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Walter's Free Clinic offers healing and revivifications services to all survivors and zombies in good standing. We also help out by distributing lead when we feel its necessary. We are a small organization that tries to provide the best quality service that comes with giving nothing in return.

Walter's Free Clinic welcomes you to come and tour our facilities. We operate a state of the art clinic that includes one partially operational surgical center. Here at Walter's Free Clinic we do our best to make our patients comfortable in a relaxing atmosphere that includes amenities such as: a place to sit.

We are located at the Walter Building in the beautiful suburb of Shackleville, adjacent to Mockridge Heights. Although our base is in Shackleville, we do make house calls. We serve Shackleville as well as all the suburbs surrounding Shackleville: Galbraith Hills, Stanbury Village, Roftwood, Tollyton, Wray Heights, Kempsterbank, Tapton, and Mockridge Heights.

While the clinic primarily seeks underwriters, we do accept applicants to volunteer full or part time at the clinic. To apply, register here and post your application here.

We accept all survivor types. We are an unstructured group that is in it for the fun of the game.

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