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Walk The Earth
Dresden ruins.jpg
Abbreviation: WTE
Group Numbers: All zambahz welcome!
Leadership: Bisfan, Bambargar, Iscariot and many others!
Goals: BARHAH!
Recruitment Policy: Walk the earth to where we are and join the carnage.
Contact: Forum

Monroeville, clean, virgin, unspoiled....

Ripe for fun, frolics and BARHAH!

Walk The Earth is a group formed from players from Malton's Second Big Bash, though we welcome any of our zethren to join us!

What is Walk The Earth?

WTE is the most fun you'll have playing Urban Dead in Monroeville. Forget hiding behind barricades at the end of each day, or trying to impress some trenchie scumbag who likes to pretend he's a secret agent in order to join a group, come and join the real fun. Seriously, you'll never have as much fun in any version of Urban Dead than you will taking part in mass violence as a member of a horde.

We are the Most Photogenic Horde in Monroeville.

The name comes from the tagline to a Romero movie (the new city being based on Romero's canon): When there's no more room in Hell, the dead shall walk the earth...

Apparently the humans can win prizes in this city.... only if we allow them to live long enough!

When did Walk The Earth begin?

25th February 2008


This area is for official announcements, please refrain from commenting here unless you are a representative of Walk The Earth. Archived announcements can be found here.

17th October 2008: Over the last few months members of Walk The Earth have been wandering Monroeville searching for the last remaining survivors. As well as working with our established colleagues in the Monroeville Many and Cornfed Undead, we have recently been working with the Monroeville Resistance Front to extinguish more life.

21st June 2008: With the mass reawakening of the hordes, Walk The Earth played host to two other hordes, the Monroeville Many and the Cornfed Undead. We showed our respected fellows some of the sights in South Monroeville. To celebrate we had a redecoration party at Spaulding Mall that went very well. We now go to see our old friends the Porter Place Police Department, and invite everyone to come and say hello.

18th June 2008: Walk The Earth rises! The horde is converging on Spaulding Mall. Tear down the cades! Devour the harmanz! Visit our forum to join in the feast! BARHAH!

23rd March 2008: To make up for my slackness, I have created a template for the group:

Dresden ruins.jpg Walk The Earth
This user terrorises Monroeville as part of The Most Photogenic Horde!

To use this template, add {{WTE}} to your userpage.

22nd March 2008: Walk The Earth have spent the last week hitting targets of opportunity, following no distinct plan in order to keep the survivors off balance. A feral cloud is beginning to build around our raids.

14th March 2008: After a week of attacking Spaulding Mall, Walk The Earth changed tactics and outlook and begins to move. We cracked Porter Place Police Department and immediately happened upon a host of high level survivors. Even over the actions of active, WTE claimed at least four victims, including a Level 11 survivor with Headshot. This is the first time WTE has seen a survivor with this hideous skill. We recognised this player's potential and rewarded them by eating them.

7th March 2008: Walk The Earth cracks open Spaulding Mall! We claimed a Level 8 survivor as a casualty, as well as two other enemies of Barhah. Sounds of The Strike was Richard Cheese themed tonight, there was much mirth!

4th March 2008: Lots of news. Today's strike killed three more harmans and two of our members gained a level. A new custom is begun for the horde. Also we now claim the title of Most Photogenic Horde.

3rd March 2008: Real life got on top of me so I haven't been updating this. WTE has been increasing in numbers and potential for destruction. We are currently averaging 4 breathers per strike.

28th February 2008: WTE has its first successful raid. Cades downed, doors opened and two Lv2 survivors eaten. Coordination was excellent, the horde making good use of the Second Big Bash's IRC channel. A later follow up attack resulted in ferals contributing to the death of another Lv1 survivor, with the killing blow scored by a WTE zombie.

27th February 2008:WTE attempts its first raid. No survivors are killed, but the foundations are set for future success. Come join us on the forum and in the Big Bash 2 IRC channel for our strikes, currently timed at 23:15 GMT.

26th February 2008: breken announces on our forum that he has Memories of Life, the first Walker to do so! Congratulations go out to him. Walk The Earth - Taking the 'safe' out of safehouse since 2008!

25th February 2008: The horde is formed! With the assent of Bisfan, Walk The Earth becomes the official representative of The Second Big Bash in Monroeville. All zethren should head to South Monroeville, stopping only to take advantage of easy treats, and form up into a horde worthy of our legacy.

Where is Walk The Earth?

We are currently roaming the map searching for survivors.

How do I join Walk The Earth?

This one is easy! Just head for our current location. If you don't have a Group Affiliation, you can add "Walk The Earth" as your group. If you have a Wiki account here, please show your support by assisting us with formatting and funky templates.

I'm with Walk The Earth, what building should I hit?

If you're in the same suburb as WTE, hit the first building you see that isn't ruined or eat any breather you can find. Specific targets may be named at times, but just do all the damage you can.

Public Strike Times

Being a small group at the moment, we are all coordinating and attacking at once. The current strike time is 23:15 GMT and is arranged on the Second Big Bash's IRC channel. Feel free to log in and join the fun.

An effective technique, now that just standing inside a mall will limit survivors' ability to rebuild barricades, is to use the "?rise" technique described in "Parachuting":


If you gain entry to the mall, do not expend AP attacking survivors -- wait until they attack you and have almost destroyed you; then, when you get close to 0 HP, enter "http://www.urbandead.com/map.cgi/?rise" into your browser and hit refresh repeatedly -- this can enable you to stand up again before the survivors have a chance to dump your body outside, giving you a fresh set of HP and forcing the survivors to kill you all over again.

Who's rolling with Walk The Earth?

For a more complete list, see Category:Walk_The_Earth

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