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Warehouse 3,82
VHB, for now...
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a warehouse

Foulkes Village [3, 82]

a carpark Ryse Place Raines Grove
Finlay Boulevard a warehouse Fyfhyde Plaza
Syms Auto Repair Cyril General Hospital a factory

Basic Info:

  • Warehouses can be barricaded normally.

Old warehouse.jpg

The Heatherdome


An old brick and glass warehouse. Inside a crude stage is nestled among the iron beams and rafters. Somebody has spraypainted "Welcome to the HEATHERDOME!" onto a wall. Wild flowers still grow here when the weather is right.

Barricade Policy

Maintained at EHB in the dark when there are no shows playing. In the event of a show, a well-fueled generator and Christmas lights are welcome and encouraged.


One of the older warehouses in Foulkes Village and one of the most storied. For most of its history, the Heatherdome served a variety of industrial purposes, including a plumbing supply warehouse and newspaper distribution center. By 1978 the warehouse had been abandoned for years and was situated in a decaying and mostly vacant neighborhood.

The building was adopted by a group of local punks, who began calling it "The Heatherdome" on account of the grounds being overgrown with wild heather plants, a beautiful pink and white flower. During this time several illegal underground shows took place, hosting mostly one-time performances by a variety of punk acts including The Adverts, Eddie and the Hotrods and the Buzzcocks.
On August 23rd, 1979, Conrad Ketnor, the son of local politician Joseph Ketnor, died of a drug overdose at one of the shows. Shortly thereafter, local law enforcement cracked down on the scene and the Heatherdome was once again quiet.

Styx live at the Heatherdome, post-outbreak

However the reputation of those early underground shows lived on, and the building was eventually reclaimed as a concert hall in the early 90s where it hosted a variety of shows. While it's official name was "Finlay Joint" many people continued to call it the Heatherdome.
After the outbreak, a number well-dressed women all sharing the first name of Heather redecorated the building, leaving "Heatherdome" graffiti on the inner walls.
Now, in the post-apocalypse, the building has continued to provide death-weary survivors a small shred of enjoyment. Recently the Heatherdome was host to The Band Styx attended by Heathers from all around Malton, CAPDs finest, and a smattering of amazed and bewildered locals.

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