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"Because PKers need entertainment too..."

The WPKU logo.


WPKU is not a group in and of itself. Rather, it is a practice which any lone PKer or PKer group may engage in. WPKU exists solely to serve the PKer community in Malton through the broadcasting of on-air kills. Any PKer may use WPKU.

WPKUsmall.jpg WPKU
The latest news. The hottest music. The exclusive "interviews" you've been waiting for. This user is a broadcaster for WPKU. WPKU: Because PKers need entertainment too!


As a pirate radio station, WPKU has no single frequency. Broadcasts should be made on the dedicated frequency of the suburb in which the kill is taking place.

Memorable Broadcasts

Keep a record here: WPKU/Broadcasts.


The following procedure is used to make a standard PK broadcast:

  1. Locate a victim in a powered building with a radio. Make sure the radio is tuned to the local suburb frequency.
  2. State the call letters of the pirate station (WPKU) in the first transmission
  3. Mention your name and the name of your victim somewhere in the broadcast, preferably in a humorous manner.
  4. Kill your victim
  5. Make a sound effect over the radio that describes the manner of your victim's death (i.e. gunshot, chopping sound, ect.)
  6. (Optional, for those who prefer an extra challenge) Broadcast the name of the building you are in.
  7. Sign off

Common Objections

Now, I know what you're thinking. Broadcast the name of my victim? Broadcast my location? What, so I attract every Bounty Hunter for blocks? That's suicide!

Well, you're absolutely right, faithful listener--the use of WPKU may be hazardous to your survival. But the fact is, most PKers are not interested in survival as much as infamy. They want all of Malton to know their name! WPKU was created to serve those people.

Hunting your prey in a crowded mall? Do you realize that only fifty people will be able to hear the witty comment you make as you smash in your prey's skull? Not so with a WPKU on-air kill! Now, not only will everyone in your quarter of the mall hear your commentary, but anyone in the suburb with a radio tuned to that frequency will know of your kill! Watch the fear multiply!

Other Purposes

While the primary purpose of WPKU is the broadcasting of on-air PKing, it has also been used for taunting Bounty Hunters, delivering news reports, communicating with other PKers, and providing PKer-themed entertainment in the form of music or radio drama. To make a nonstandard broadcast, all that is required is that

  1. The content must be PKer-themed
  2. State the call letters of the pirate station (WPKU) in the first transmission


WPKU was first broadcast lone PKer Vandr, in the suburb of Danversbank, as a way of taunting the DRRP. Since then, it has been opened up to any PKer who wishes to use it.

In late 2007, WPKU branched out into the world of podcasting, uploading some of its broadcasts in audio format rather than using in-game radios. As with any WPKU broadcast, WPKU podcasts are open to the use of any PKer.

Podcast Shows

Audio versions of what is usually an in-game event. Most recent podcasts at the top.

WPKU In The Evening (Blanemcc)

WPKU In The Morning (Vandr)

  • Latrobe Standoff -- the construction workers and the squatters at Latrobe NT Building.

(Disclaimer: WPKU Broadcasting Inc. claims no responsibility for the results of a WPKU broadcast. WPKU is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used as a flotation device. People broadcasting on WPKU may experience dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, memory loss, constipation, or sudden onset of Bounty Hunters. Check with your doctor before using WPKU if you have a liver condition. If you are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant, you should not broadcast on WPKU. If you experience an erection lasting more than four hours, consult your physician immediately.)