War of the North West Frontier

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War of the North West Frontier

Date: February 22nd to 29th 2008
Place: Ackland Mall
Result: Zombie Victory

Survivor x Zombie

- Survivor :
- Zombie :

- Survivor : Nuerotoxic2213 (AMS Leader), ErrorMaker (Crimson Clan current Co-Leader)
- Zombie : Jorm

- Survivor : About 300
- Zombie : About 300

- Survivor : Most of the numbers
- Zombie : About 100

War of the North West Frontier was a siege in Ackland Mall, Havercroft where the Militant Order of Barhah attacked the Mall, in the beginning with a relatively small forces, but growing every day.

The MOBilization

The MOB lurched its forces into the suburb of Havercroft after Big Bash 2 had decided to stay in Northern Malton. It's possible that there's a connection between these groups. On the 22nd of February zombies moved to the doors of the Mall - especially North West corner. Nothing significant happened on that day.

23rd February

Siege started officially when 50 zombies knocked outside the NW corner and some of them got inside the building around 5:00 GMT, but they were killed before 7:00. At the same time 4 zombies had moved to NE corner.

Around 17:00 at the same day second break-in was made by 7 zombies which were reported inside the NW corner. In one hour 2 zombies got dumped and generators were destroyed. They were killed in no time after this.

24th February

PKer Groups saw their opportunity for easy kills - and made them. After 8:00 zeds broke in, but were killed and dumped before 9:00. Second break-in of the day happened around 15:00 and was made harmless by rather reckless Legend812, who healed himself when zeds attacked him. This one didn't last long either, as the AP-less zeds posed little treat to the survivors.

25th February

Zombies tried to break in all night long, and 16 managed to get inside around 5 o'clock. They got dumped and entered again and this break-in ended before noon. At 4 o'clock they tried to break in again but it took an hour to get 9 zeds inside, also 1 hour to get rid of them and cade the Mall back up.

26th February

The first real major break-in happened when 23 zeds got in around 5 o'clock. 3 times almost at the same time meant that they used X:00 tactics - sometimes. After 8 o'clock all zeds had been dumped and cades were up again.

27th February

Newest zombie count was broadcasted saying that there were 151 zeds outside, but in two hours after the broadcast there were around 160 zeds outside NW corner. Barricades were falling all morning, and 11 zeds got in to NE corner around 6 o'clock. No newer reports had been found so far from this day.

28th February

11 zeds had been reported in NW corner around 1 o'clock but before noon they were gone again. At the same day zombies got nervous and smashed the nearby resource building of the Mall - including local fuel depot Auston Auto Repair. That building was taken back at the same day to keep fuel coming - but it didn't help.

29th February

Leap year. Zombie activity reached 200 mark outside the Mall and barricades were falling all through the day. The same day, almost 100 zombies extra joined in the fun. Over 30 zeds got in at the morning and were killed after noon. That was temporary when after 4 hours 23 zeds broke into low populated NW corner and started to smash everyone. Before 6 o'clock situation had gone bad: 72 zeds were rumbling in the Mall and there weren't enough active players with AP to get them out. The Crimson Clan didn't want any more victims of this massacre and ordered its forces to retreat. Zombie count increased more and more, and by the end of this day, there were 300 zombies camping in and around the Mall.