linen.)"
    • "You rummage through a room that is amazingly untouched, (but find nothing - though noting that the room looks much more fitting now that you've torn it apart.) or (and find [X] in the coat closet.)"
    • "You search the hotel lobby, desperate for something of use to you, (but find nothing.) or (and find [X] behind a stand of tour guides.)"

  • Outside Search (Streets, Monuments, & Outside Buildings)
    • "You dig though a dumpster, pushing aside the bags of garbage and tossing out the rats, (but a noise from nearby startles you - diverting your attention.) or (and uncover [X].)"
    • "You look under a bench at a bus stop, (and though this hell has made you stronger - your stomach still turns at the sight of a half eaten arm.) or (and are relieved to find [X].)"
    • "You lay on the pavement, looking under a row of abandoned vehicles, (and see a rat scamper out from behind a tire - but nothing more.) or and see [X] behind a tire.)"
    • "You lift a sewer cover and peer down into the darkness below. (You see nothing in the shadows, but the sounds coming from the darkened depths encourages you to quickly replace the cover.) or (You are delighted to see [X], just within your reach.)"
    • "Keeping your eyes wide, and your ears open for sounds of danger - you scour the area, (but find nothing to aid you - and consider pressing on.) or (and find [X] in a pile of debris.)"

  • Wastelands
    • "You wander through the wasteland - desperately searching for something... (but only succeed in finding nothing.) or (as fate would have it, you find [X].)"
    • "You search around what appears to be a mound of burned corpses - or so your nose tells you - (and find nothing you can distinguish from the mess.) or (and find [X] under what you suspect to be a charred bone.)"
    • "You search inside a circle of dead trees, (but find nothing of use.) or (and happen upon [X].)"
    • "You look through some abandoned construction equipment (and find a hard hat, which is unfortunately occupied by a severed head.) or (and find [X] behind some broken gear.)"
    • "You rummage through a pile of notable debris, (but are unable to find anything of use to you.) or (and are relieved to find [X].)"

  • Parks
    • "You search around a coy pond - noting that all the fish are missing from it, and cursing that someone else got to them first. (You find nothing of use.) or (You notice [X] along the bank of the pond.)"
    • "You wander through a playground looking for something useful. (After finding nothing, you take a moment to ride down the slide... You feel no better after the ride down.) or (You find [X] in some tall grass under the slide.)"
    • "You walk along a bike path, looking to the sides for something of use. (unfortunately you see nothing but weeds and scraps of garbage.) or (You spot [X] next to some shrubbery.)"
    • "You search through the park's restrooms. You notice bloody hand prints on the white tile walls and get the feeling you've seen this before in a movie, (but you find nothing.) or (You find [X] next to a toilet.)"
    • "You scour the brush along the edge of a playground. (A rustle from a nearby bush diverts your attention before you can find anything.) or (You find [X] protruding from a clump of leaves.)"

  • Graveyards
    • "You search among the gravestones, wishing the dead were here where they belong instead of walking the streets undead. (You find nothing that isn't stone and earth.) or (You find [X] behind a large headstone.)"
    • "You scavenge through a tomb, moving quickly and glancing frequently at the small entrance for signs of zombies. (You find nothing of use, and leave quickly as to not get trapped inside.) or (You find [X] behind an open and empty sarcophagus.)"
    • "You walk along the graves, noting the irony of those stones that read "R.I.P". (You find nothing that will help you to assist them to that end.) or (You find [X] behind on old christmas wreath leaned against one of the markers.)"
    • "You search along a path leading through the graves. (A black cat darts across your path. You pause for a moment, considering the superstition - then press on, deciding that it can't get any worse than it is now.) or (You find [X] beside a giant statue of an angel.)"
    • "You search along the cemetery gate, (but find nothing.) or (and spot [X] laying in the tall grass along side it.)"

  • Car Parks
    • "You walk along the rows of abandoned cars, searching the car park. (You pause for a moment to peer at what appears to be a dead cat.) or (You find [X] next to what appears to be a dead cat.)"
    • "Smashing a car window, you unlock the door and rummage through the vehicle. (You are unable to find anything inside.) or (You find [X] in the back seat.)"
    • "You rummage through the attendants booth. (You find blood splashed throughout the inside. Apparently someone stayed on shift a little to long after the outbreak.) or (You find [X] under a blood stained chair.)"
    • "Searching through the car park, you spot a delivery truck. You find the back doors unlocked, (but are disappointed to see nothing inside.) or (and throw the doors open - finding [X] inside.)"
    • "You scavenge through the rows of cars looking for something useful. (You are disheartened to find nothing.) or (You find [X] laying on the pavement between some vehicles.)"

  • Buildings
    • "You rummage through an office. Turning out a desk drawer, you find old spread sheets and business files - but nothing more.) or (you find [x] under an employee handbook.)"
    • "You search through a supply closet. (You see various cleaning supplies, but nothing of use to you.) or (You find [X] behind a dirty mop bucket.)"
    • "You search the lobby. (You see an old tabloid with the headline "Zombies Soon to Rule the World", and note that at least one of their paranoid conspiracies was actually true.) or (You find [X] under a table.)"
    • "You rifle through a receptionists desk. (You find a bag of makeup and a fashion magazine, but nothing useful.) or (You find [X] in under the desk.)"
    • "You scour through an employee break room. (You break the glass on a vending machine, and grab some snacks to eat later.) or (You find [X] under the table.)"

  • Towers
    • "You search a stairwell hoping for something others may have missed. (You find nothing.) or (You find [X] laying against the wall.)"
    • "You look through an office on the top floor - taking note of the view of the city from a window, and think how nice it must have been to see this before the outbreak. (You find nothing to help you.) or (You find [X] next to the window.)"
    • "You rummage through a cubicle, turning out desk drawers and opening cabinets. (You find nothing useful.) or (You find [X] inside one.)"
    • "You walk down a hallway, peeking inside offices and cubicles for something to help you. (You are unable to find anything useful.) or (You find [X] on a desk inside one.)"
    • "You search a janitors closet. (You find cleaning supplies, and nothing more.) or (You see [X] next to some cleaning supplies.)"

  • Cinemas
    • "You search through an auditorium. (You glance at the blank screen and remember a time when you saw a movie just like what's happening here now...)" or (You find [X] in the rows of seating.)"
    • "You scavenge through the lobby. (You smash open a glass counter, looting the junk food inside for a quick sugar boost.) or (You find [X] leaning against a glass food counter.)"
    • "You search an auditorium with its screen torn and bloody. (You find a half of a skeleton picked clean of meat under the screen.) or You find [X] leaning against a wall.)"
    • "You riffle through a ticket booth. (You find some small bills in the cash drawer, but nothing to help you survive a zombie apocalypse.) or (You find [X] next to the cash drawer.)
    • "You scour the lobby, searching for something of use. (You pause for a moment at the arcade, remembering that once you held the high score on packman.) or (You find [X] between some video games in the arcade.)"

  • Banks
    • "You search inside the vault. (You see a stack of money in the corner, but leave it be. These days it's just dead weight.) or (You spot [X] laying in the corner.)"
    • "You search behind the tellers counter, tossing aside blank deposit slips and empty cash drawers. (You find nothing of use.) or (you find [x].)"
    • "You scour through a loan office that appears to have housed a great struggle. (You note the overturned furniture and blood stained walls and who lost that battle.)" or (You find [X] under an overturned, and blood stained desk.)"
    • "You look through the lobby. (You see a sign in sheet with a smear of blood as the last signature, dated 1 day after the outbreak was said to have started.) or (You find [X] next to a chair.)"
    • "You search an office. (You notice stacks of papers detailing loans and foreclosures, but nothing more.) or (You find [X] next to a filing cabinet.)"

  • Museums
    • "You search a room full of Impressionist paintings. (You find nothing of use.) or (You see [X] under a particularly interesting work.)"
    • "You search a room dedicated to prehistoric beasts. (You see nothing that will help you.) or (You find [X] behind a display of cavemen attacking a woolly mammoth.)"
    • "You look through a room filled with medieval displays. (You find a suit of armor that looks just about your size... but much too cumbersome.) or (You spot [X] next to a suit of armor.)"
    • "You look through a room of Surrealist paintings. (You stand transfixed on a work that looks just like a dream you had last night.) or (You see [X] next to a bench in the room.)"
    • "You scour through a room dedicated to natural history. (You wonder if future displays will include zombies.) or (You find [X] next to an exhibit.)"

  • Library
    • "You riffle through a pile of books spilling from an overturned bookcase. (You see nothing there worth reading.) or (You see a book titled 101 Uses for a Crowbar", pocketing it for later.)"
    • "You rummage through the returns counter. (You see a bunch of mass market romance novels, but nothing worth taking.) or (You see a book titled "The Undead Survival Guide", once considered a humorous work. You take it to read later.)"
    • "You search a bookcase. (You see mass market genre books, but nothing to help you survive a zombie apocalypse.) or (You see a book on construction, and pocket it for later.)"
    • "You search a bookshelf. (You see many books you have read before, many you hope to read someday - but nothing to help you now.) or (You see a book on firearms and grab it.)
    • "You walk a row of bookcases. (nothing stands out at you.) or (You spot a book on medical techniques of the 20th century and take it.)"
    • "You search the perodicals section. (You see nothing worth taking.) or (You spot a newspaper and pick it up.)"
    • "You look through the library, (but don't have much luck finding anything worth taking.) or (and spot [X] laying in the middle of the floor.)"
    • "You rummage through the checkout counter. (You don't see anything of note.) or (You see [X] laying under the counter.)"

  • Railway Stations
    • "You search a barren platform. (You note a lot of rubbish strewn around, but see nothing useful.) or (You spot [X] amidst the rubbish strewn around.)"
    • "You search a ticket booth. (You see nothing of note.) or (You see [X] under the counter.)"
    • "You walk along the tracks looking for something of use to you. (You find nothing.) or (You find [X] laying on the track.)"
    • "You scour along the platforms, desperate for something of use. (You spot overturned trash cans and benches, but nothing else.) or (You see [X] laying on one of the landings.)"
    • "You search an abandoned rail car. (You find nothing to aid you.) or (You see [X] laying on one of the seats.)"

  • Mansions
    • "You search the master bedroom. (You find a box of old heirlooms under the bed, but nothing useful.) or (You find [X] under the mammoth bed.)"
    • "You rummage through a servants quarters. (You find an unfinished letter to their family dated a day before the outbreaks.) or (You find [X] next to the small cot in the corner of the room.)"
    • "You scour a large open room with hardwood floor, you assume to be a ball room. (You see nothing more interesting than a crystal chandelier shattered on the floor.) or (You spot [X] in a corner of the grand room.)"
    • "You search the dining room. You note the ridiculously long table and wonder if they have a servant to pass the salt. (You see nothing of use.) or (You find [X] in the shadows under the table.)
    • "You search the kitchen. (You find the refrigerator full of spoiled food, and a foul stench.) or (You find [X] inside one of the cabinets.)"

  • Armories
    • "You search the armory. (You find a carton of smokes and pocket it in hopes of trading it to some desperate smoker for some bullets.) or (You find [X] inside a crate.)"
    • "You look through the armory, certain you will find something here to combat the undead menace. (You are awestruck at finding nothing.) or (Your hopes are fulfilled as you find [X].)
    • "You search through the armory. You spot a door marked Guns and Ammunition. (You run over and rip it open, only to find yourself facing empty gun racks.) or (You run over and swing open the door, finding [X] inside.)"
    • "You scour the armory, digging through the open crates against a wall. (All you find are fists full of packing material.) or (You find [X] among the packing material in a crate.)"
    • "You rummage through the armory. (You cant believe you are unable to find anything here.) or (You notice [X] under a table in one of the corners of the room.)"

  • Fort
    • "You search the fort in hopes of something useful. (You are unable to find anything.) or (You find [X] under a bench.)"
    • "You search through a guard post. (You find a pin up calendar, an empty pack of cigarettes, and a pair of boots that appear to still have a foot inside one of them. you leave them be.) or (You see [X] next to an empty duffle bag.)"
    • "You scour the grounds of the fort. (You see many things, but none that can help you.) or (You find [X] along a marching trail.)"
    • "You look around the fort grounds. (You find an overturned jeep, but see nothing inside.) or (You find [X] in the back of an overturned jeep.)"
    • "You search around the fort. (You spot an old WWII tank and marvel at the damage you could do to zombies with that, if only it was still operational.) or (You find [X] next to a memorial for the soldiers from this base that died in WWII.)"

  • Malls (without bargain hunting)
    • "You search a department store. (You find it to be full of clothing, and pick out a fresh t-shirt for yourself.) or (You find [X] next to a mannequin.)"
    • "You scour through a department store. (You don't see anything that would help you, and wish that you had taken the time to learn which stores have what items in them.)" or (You see [X] on a display rack.)"
    • "You rummage through a department store. (You quickly realize that it is a baby store, and not even the clothes will do you good in here.) or (You spot [X] on one of the shelves.)"
    • "Searching a department store, (you find cases of jewelry - none of which items will help you survive the undead.) or (you notice [X] inside the stockroom.)"
    • "You scavenge through a disheveled department store. (You find it has already been looted of anything useful.) or (You see [X] among the scattered goods.)"

  • Mall Gun Stores
    • "You search the gun store. (You find some empty boxes of shells, and hope the bullets are currently residing in a zombies rotting corpse.) or (You find [X] inside one of the display cases.)"
    • "You rummage through the gun store. (You find some boxes of ammo, but they are empty and you curse your luck.) or (You find [X] behind the counter.)"
    • "You scour through the gun store. (Nothing stands out at you from the well looted debris.) or (You find [X] in a pile of debris, that had fortunately been overlooked by others.)"
    • "You search through the stockroom in the gun store. (You don't see anything.) or (You find [X] in an unopened box.)"
    • "You riffle through the racks of displays in the gun store. (You find a box of targets... but figure it's best to save your ammo for the real thing.) or (You find [X] on one of the displays.)"

  • Mall Tech Stores
    • "You search the various gadgets and do-dads in the tech store. (You don't see anything you know how to operate.) or (You find [X] next to a rack of robot dogs.)"
    • "You look among the various technical products. (You don't see anything particularly useful.) or (You spot [X] along side some bundles of extension cord.)"
    • "You scavenge behind the tech store checkout counter. (You see nothing you can use.) or (You notice [X] laying under the counter.)"
    • "You scour the tech store, desperate for something useful. (You see calculators, multi media products, and a few other things you know neither by name or by function - but nothing worth taking now.) or (You find [X] next to a bunch of fancy calculators.)"
    • "You search the tech store stockroom. (You see some boxes of things that hold no value in a zombie apocalypse.) or (You find [X] inside an open box.)"

  • Mall Drug Stores
    • "You rummage through the drug store. (You see a rack of cough syrup and dental hygiene products - but nothing to save you from zombie attacks.) or (You spot a first aid kit next to a display of toothpaste.)"
    • "You scour the drug store. (You spot a wheelchair and consider for a moment of taking it just in case. Your better judgment tells you if you ever need it, you may as well be dead for the zombies would make short work of you.) or (You find a first aid kit next to a row of crutches.)"
    • You rummage through the drug store stockroom. (It's just your luck that all the boxes you find are full of hair care products.) or (You find a first aid kit in one of the boxes.)"
    • "You search behind the counter in the drug store. (You see a store uniform draped over an empty cash register, but nothing more.) or (You see a first aid kit under the register.)"
    • "You look among the rows of product. (You find a rack of cigarette cartons next to a display of nicotine gum, and wonder what kind of scam they are trying to pull here.) or (You find a first aid kit on a display shelf.)"

  • Mall Liquor Stores
    • "You rummage through the liquor store. (All the bottles you find are empty.) or (You find your favorite bottle of [X] inside a cooler.)"
    • "You search the liquor store. (You find empty bottles strewn across the floor, and curse that someone had the same idea you did but beat you to it.) or (You find a delightful vintage in the stockroom.)"
    • "You scour the liquor store. (You see nothing with any liquid left in it.) or (You find a wonderful dark brew laying on a shelf. You take it thinking better warm than not at all.)"
    • "You search the liquor store. You find a mess of broken glass and dig through it, (but find only a fresh cut on your hand.) or (You find and unbroken bottle of [X] in the pile.)"
    • "You search the coolers in the liquor store. (The ones you check are empty.) or (You find [X] sitting on one of the shelves.)"

  • Mall Sports Store
    • "You search the sports store. (You find a rack of football helmets - but none that fit your head.) or (You find a lovely metal baseball bat on display next to some boxes of billiard balls.)
    • "You scour through the sports store. (You see nothing useful against the undead.) or (Next to a cage of soccer balls, you find a red metal baseball bat with black easy grip handle.)"
    • "You rummage through the stockroom in the sports store. (You find all kinds of things to help you play sports - but nothing to help you against the walking dead.) or (You find a thick, solid wood baseball bat packed inside a box.)"
    • You search through the sports store. (You see a pair of roller skates, and briefly entertain the thought of nimbly rolling past the shambling dead... Then imagine falling on your face in the middle of a horde, and dismiss the thought.) or (You find a baseball bat signed by Ken Griffey Jr., and add it to your pack.)"
    • "You rummage through the sports store. (You see a lot of exercise equipment, but nothing you can carry with you.) or (You find [X] next to some exercise equipment.)"

  • Mall Hardware Store
    • "You search the hardware store. (You find a box of nails you think might come in handy for supporting a barricade, but nothing more.) or (You spot [X] on a display shelf.)"
    • "You search the stockroom in the hardware store. (You see boxes of various product that you consider junk in your current environment.) or (You find [X] inside a box of product.)"
    • "You search through the hardware store. (You are amazed to find nothing useful.) or (You find [X] in the hands of a mannequin, and quickly jerk it free from its grasp.)"
    • "You scour the rows of product in the hardware store. (You see ladders, paint rollers, and lawn care products - but nothing you can use right now.) or (You spot [X] next to a display of lawn care products.)"
    • "You rummage through the hardware store. (You see house numbers, door handles, and some cumbersome power tools - but nothing worth taking.) or (You find [X] by a shelf full of industrial size trash bags.)"

  • Mall Book Store
    • "You search the bookstore. (You find yourself browsing a tabloid article on Big Foot sightings, and realize you were supposed to be searching for something useful.) or (You find an extensive work tiled "Generator Maintenance for Everyone", and pocket it for later reading.)"
    • "You search a bookcase. (All you see are romance novels, which certainly do you no good in Malton.) or (You find a work titled "First Aid Techniques for Those on the Run", and take it.)"
    • "You pillage the bookstore, tossing aside works of fiction you use to love reading before. (You find nothing you have the time for reading now.) or (You spot a book of poetry thinking a little bit of leisure reading couldn't hurt, and grab it.)"
    • "You scour the rows of books, (but nothing stands out as being useful.) or (and spot a book on zombie anatomy by Dr. M. Logan P.H.D. which you quickly grab.)"
    • "You rummage through a case of books. (You notice nothing of use.) or (You find a book titled Gun Maintenance for Avid Hunters", and pocket it.)"
    • "You search through the bookstore. (You see nothing worth taking.) or (you find a [X] behind the checkout counter.)
    • "You search the rows of books hoping something sticks out. (Nothing catches your eye.) or (You spy [X] on top of one of the bookcases.)"
    • "You search the stock room in the bookstore. (You spot a hundred boxes of the best selling book before the quarantine, but nothing worth picking up.) or (You find [X] in one of the boxes.)"

  • Power Station
    • "You search the power station. On one of the catwalks above a large chain of machinery, you spot something. (As you approach it, you realize it is a work jacket and nothing more.) or (You approach it, and find it is [X].)"
    • "You search a foreman's office in the power station. (You find nothing but work related junk.) or (You find [X] inside a closet.)"
    • "You rummage through a supply closet in the power station. (You see various cleaning supplies, but nothing useful.) or (You find [X] among the various supplies scattered inside.)"
    • "You scour the power station for something useful. (Unfortunately you find nothing.) or (You discover [x] behind a gigantic generator.)"
    • "Searching the power station, you stumble across a room that is in complete upheaval. You pick your way through the debris, looking for something useful. (You find nothing.) or (You find [X] among some overturned furniture.)"

  • Zoo
    • "You dig through some animal droppings, hoping beyond hope that you will find something useful. (All you find is that you now need to wash your hands.) or (You are amazed at your luck, as you find [X] buried under the fecal matter.)"
    • "You search along the benches beside the cages. (Not unexpectedly, you find nothing.) or (You spot [X] laying underneath one.)"
    • "You scavenge through a souvenir stand. (You find a bunch of useless junk bearing the zoo logo, but nothing more.) or (You find [X] among the various zoo paraphernalia.)"
    • "You search through the cages. (You find nothing useful, but do find yourself wondering where exactly all the animals went...) or (You spot [X] inside one of the cages, and wonder how exactly it got inside there...)"
    • "You scour the zoo, hoping to find something you can use. (You find nothing but scattered debris, and animal droppings.) or (You find [X] laying amidst the scattered debris.)"
  • Zombie Bite Attack
  • Hit
    • "You grab (Target) by the arm, pulling them towards you. Quick as a wink you sink your teeth into sweet flesh on their biceps, and tear off a chunk dealing [X] damage (Digestion Text Here)/(Infection Text Here)."
    • "You tear a chunk of flesh from (Target)'s shoulder dealing [X] damage and painting your face red. You swallow greedily (Digestion Text Here)/(Infection Text Here), and crave more..."
    • "You rip a piece of meat from (Target)'s leg, dealing [X] damage and sending them reeling back in pain. The flesh fills your belly (Digestion Text Here)/(Infection Text Here)... But still, you must have more."
    • "You lunge forward, gripping (Target) and sinking your teeth into the delicious meat dealing [X] damage (Digestion Text Here)/(Infection Text Here). Your prey still moves.. You must finish it..."
    • "You pitch forward - wild with hunger. Your teeth find their prize in the scrumptious flesh of (Target), dealing [X] damage (Digestion Text Here)/(Infection Text Here). Your prey howls in pain, and rips themselves from your grasp - they tremor, gripping their neck to hold back the blood, but still face you."
Digestion Text: "and feel the flesh adding to your own" or "and feel rejuvenated"
Infection Text: "They are now infected with your disease"<i> or <i>"They become infected from your toxic saliva"
  • Miss
    • "You lunge at (Target), but they easily sidestep you. They are mocking you. You must have flesh. You must have them."
    • "You pitch your body forward, hoping for meat - but your prey is quick, and your teeth only catch air."
    • "You grab (Target)'s arm, pulling them close. Just before satisfaction is had, they writhe free from your grasp and step back."
    • "You reach your prey, and lunge for its throat - it jerks away and all you are able to get is a small bit of earlobe in your jaws."
    • "Your jaw snaps greedily, hoping for meat - you find no relief with this lunge, nor flesh in your teeth."
  • ZK Hit
    • "Your hunger overcomes you, and you lunge at a zombie. You tear a chunk of meat from their shoulder, causing [X] damage (Digestion Text Here)/(Infection Text Here). The rotting flesh is not nearly as satisfying as the fresh meat from the living."
    • "Your teeth sink into the flesh of a zombie. You rip off a hunk of meat, causing [X] damage (Digestion Text Here)/(Infection Text Here). If zombies could look dismayed, it would be ogling you most confusedly right now."
    • "Your jaws dig deep into the decaying flesh of a zombie. You pull off the meat, causing [X] damage (Digestion Text Here)/(Infection Text Here). Swallowing hungrily, you are not satisfied."
    • "Your teeth remove a hunk of grey flesh from a zombies neck, causing [X] damage (Digestion Text Here)/(Infection Text Here). You devour the meat, as your target utters a low moan towards you."
    • "You tear a piece of meat from a zombie, causing [X] damage (Digestion Text Here)/(Infection Text Here). The blood congeals quickly in the wound as it touched the air."
  • ZK Miss
    • "You lunge at a zombie, your mouth searching for meat. You only manage to fill your jaws with air."
    • "You snap at a zombie's throat. It stumbles backwards before you can reach it with your teeth."
    • "You lunge at a zombie, hoping for any flesh to fill your belly. Your stomach receives no satisfaction with this attempt."
    • "You attack a zombie with your jaws. You fill your mouth with a bunch of loose and tattered clothing, but find no flesh."
    • "You bite at a zombie. You remove a swatch of fabric from its frayed shirt, but taste no meat."

  • Zombie Claw Attack
  • Hit
    • "You rake (Target) across the face, opening up a horrid wound and causing [X] damage. Your prey regains their posture, wiping the blood from their eyes."
    • "You grab (Target)'s arm and pull them towards you - they pull back hard and you hear their shoulder pop and dislocate causing [X] damage. They yell loudly - gripping their shoulder - obviously shaken, but still determined to live."
    • "You flail your arms wildly at your prey, and your claws sink deep into the flesh of (Target) causing [X] damage. They ignore their wound, and stand defiantly."
    • "Your claws tear a sizable chunk of meat from (Target) causing [X] damage. Your prey screams in a sonic mixture of terror and pain. They remain on their feet, though notably shaken."
    • "Your claws dig deep into (Target)'s arm causing [X] damage and opening up an artery, spraying blood on you. It does nothing to quell your hunger, but fuels your frenzy to devour your prey."
  • Miss
    • "Your hands grasp at your prey - but they nimbly sidestep your claws... If you could feel frustration, you might give up - but as you feel only hunger, you are mad with the desire for flesh."
    • "Your claws strain for flesh, but all you succeed in doing is tearing off a piece of loose clothing."
    • "You lunge at your prey, who easily dodges your awkward gait. The hunger grows ever more intense within you."
    • "You lunge at your prey, but a broken ankle fails you and you stumble to the ground. You pull yourself back to your feet, determined to feast."
    • "You swipe at their face, grasping for meat, but only manage to catch a clump of hair - which rips out with a sickening tear as your prey escapes your clutches."
  • ZK Hit
    • "You tear at a zombie with your claws. You open a wound on their shoulder, causing [X] damage."
    • "You rip at a zombie with your claws. You tear open a gash in their leathery grey flesh, dealing [X] damage to them."
    • "You flail your arms wildly at a zombie. Your claws connect with their torso, causing [X] damage and knocking them to the ground. They immediately rise back to their feet."
    • "Your claws sink into the rotting flesh of a zombie. You pull off a sizable chunk of meat, causing [X] damage. They stand facing you, their new wound quickly ceases to spring forth blood."
    • "Your claws enter the decaying flesh of a zombie. You rip away a chunk of their body, causing [X] damage. They swagger slightly, but remain standing."
  • ZK Miss
    • "You swing your arms madly at a zombie. You remove a torn piece of clothing, but do no damage."
    • "You rip at a zombie with your claws. You scratch open a small wound that the zombie does not even notice."
    • "Flailing your arms desperately, you lunge at a zombie. Its awkward shamble lurches its body to the side, avoiding your claws."
    • "Madly you claw at a zombie. You manage to rip off a part of its ear that was dangling loosely from a thin piece of flesh. The zombie is unaffected.
    • "You lurch towards a zombie, reaching your claws for its flesh. You catch something and tear eagerly at it, but only rip a piece of its clothing."
  • Smashing Barricades
    • Hit
    • Miss
    • Crack Open

  • Groaning

Zombie Deathblow

  • With Bite
    • "You sink your teeth deep into (Target)'s Jugular vein, dealing [X] damage. Your mouth fills with blood (Digestion Text Here). Your prey emits a gargled cry as they fall to the ground and die."
    • "Your teeth pull a large chunk of flesh from (Target)'s neck, causing [X] damage (Digestion Text Here). They sputter for a moment, with blood flowing freely from their mouth and from the wound. They collapse to the ground dead."
    • "You bite off a large piece of meat from (Target), causing [X] damage (Digestion Text Here). Your prey is overcome from the collective of wounds they have sustained - and they fall backwards, dead. You greedily feast on their corpse."
    • "You tear into (Target), dealing [X] damage (Digestion Text Here). They are overcome by their wounds, and fall silently to the ground. You feast on the fallen body."
    • "You sink your jaws into (Target), causing [X] damage (Digestion Text Here). They slump to the ground, dead. A pool of blood begins forming around their fallen corpse."
  • With Claw
    • "You sink your claws deep into the flesh of (Target) causing [X] damage. Blood spews forth from the wound, overwhelming your prey. They topple over lifelessly."
    • "You tear open (Target)'s stomach causing [X] damage, and their intestines to spill out onto the ground. Their lifeless corpse topples over beside their removed organs."
    • "Your claws rip open (Target)'s throat, causing [X] damage. They look for a moment as if they might fight back, but then drop to the ground free from their mortal coil."
    • "You flail your arms at (Target), catching them in the neck dealing [X] damage. They choke on their own blood, and their lifeless body falls to the ground. You devour their flesh."
  • ZK Bite
    • "You sink your teeth into the decaying flesh of a zombie, causing [X] damage (Digestion Text Here). They succumb to the wound, and topple over."
    • "You burry your teeth deep into a zombie's skull, breaking it open like a nutcracker - causing [X] damage. You devour their rotting brain (Digestion Text Here), as they fall to the ground."
    • "You rip open the decaying flesh of a zombie with your jaws, dealing [X] damage (Digestion Text Here). You barely notice their body collapse to the ground, overcome from the wounds."
    • "Your teeth find their mark in a zombie's flesh, causing [X] damage (Digestion Text Here). They topple over, dead as a zombie can be."
    • "You easily rip through the rotting flesh of a zombie, causing [X] damage. They stumble backwards for a moment as if they may still recover their balance - but fall to their wounds."
  • ZK Claw
    • "You tear into a zombie with your claws, causing [X] damage. They look at you with what could almost be called a confused expression, before falling to the ground motionless."
    • "You rip open a zombie's chest cavity, causing [X] damage. Various organs spill out as they crumple to the ground."
    • "You dig your claws into a zombie. You open up a wound causing [X] damage, and they drop to the ground. unmoving."
    • "You flail your arms wildly at a zombie, catching it in the neck with your claws. You tear open a large wound, causing [X] damage - and the zombie falls heavily to the ground."
    • "You catch a zombie with your claws, tearing open the leathery grey flesh causing [X] damage. The zombie lurches as if it may be attempting to strike at you, but its motion brings it to the ground. It no longer stirs.

Human Deathblow

  • With Melee Blade
    • "You burry your blade deep into a zombie's torso, causing [X] damage. The wound is too much for them, and they fall to the ground."
    • "Your blade slices through a zombie's neck, causing [X] damage and spraying you with filth. Their head flops backwards, nearly removed. Their body sways slightly before toppling over."
    • "Your blade sinks smoothly into a zombie, causing [X] damage. They emit a low garbled moan, as their breath escapes them. They drop to the ground, and their body does not stir."
    • "Your blade removes a hunk of meat from a zombie, causing [X] damage. They look for a moment as if they might still lunge at you, then lifelessly crumple to the ground."
    • "You slice through a zombies midsection with your blade, causing [X] damage. The top half of their body falls first, and the rest follows suit. They appear defeated."
  • With Melee Blunt
    • "You bash a zombie's skull with [X], denting their cranium and dealing [X] damage. They fall to the ground before you, unmoving."
    • "You swing with all your might, catching a zombie in across the chest and dealing [X] damage. You almost can't believe it, as they crumple to the ground. You are not satisfied, until their body ceases to twitch."
    • "You catch a zombie across the face with your blow, causing [X] damage. Their head spins, facing backwards - and they topple to the ground, lifelessly."
    • "You crush a zombie's head with your blow, causing [X] damage. The zombie stumbles to the side, then drops to the ground. You smack it quickly a few more times to insure it is dead, but it no longer moves."
    • "Swinging ferociously, you catch a zombie in the temple with your blow and deal it [X] damage. The zombie falls from the force of your attack, and does not stir."
  • With Firearms
    • "With a calm hand and steady aim, you fire a shot into a zombie's torso - causing [X] damage (Flax Jacket Effect Here). They drop to the ground like a sack of potatoes, and do not stir."
    • "You dive out of the way, narrowly escaping a zombies grasp. You fire blindly over your shoulder - the shot miraculously catching the zombie in the square in the chest, causing [X] damage (Flax Jacket Effect Here). The zombie crumples lifelessly to the ground."
    • "Taking careful aim, you squeeze the trigger. Your shot hits a zombie, causing [X] damage (Flax Jacket Effect Here). Its chest explodes from the impact, showering you with filth - as the zombie slumps to the ground, dead."
    • "You catch a zombie a zombie in your sights, and pull the trigger. The shot buries deep into your targets torso, causing [X] damage (Flax Jacket Effect Here). The zombie falls from the impact, and does not move."
    • "You fire wildly, half expecting to miss. The shot passes clean through a zombie's torso, dealing [X] damage (Flax Jacket Effect Here). You are delighted with your luck, as the zombie topples lifelessly to the ground."
  • PK Melee Blade
    • "You sink your blade into the back of (Target), causing [X] damage. Their lifeless body pitches forwards to the ground."
    • "You slice open (Target)'s throat as they sleep, causing [X] damage. They utter no sound, laying motionless as their life oozes out the wound in their neck."
    • "You lunge at (Target), swinging your blade. You open a large gash in their chest, causing [X] damage. They clutch at their wound, and look for a moment as if they might scream... Then crumple to the ground in a motionless heap."
    • "You grab (Target) by the hair and pull back their head, exposing their throat. You drag your blade across it, causing [X] damage. Blood sprays from the wound, covering the wall with streaks of scarlet as their body falls to the ground."
    • "You burry your blade deep into the side of (Target), causing [X] damage. They whimper quietly in pain, as they fall to the ground. Their body twitches for a moment as their life escapes them."
  • PK Melee Blunt
    • "You strike (Target) in the back of the head with great force, causing [X] damage. They swagger for a moment, uttering gibberish, before falling heavily to the ground dead."
    • "The blow connects with (Target)'s skull, causing [X] damage. The force removes teeth, blood, and a piece of their nose. They drop to the ground dead."
    • "You strike (Target) square in the chest, causing [X] damage. You hear rips crack at the force of your blow. They stand wheezing for a moment, as if trying to scream. No sound comes out as they die, and collapse to the ground."
    • "You bash (Target) in the back of the head, causing [X] damage. They pitch forwards from the attack, and lay motionless on the ground."
    • "Your blow connects with top of (Target)'s head, causing [X] damage. Their eyes roll back in their head, and they crumple to the ground dead."
  • PK Melee Firearms
    • "With a calm hand and cold heart, you line up your sites with (Target). You fire - your shot ripping through (Target)'s body, causing [X] damage (Flax Jacket Effect Here). Blood erupts from the wound, and they drop to the ground without making a sound."
    • "You stand above (Target) as they sleep. You fire a shot point blank, causing [X] damage (Flax Jacket Effect Here). Their body does not stir, their blood flowing out around their lifeless body."
    • "You turn your gun on (Target) and fire a shot into their torso, causing [X] damage (Flax Jacket Effect Here). They whimper quietly, as their body slumps to the ground. They die in a pool of blood."
    • "You fire blindly over your shoulder at (Target). Your shot connects with their body, causing [X] damage (Flax Jacket Effect Here). Their body crumples lifelessly to the ground, adding to the debris."
    • "With a cold heart and - in your mind - merciful intent, you take aim at (Target). You squeeze off a shot, catching them squarely in the chest. They take [X] damage (Flax Jacket Effect Here), and drop to the ground. They are freed from this mortal coil."

Deathblow With Headshot

  • Headshot Melee Blade
    • "You sink your blade deep into a zombie's skull. You crack it open, dealing [X] damage and spilling their brains onto the ground (Headshot Effect Here)."
    • "You drive your blade into a zombie's head, causing [X] damage and slicing through their brains (Headshot Effect Here)."
    • "You swing your blade with extreme force. You slice through a zombie's scalp, causing [X] damage. A large chunk of its brains fall to the ground with the top section of its head (Headshot Effect Here)."
    • "You drive your blade down hard into a zombie's cranium. You split it open, causing [X] damage. Its brain is severed from the blow (Headshot Effect Here)."
    • "The blade sinks deep into a zombie's head, causing [X] damage. Its brain is cut in half from your attack (Headshot Effect Here).
  • Headshot Melee Blunt
    • "You swing wildly at a zombie, catching it in the head. Its head crushes inward from your blow, causing [X] damage. Its brains are smashed (Headshot Effect Here).
    • "You strike a zombie on the top of its head, causing [X] damage. Something that vaguely resembles brains oozes from its nose and ears (Headshot Effect Here)."
    • "You smash a zombie's skull with your blow. Its brains are destroyed from your attack (Headshot Effect Here)."
    • "Your blow crushes a zombie's head, causing [X] damage and severely disfiguring it. Its brain is destroyed from the attack (Headshot Effect Here)."
    • "With a large wind up, and a mighty swing - you catch a zombie across its temple. The blow tears open its scalp, exposing the brain you just destroyed (Headshot Effect Here)."
  • Headshot Firearms
    • "You steady your breath, and take aim on a zombie. You squeeze the trigger - firing off a shot that rips through the zombie's skull, causing [X] damage and spraying its brains on a wall behind it (Headshot Effect Here)."
    • "You dive away from a zombie's outstreached arms, and fire blindly over your shoulder. Luck is with you as your shot hits a zombie between its eyes, causing [X] damage (Headshot Effect Here).
    • "You fire a shot at a zombie. It passes through its skull, causing [X] damage. You find yourself admiring the view through the hole you just made in the zombie's head (Headshot Effect Here)."
    • "A zombie lunges towards you, and you fall backwards firing off a shot. Your (bullet/shell) hits the zombie in the forehead, removing a large section of its brain as it passes through (Headshot Effect Here)."
    • "You take aim on a zombie and fire at its head. The shot passes clean through, causing [X] damage. The zombie stumbles for a moment before falling, as what is left of its brain shuts down (Headshot Effect Here)."

Not to be confused with Suggestions/9th-Nov-2005#Flavor_Text. This is going to be a complete list of flavor text, not just 3 or 4 examples and "leave the rest to Kevan." Please add any other text you would like to your vote below. My goal is at least 5 different texts for each category. We still need text for loads more. things It'd be much appreciated. Kudos to Blahblahblah for helping out.
Note: We won't have flavor text for being attacked simply to prevent the screen from clogging up if you're attacked whilst AFK.


  1. Kill - I dunno, some of these are approaching some kind of quality. If we had flavor text that like, went on for 450 lines and gave detailed descriptions of the zombie's attire, the gum stuck to the street, various cloud formations, a flower that the player once saw in fourth grade, and mentions of the sounds of zombie rocket fire in the distance, I might vote for it. Bentley Foss 05:47, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Keep - But as long as the zombie descriptions are of poor quality and generally mocking our mission statement will be served!--Vista 18:28, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Keep - But only if we can do lines with the cocaine. --RSquared 21:08, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Kill Hey, fire extinguishers are useful! Ever seen Shaun of the Dead? AllStarZ 19:18, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Yes, and I didn't find that entertaining, actually. Besides, that was a veiled insult at the characters in that movie. So :P --TheTeeHeeMonster 22:52, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  5. Kill - Quit with the cocaine! No, I mean in real life. I worry about you. -- Andrew McM 12:53, 9 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  6. Keep - Great suggestion, after the third shot you've fired (nowadays) the description gets boring, really boring, if it's more flavoured, some people stop attacking for a second and read the nice description on how terrible they actually hitted the zombie. Great like I said, but it always needs more, I'll ask the other group members to create some descriptive and nice texts Keep this... -- Nine 17:50, 14 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Coup de Grace

Timestamp: 23:20, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Flavor improvement, make more zombies leave the game.
Scope: Humans
Description: I suggest that after each kill humans be able to spend one AP on a "Coup de Grace" button to somehow desecrate the zombie or otherwise reinforce their less than human status.

"You douse the rapidly cooling corpse with gasoline and throw a half finished cigarette on it, warming yourself in the glow."
"Feeling the call of nature you unzip and let loose on the remains of your previous foe."
"Noticing that this zombies head would make a particularly nice football, you remove it and take it with you."

Edit: Further suggestion mechanics include:

  • Using this on a zombie removes one of their skills
  • There is a small chance (50%) of deleting the zombie's account when used
  • Zombies who see this skill used on their horde-mates are instilled with fear. All zombies in the same block lose 20 AP, to represent the loss of concentration they suffer when seeing one of their own kind utterly obliterated by the unstoppable killing machine known as a "survivor".
  • Zombies, because of their brain-dead nature, have a random chance to use this skill on another zombie in the same block with them when they spend AP. Justification: zombies are dead and don't know what they're doing.

The possibilities are endless! Remember, if the game doesn't explicitly tell zombies they aren't wanted, we aren't doing our jobs.


  1. Keep - As long as this removes a skill every time it's done, as well. --Daxx 13:22, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Keep - As long as zombies can do the football bit to other zombies as well. Or at least play tennis with their eyeballs --McArrowni 16:50, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Keep - As long as there is a small chance (50%) of deleting the zombie account. --hagnat 17:11, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Kill - I will never vote keep on something that requires you to kill a zombie before griefing them. --Signal9 17:49, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  5. Keep - Good, good. You all see the light now. Bentley Foss 18:46, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  6. Keep You should also be able to mutilate their body with a knife. AllStarZ 23:43, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Capture The Cure

Timestamp: 19:18, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Balance change, event
Scope: Survivors and zombies
Description: Say hello to the newest game element of Urban Dead: THE CURE.

Airdropped into Malton by the military to boost survivors' morale with their rockin' tunes, The Cure's helicopter was shot down (Curse you, zombie rocket launchers!) in a random part of the city. They're now lost in the city and have to make it to their next rockin' show, but they're surrounded by zeds. It's your job to find them, pick them up, and carry them to the nearest stadium. When they get there, they rock out so hard that all zombies in a six block radius have their heads explode. This effects corpses as well (but only zombie corpses).

Zombies who suffer a head explosion require 50 extra AP to stand up on top of any headshot they may have suffered. The Cure will play one show every 24 hours for a random number of days, but no less than a week. The Cure will then be picked up by a helicopter, which will drop 100 supply crates, and take The Cure out of the city for one week, when this "capture the flag" mini-game resets.

Oh yeah! So. Who wants to play CAPTURE THE CURE?


  1. Keep This suggestion is so awesome that it will make your EARS BLEED! (Now I just have to work on making your throat, nose, mouth, and other orifices bleed, and my work will be done.) Bentley Foss 19:18, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Keep DEAR GOD MY EARS! AllStarZ 19:25, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Keep - Ooh! Me! Me! --Daxx 19:53, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Keep - But who will be their support act? --Vista 20:29, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • RE: - It should totally be Suicide, in keeping with the terrible suggestions today. --Daxx 20:31, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
      • Darn I was hoping that it'd be Rob Zombie--Vista 22:32, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
        • The Cranberries would be my second choice. --Daxx 22:50, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
          • that would really make my ears bleed--Vista 00:10, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  5. Kill - Dude, I saw the Cure when they headlined HFStival last year. Have you seen Robert Smith lately? He's totally a zombie incognito! --RSquared 21:12, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  6. Keep - Ooh, pick me! Pick me! I wanna play! --Zaknrfama 03:40, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  7. Keep - DEAR GOD MY NOSE! (oh.. wait.. I don't think this was caused by the suggestion... I better find a doctor...) --Blahblahblah 01:38, 2 Feb 2006 (GMT)


Timestamp: 05:44, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Item
Scope: Survivors,Zombies
Description: This item would be called "Mech", and would be found in any Necrotech Building, or Tech Stores at the Mall, or int the streets. A zombie can dig for one in cemiteries. A Survivor/zombie with this item would be able to pilot a Mech.
  • What It Is.
A Mech is a 20 foot tall giant of steel, armed with Rocket Lauchers, Flamethrowers and PPCs. It has 500 HP, is invulnerable to all meele damage and only receives half the damage from Pistols, Shotguns and Flares (round down).
  • How It Works
The survivor/zombie pick a few dozen of corpses and use then as fuel. Every pack of 12 corpses fuel the Mech for 500 AP. Once the Mech is fueled, the survivor/zombie can enter on it and start the hunt.
  • What It Does
Once inside, the survivor/zombie pilotes the Mech across Malton. It moves 8 blocks before wasting one AP. If the Mech do any other action besides moving before moving these 8 blocks it count as a full move.
Everytime a Mech moves into a block with 1 or more survivor and/or zombie he will stomp 1 or more of them, killing then instantly and erasing all his inventory. The Mech can also perform this Stomping action at the expense of 1 of the the 8-blocks-movement-per-ap thing.
The Mech comes armed with:
20 Long Range Rockets
Causes 15 of damage at any target in a range of 3 Blocks. 40% Accurancy.
50 Short Range Rockets
Causes 25 of damage at any target in a range of 1 block. 60% Accurancy. Can be used to shot down crate helicopters.
1 Flamethrowers
Causes 3 points of damage to everyone (including corpses) in the same block as the Mech. This damage adds a new status, 'on fire' , that causes 3 points of damage for every AP spent until the survivor/zombie jumps in a Holy Water Font. 75% Accurancy.
1 PPC with 10 charges.
A PPC deals 100 of damage to any 5 targets in a block within a range of 2 blocks from the Mech. Consumes all XP, AP and HP (when standing) of the target. 100% Accurancy.
1 Vote Gun and 1 Spam Cannon
For obvious reasons...
Anyone can search for more rockets and PPC charges on Tech Stores and in crates of Helicopters that were shot with the SRR.
A Mechwarrior can enter any building without having to worry about Barricades. Once a Mech enters a building, all barricades are destroyed, all survivors/zombies suffer 20 of damage and the building collapses.
When destroyed, the Mech's core melts and destroys everything in a radius of 2 blocks from the Mech. All survivors/zombies accounts in this radius are permanently dead, and other Mechs in this area suffer 250 points of damage. All buildings are razed to the level of Wasteland, and entering this lands whitout a BioHazard Suit grants the same effect of infection.
The mechwarrior is ejected from the Mech before the core meltdown, and land safely on the ground at a cost of 1 AP (preventing then from being killed in a chain reaction of explodings Mechs).
  • Why This Item?
To exponentially increase the flavor and the balance of the game. Mech are clearly the path to end all this unbalance trouble between zombies and humans. A Mech is an optimal way for anyone - zombie or harman - to nerf all the others.


  1. Keep - This clearly balances everythhing in this game. --hagnat 06:54, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Keep - Also, you should be able to stomp on people in the same suqare thus killing them instantly and destroying all their items. - KingRaptor 06:57, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Re Done. --hagnat 07:10, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Keep - but only if the holy water font is overturnable, making the person on fire look for a priest first to refill it first--Vista 11:40, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Keep - but only if you change the name from "Mechwarrior" to "Mech". The pilot is called "Mechwarrior", the machine itself is a "Mech". Craw 11:58, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Re Done.
  5. Kill Unbalanced: You need to be able to destroy buildings. It's a fraking Mech afterall --McArrowni 16:08, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)Keep oh, I knew I shoudn't have taken the first suggested skill --McArrowni 03:40, 9 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Re Read the suggestion again and you will find that Mechs already destroy buildings ;) --hagnat 16:30, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  6. Keep - I think when destroyed the 'Mech should have it's powerplant melt down and destroy everything in a five block radius, including buildings. Characters caught by this should be wiped from the database. --Daxx 16:41, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  7. Keep Dude, this rocks so hard that I can't believe I didn't think of it. How did you know I love giant robots so much? Oh, and Daxx is right, except the pilot ejects before the engine goes critical and therefore his account remains undeleted. Bentley Foss 17:32, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  8. Kill It needs a Spam Cannon. AllStarZ 17:35, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Excelent ideas. The Spam Cannon is a must, dont know how i forgot to add these. I will work on these tonight --hagnat 19:02, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
      • Btw, I'm patenting this idea :) AllStarZ 01:57, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  9. Keep - Two words: Mech horde. --Signal9 00:20, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  10. Keep - Four words: Friggin' BIG Mech Horde! --Omega2 01:16, 12 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  11. Keep - I want one for christmas! --Blahblahblah 01:10, 2 Feb 2006 (GMT)
  12. Keep - But only if 5 Mech's could form Super-Ultra-Captain-Mecha-Zord, so it needs some tweeking. I'd give anything for Speaking : "And I'll form the Head!"--Vykos 12:11, 11 April 2006 (BST)

Iambic Groaning; Poetry for Zeds

Timestamp: 06:48, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: An improvement to help with roleplaying zeds
Scope: For zombies only, not for survivors.
Description: Is this the end for zombie Shakespeare? No!

For zeds should get a skill to improve speech -
Thus; under Feeding Groan this skill be placed,
One hundred XP like all of the rest.
No buffs for damage, no mechanic change,
Roleplaying pure and simple - added fluff.
This skill allows the smarter zeds to speak
Through beats iambic, rhythmically spaced
To demonstrate command of poetry.
No groans nor moans o'er streets of Malton heard
But verse, from educated undead lips.
Not all dead minds have succumbed to the rot!


  1. Keep - The Author vote. Would make the Bard so proud. --Daxx 13:17, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Kill - We've seen how the skills under memories of life break the game. This would be overbalanced, to allow zombies to speak a bit coherently, even if in rhymes. Allow survivors (and only survivors) to pinpoint us like feeding groan helps us locate other zombies, and I might vote keep. --McArrowni 16:42, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Keep - This isn't mine, but it is almost so awesome that it makes my throat bleed. The only way it could be more awesome is if you forced them to speak in haiku. Iambic is pretty awesome too. Bentley Foss 18:02, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Keep DEAR GOD, MY THROAT! I accidentally mistook pure hydrochloric acid for water. AllStarZ 19:24, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • You mean like the kind of hydrochlroic acid in your stomache. The kind that you could, say, projectile vomit onto someone, causing them pain? Hmmm? That's what I thought. Hypocrite. --TheTeeHeeMonster 22:54, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
      • That's some sound medical knowledge, but I didn't know you were a doctor! (Eh... it was close enough) --Daxx 22:57, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
        • Your stomach acid is not pure hydrochloric acid. Pure hydrochloric acid is clear. Does your stomach acid look clear? AllStarZ 00:24, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
          • The chunks of carrot would show up better in clear vomit, I'll give you that. --Daxx 00:26, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  5. Kill - Stop mixing genres, Urban Dead isn't the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. --Signal9 00:32, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • RE: - Touch�. --Daxx 00:33, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  6. Kill - It doesn't cause massive zombie death --Mikm 01:04, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  7. Spam - Too much crap on this page. --TheTeeHeeMonster 18:41, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  8. Spam - Zombies should be dumb, not smart. --Sgt. Sarcasm 19:51, 11 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  9. Kill - Don't argue realism... Sure zombies are much more highly evolved than humans - but it just doesn't work in this game. --Blahblahblah 01:12, 2 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Food Items

Timestamp: TheTeeHeeMonster
Type: Items.
Scope: Survivors.
Description: Basically more items just like beer and wine. Eat/drink it, and it gives you one HP. A "food store" button could be added to malls, with chances to find items such as bread, cheeze whiz, waffles, ice cream, bananas, Fillet Mignon, etc. The basic foods, all kept preserved by the awesomeness of the nuclear-powered freezer.


  1. Keep - Because we can't have an ice cream social without ice cream, dammit! --TheTeeHeeMonster 02:03, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Keep WAFFLES! CHEESE! I'M IN! AllStarZ 02:36, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Keep But only if we add a "Hot Plate" item. It could be found in Schools.. liek college dorms! And if food is eaten whiel its in your inventory.. it adds 2hp instead --Jak Rhee 05:02, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Keep For the ice cream bit. Creme brul�e would be nice as well. Should allow zombies to eat it, except they can't digest it and become sick from it. I know I'd still try. --McArrowni 03:47, 9 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  5. Spam! - Get it, "spam"... (o.k, o.k - I'll quit now). --Blahblahblah 01:16, 2 Feb 2006 (GMT)


Timestamp: 02:43, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Item
Scope: Anyone on this wiki
Description: The latest product from some anonymous person (okay I'm pretty sure you all know who it is), one puff of this at an undesirable suggestion will paste a suitable punishment for posting any God-forsaken-piece-of-unfunny-shit onto the Humorous Suggestions page. Two puffs will remove it entirely.


  1. Keep - Does it come in Cheeze-whiz form, too? That's be awesome! CHEEZE WHIZ SPRAY! --TheTeeHeeMonster 02:45, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • It comes in Spam flavor, and thats the only flavor for now. However, I am working on a new line of strawberry flavored ones at the moment.
  2. Comment - I have refrained from voting on this. I would like to point out however, that the 2 week voting period is up on this - as it is unanimously "keep", it should be moved to the peer reviewed suggestions page.. --Blahblahblah 01:36, 2 Feb 2006 (GMT)


Timestamp: 09:43, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Improvement
Scope: Churches
Description: Churches are holy ground. Zombies as unholy creatures should not be able to stand there unharmed. Therefore I suggest that for every action a zombie performs outside a church they lose 1hp. If a zombie enters a church they are overwhelmed with holiness and instantly combust, blast through a window, fly across the city to a random spot and are headshot as they land on their skull.

Possible Idea: Allowing suvivors to plant crucifixes in an area and temporarily make the area holy ground until the crucifix is knocked down by a zombie?


  • Keep- I would also suggest a Priest class with a "Holy Light" skill. --Jon Pyre 09:46, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Keep - We also need a Skill called "Immortal".. those with those SKill must hunt down and PK others with the "Immortal" skill. "Immortals" could not become zombies --Jak Rhee 20:03, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Keep - THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! --RSquared 21:32, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Keep - Because I just HAVE to be the first to try this! --McArrowni 03:51, 9 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Kill - Not even God can save you now.. --Blahblahblah 01:32, 2 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Memories of Cash

Timestamp: 10:07, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Item
Scope: Survivors/Zombies
Description: Necrotech employees should be able to find a dart gun with a brain function restoring serum to make zombies more like humans and pacify them. If a zombie is shot with a Memory RNA Dartgun they instantly lose their desire for flesh and instead long for worldly riches. The zombie will be unable to attack until they have spent 50 AP searching in banks for dollar bills in order for the serum to wear off. Banks should have a high chance of turning up money so the zombie players can feel like they're winning Urban Dead.


  • Kill - Keep your decomposing hands off my money you filthy rotters! - KingRaptor 11:46, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Kill Besides my guns, ammo, flak jacket, clothes, and shoes, money is all I have. :( AllStarZ 14:12, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Spam - "Get this crap outta here!" --TheTeeHeeMonster 18:40, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Spam -Attempts to positively affect zombie players' impression of the game. --Sgt. Sarcasm 18:31, 11 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Keep - hey, don't kill this guys... my zombies need bling, yo.--Firemanstan 01:14, 12 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Spam - SHUT UP FIREMANSTAN! Why are you so stupid! Godsdammit - go crawl in a hole and die! (and I hate your moms too!) --Blahblahblah 01:30, 2 Feb 2006 (GMT)


Timestamp: Jak Rhee 01:24, 16 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivors
Description: When a Survivor purchases this Skill he becomes Immortal. Immortals, when killed, may Stand Up as Survivors for 0 AP. Each time an Immortal PKs another Immortal, he/she can choose either to incease their maz health by 10 HP, to have all melee attacks increase by +5dmg, or to increase their max AP but 10 to reflect the absorbtion of Quickening. Immortals cannot attack in Churches. Immortals are also immune to Infection. Clearly, Zombies can not become Immortal. Eventually, all Survivors will be Immortals and all Zombies will quit in frustration. Kevan will then be sued by 20th Century Fox.


  1. Keep - Author Vote. This suggestion makes your skin melt with it's uberness --Jak Rhee 01:24, 16 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Keep - The part about Fox makes it funny. --TheTeeHeeMonster 02:53, 16 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Keep VLAH! AllStarZ 20:41, 16 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Kill This is so obvious as to be apparent to anybody. A suggestion was not needed and I'm sure Kevan is toiling as we speak to fix the gross game bug that allows zombies to do damage, survive for more than one hit, and have any value as a class. --Zaruthustra 07:31, 18 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  5. Kill - It's got potential, I'll give you that. However, it's just not unbalanced enough... raise their max AP to 100, which should recharge at a rate of 1 AP per second and I'll vote keep. --Blahblahblah 01:25, 2 Feb 2006 (GMT)
  6. Keep - But only if you automatically say "There can be only one" after each PK. Giltwist 03:15, 2 Feb 2006 (GMT)
    1. Edit - Oh, and some kickass lightning that does 15 damage to everyone else in the room.Giltwist 01:35, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT)
  7. Kill - Along with Blahblahblah's edit the max health increase is way to low, make it at least an increase of 1000 and I might consider voting Keep.--The General 19:09, 5 Feb 2006 (GMT)

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