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All of Warehouse 83,41's past updates are to be archived here for future reference

In Regards To In Regards to the Future: I find that the quality of the players increase in relation to the number of Zeds banging on the doors. Stickling isn't turning out to be too good a fight, too many humans not enough Zombies; but I would be proud if you decided to come along with us. I'm in the ULC of Stickling Mall at the moment. Bring the new guy too! We could always use more spears. Good luck out there. Redwave 19:37, 26 January 2007 (UTC)

In Regards to The Future: I recently sent this email as a reply in regards to someone wanting to join Team Recon, I have posted it on both Wiki pages for anyone to read.

Hey Hlouis, thanks for expressing intrest in Team Recon! I am not so sure about our future right now though. A lot of people have stopped playing the game and I (Wandering'Insouciant) am thinking of quiting now too. Right now in the Warehouse we have this leader of another group who refuses to respect the policies set in place by people who stay there. He is a complete @#$ about everything and has no respect for anyone! It is truely disheartining to see people act like this. Why can't we all just get along? I just can't take this anymore. Anyway, come by the warehouse or send me a profile link so I can add you to my contacts. I don't think Team Recon has a future anymore but check out the Aardwolf Rangers, they are a great group of guys.

I don't know guys, I just don't think I can play anymore. I think I am just going to start wandering around because I can't stand to be around people that show no respect anymore. Maybe I will shack up with the Aardwolf's (If that is okay with you guys) or I may just stop playing. It is just not fun anymore. If those guys want to do whatever they want in the warehouse, let them, I no longer care. Like they will ever run this wiki page or keep the Warehouse in prestine condition like we did, we'll see. -Wandering Insouciant

January 16, 2007 I will make a run for the warehouse from penny heights so I could join Team Recon. I have sent the E-mal so check it out!-Hlouis -not dead anymore

January 16, 2007: The warehouse has been re-taken, and converted into a freaking nightclub! Booming trance can be heard out in the front rooms courtesy of DJ Insouciant, the finest spinner this side of Ridleybank. The party continues in the back with the quality bartenders of the Aardwolf Rangers and their custom drink selection, backed up by extreme Zombie cage fights. On the roof a giant lightshow is being constructed to blare to the world that Giddings is back and here to stay! Come on down to the official afterparty of Giddings 3! Redwave 02:32, 17 January 2007 (UTC)

Recruitment: Hello Hlouis! Thanks for stopping by our HQ page(even though it is overrun), stop by our wiki page! http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Team_Recon We are always looking for members new or old, good or bad. Hit us up with an email at team-recon@hotmail.com and we will get you started. Our ideal vision for Team Recon is a highly organized group but right now we are just taking it easy so it is a good time to join. We are working on a lot of backstuff; couple that with the recent holidays, invasion of our home and the lack of updates and we have been a little inactive. Sorry if we missed any querries. Send us an email and I will send over an application form and additional info. 4 January 2007Wandering Insouciant

January 2nd 2007 I just saw wandering incouciant on the floor of Warlond square. Please log in and get up. its messing up my PSP's Internet connection. thanks! And how can I join Team recon? I have asked in game, but to no reply.-Hlouis-currently dead

Wiki: Okay guys, I felt like I should say a little something as I read this. Since the glorious gods have provided us with such a wonderfull place to post, discuss, and inform, I think we should do our best to respect it. Lets keep it organized and try and follow editing rules. Place all new subjects at the top. All updates to posts should go below that post using an update and updates updating updates using a : in front of them to place a space. Hopefully we can keep it nice and pretty here. Also if it does not contain much usefull information, lets not post it on the front page, put it in the talk or discussion page. Thanks -Wandering Insouciant

Update: Okay, I'm waiting in line at the Spracklingbank cemetary...there are a few hostile zombies around but I think I'll get revived within a cycle or two. Then, I should be able to meet up with you guys...I can't wait for revenge. -Sgt Wyant

December 28th: I'm dead, and if we want to rally around a certain building could someone point me towards a decent revive point. Right now I'm just laying here outside the P.D. watching the great wheel in the sky keep on turnin'. -Sgt Wyant

December 28the: The P.D. is under attack! I am critically wounded and am low on ammo. Oh God! They're all around me...Help!... -Sgt Wyant

Update: The warehouse has been destroyed. The dead include Wandering Insouciant, Redwave, NeWbeD, Tugbottom, and numerous other survivors. At least we can take pride in the fact theat we did not run, but stood our ground. We'll be back, soon...

Update: Well, by my counts we were hit by 60+ zombies when it was overrun. There is no way we could have stood up to that. I guess the suburb isn't as light as we thought. I am alive and awaiting word from anyone else out there. -Wandering Insouciant

Update: I tried to retreat to the Morrish Building after the warehouse got ransacked, but it was broken into almost right away. As far as I can tell there are no safehouses left in the north end of Pitneybank. We should try to find a place in Spracklingbank or another neighbouring suburb where we can regroup before trying to retake the warehouse. Tugbottom 00:16, 29 December 2006 (UTC)

Next Target: NeWbeD and I are standing around waiting for revives in Edgecombe. I think we should take the hospital and the Farmer building if we go back in. The problem with trying to hold the warehouse is that it doesn't have any essential items, but if we have St. Benedicts and the Farmer Building (NT), we have the most important items in the game, FAKs and needles. Then we can last forever, theoretically. But I dp agree that we all need to rally around a building outside the suburb first, so we can coordinate better. Do you guys have a safe place in Spracklingbank? Redwave 01:31, 29 December 2006 (UTC)

December 27: I'd be careful trying to retake the PD, the zombies seem to like smashing it. I was there for a couple of days and the barricades got completely broken down twice. Two or three people could probably keep it barricaded, but going in there by yourself would be suicide. Tugbottom 17:17, 27 December 2006 (UTC)

December 27, 2006: Great job men!...You guys did one bang-up of a job keeping house last night. Talk about determination...this is what we need...Teamwork. Now, we just gotta keep it up for a few more days...thats all we need a few more days...once we're past New Years we should be fine...we just gotta hold out till then.

Also, Redwaves right. We need that P.D. next door. I checked and only one guy was holding it down with the cades at half. He needs some help guys. Thanks. -Sgt Wyant

December 27, 2006: We need more people on barricade duty, I keep spending all my AP keeping the place buttoned up. And that's not 50 at a time either, I'll log on for a check every few hours, end up spending 10 or so, and then end up with the barricades at HB. This is a message to all non Recon or Aardwolf members, start bloody barricading! Redwave 15:24, 27 December 2006 (UTC)

December 26th, 2006 Sorry for the silence the last couple days guys...Team Recon and the Aardwolves have been hard at work getting this place operational once again, and a lot of what has been going on has been to critical to post openly. But now we got the Warehouse back...and we have to hold it. The cades are to be kept at MAXIMUM from here on out, until someone with the authority to say otherwise does...and that means Wandering Insouciant, Redwave, one of the Aardwolves, or myself.

We have been struggling to open Boutcher Alley P.D. as well. One of the Aardwolves has already fallen. Anyone who can should head over there and keep up the barricades...its a valuable resource building and we need it...you can't find ammo in a warehouse.

Team Recon and the Aardwolves are also starting hit and run tactics on the undead who have reclaimed the mall, feel free to join in...any help would be appreciated. -Sgt Wyant

December 22th, 2006 Umm...yeah so the warehouse is back in the hands of the undead. After all my hard work one zombie broke in and bit me a couple times, and since I was so tired I couldn't kill him. I hurt him good though. I was forced to flee from the warehouse and am currently inside Salvage Cinema to the North-ish. I'm completely out of AP and the doors are wide open. Hopefully I'll be safe long enough to close them. Once I've regained my strength I'm going to launch an attack on the warehouse. Contact me at EyeindaSky695@aol.com to coordinate plans if your willing to help. Operation Warehouse's Last Stand will go into full swing soon. I hope some allies will be there to help. -Sgt Wyant

December 22th, 2006 Update I'M BACK!!!! Sorry for the late return guys...bad case of mono...just passed out in a crate and slept through the whole thing. My most sincere apologies to all those whom may feel I let them down. Anyways, I'm awake and feelin better than ever. I just woke up, killed a few zombies in the warehouse, saw no one was around, repaired the damn place, and barricaded it to VS+2. Don't know where the rest of my team is or the rangers but some living company would be welcome. In the meanwhile I'll just hang here keeping things all nice and tight...just let the undead try to take us out again. -Sgt Wyant

December 19th, 2006 Whoa! Can't believe I escaped unscathed. The warehouse is gone... I dropped by today, nothing was inside although I did see a box in the corner shift... I repaired the building and closed the doors in solemn commemoration. RIP baby, we shall return. Wandering Insouciant -Team Recon

December 18, 2006: (Static), Whiskey Echo Foxtrot, do you copy? Anyone alive over there?... (Message repeats) Redwave 02:30, 19 December 2006 (UTC)

December 18, 2006 The warehouse is VHB, And i just got killed by some shacknews members.- wantmilk

December 18th, 2006 The warehouse has been overrun once again. I managed to escape once more but I have run out of ammo. I am not sure of everyone else but I am fleeing for now. -Wandering Insouciant -Team Recon

December 17th, 2006 The warehouse has been retaken. I have relocated there and am gathering ammo awaiting the next break-in. Requesting reinforcements. -Wandering Insouciant -Team Recon

December 16, 2006 The Aardwolf Rangers are pulling back into the warehouse. We would stay in Giddings but it has become apparent that the survivors in the mall will not organize. 300 campers does not a defense strategy make. The Aardwolf Rangers fight with people, not for them. Redwave 18:32, 16 December 2006 (UTC)

Update: Aardwolves, the warehouse has been breached in a serious manner. Wandering Insouciant and I have fallen back to Chippet Grove PD to re-arm and lick our wounds. Redwave 03:33, 17 December 2006 (UTC)

Update: We shall return. This is the first time I have been driven from my home. SUch a nice suburb this used to be. I cannot believe it was hit so hard! We shall return... Now they just made me mad. -Wandering Insouciant -Team Recon

December 14, 2006: Anyone reading this, the barricades are falling rapidly, we need help. I'm out of AP and we're at VSB, I fear we may not see daybreak...Redwave 02:54, 15 December 2006 (UTC)

December 13th, 2006 Team Recon is updating its defensive policy for Warehouse 83,41. Due to the large invasion of the suburb, we are placing the barricades at extremely heavy. Thanks for your cooperation. -Wandering Insouciant -Team Recon

December 3rd, 2006 Team Recon is implementing a defensive policy for Warehouse 83,41. In these troubled times, communication and transportation are essential, and thusly we cannot go on with our barricades at maximum. The cades need to be brought down to VS+2 a.s.a.p. Sentries will also be posted 24/7 within the interior of Warehouse 83,41 and a sign will be out front directing survivors as to our whereabouts. -Sgt Wyant

November 29th, 2006 <short wave transition to Redwave> Redwave can you hear me? I got your request and it is perfectly alright for your organization to operate out of Warehouse 83,41 when needed. Team Recon will try to keep the cades at VS+2, but we're having some trouble. Not enough men and too many zombies...were stretchin ourselves a little thin. Good luck to you. -Sgt Wyant

November 23rd, 2006 Team Recon would like to wish all the survivors of Warehouse 83,41 a Happy Thanksgiving. I, for one, am personally thankful to be alive, though we could really use some fuel for our generator. Its running dangerously low, and Team Recon would prefer not to be left in the dark.

Now, on to business...Our preliminary sweeps of Fort Creedy proved to be more invaluable than we originally predicted. No sooner had we cleared the locale than the military rolled up and took over. Construction crews began right away to rebuild the existing structures and sentry forces were placed all along the walls. Team Recon is unclear of the military's motives and is currently investigating this bold move by our government. Hopefully this is all for the better, and not a sign of worse times to come.

Unfortunatly, our prediction has come true...to some extent. The Thanksgiving Day Feast is just coming into full swing. Last counts put the undead forces at 122 just outside Fort Creedy. Personally, I don't believe the defenders currently have the man power to hold off that vast a horde. Team Recon calls for any volunteer forces to help aid those beseiged men and women. We are currenly doing our best as well in this time of impending crisis. We'll just have to see how it all turns out when the sun rises.

On a more personal note, some sort of graffiti message was left for myself upon the inner walls of Warehouse 83,41. I'm not entirely clear of its meaning and am curious as to who wrote it. Anyone with any information is welcome to contact me in-game. An investigation is currently under way. -Sgt Wyant

November 19th, 2006 Our generator is back up and running again. Thanks to those survivors who helped pull together to keep us up and running. On another note, the undead forces who have been gathering at Fort Creedy have apparently gotten smarter...rather than lounge around between the buildings, they are hiding within the armory. Team Recon is currently attempting to rally together a few strike teams to perform a thourough sweep of the area before any habitation attempts are to be made. -Sgt Wyant

November 17th, 2006 Team Recon has some bad news today. First the worst...The Revenant have invaded southern Pitneybank and are rapidly growing in number. Expect local revive points to be flooded with fresh corpses and be on the lookout for any horde stragglers. We are currently assembling strike teams to help quell this uprising before it escalates into anything bad. On a bit lighter note, the generator powering Warehouse 83,41 is running low on fuel, so anyone who would like to help us out is very welcome. We're still holding in here. -Sgt Wyant

November 16th, 2006 Good news!...Warehouse 83,41 now has a new generator and radio transmitter, and things are starting to return to normal again. Unfortunatly, the barricades have been errected for maximum efficieny the last few days to aid the recovery process. Any survivors with free running should enter at Baum Bank and head South East. Team Recon has already settled back in and a few survivors are setting up their residences as well. We are sorry for any inconvienence this "re-modeling" of our facility may have caused you. -Sgt Wyant

November 13th, 2006 Late last night a deranged survivor, who will remain anonymous, on the run from a group of zombies, tore down our barricades to find some shelter, and before he could re-barricade our facility, a handful of the undead slipped in. Unfortunatly, I must report that we did suffer several casualties as the invaders caught us with our pants down. Luckily, we were able to mobilize quickly enough to slay the foul beasts and restore order to our sanctum within a relatively short period of time. The outcome: we have lost both our generator and radio transmitter. Crews are out as we speak looking for replacements. This is a very sad day for the residents of Warehouse 83,41.

On a happier note, Warehouse 83,41 and Team Recon would like to personally thank any survivors who helped lead the clean-out of Fort Creedy. Total operation time was well below expected. Much thanks go out to you. -Sgt Wyant

November 11th, 2006 Team Recon wishes those brave men and women a happy veterans day. On another note, we are also calling for volunteers to lead small strike groups down to Fort Creedy to deal with the growing forces of undead. We'd rather not see this thing escalate into anything bad. -Sgt Wyant

November 6th, 2006 The Revenant is proclaiming their intent to attack all of Pitneybank... Not to overstep my fellow bretheran's open call to arms over this new group that is claiming they will attack, but I, personally do not find this threat credible. The Revenant , having formally created a wikipage only... yesterday cannot be that much of a threat. I have found however, an increased zombie presence in souther Pitneybank and advise all survivors to proceed with caution. Also make sure you are stocking up on Wine for the up-coming Holiday :) -Wandering Insouciant

November 6th, 2006 This is a call to arms brothers! The new zombie horde identified only as The Revenant is proclaiming their intent to attack all of Pitneybank! These foul creatures have set up feeding grounds all over southern Pitneybank and have been spreading rumors concerning a Thanksgiving Day Feast. The Revenant are gathering up all undead in the area, so Team Recon feels there is considerable weight behind their threat. All survivors should start defensive preparations (stocking ammuntions, reinforcing barricades, patrolling the streets) in leiu of the coming onslaught. Team Recon is formally requesting that Warehouse 83,41 be placed on complete lockdown starting with the 19th of November. Any survivors without free running should re-locate to a safer location, while we ask that those men and women who can help, stay behind to make these zombie invaders remember who owns Pitneybank! -Sgt Wyant

November 4th, 2006 Warehouse 83,41 is back in business. A new generator has been set up and is powering our radio transmitter. We are broadcasting on 28.02 MHz. Good work to those survivors who came together to get us back up and running again. -Sgt Wyant

November 3rd, 2006 Warehouse 83,41 has been housing a traitor: billy joelie! This cohort of the enemy has betrayed us all and jeopardized the security of our stronghold. billy joelie has destroyed our sole generator, leaving us in the dark and unable to broadcast transmissions. Niftyeye, an experienced military member, has reported that the "alledged" violently assaulted him when he tried to protect our power source, and he was forced to kill him in self-defence. I, for one, commend Niftyeye on his brave and courageous actions. My thanks go out to you. -Sgt Wyant

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