Wasteland 57,38

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Roachtown [57, 38]

Stiles Row the Hepburn Building Failand Street
wasteland wasteland Newstead Street Railway Station
a junkyard wasteland Hewlett Alley

Basic Info:

  • A wasteland is an empty city block, not even containing streets.
  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.


Wasteland 57,38 is a derelict area originally frequented by homeless citizens of Malton before the outbreak. It was famously considered toxic for normal patronage and was often used as an illegal dumping site.


Wasteland 57,38 was originally the location of Chuck's Happytime Theme Park, a mid-70s family oriented amusement park. Offering motorhome accomodation, a petting zoo and summer-themed amusements the park was known around the Greater Malton area as a go-to destination during the warmer months.

Chuck's Happytime Theme Park eventually closed in the last 80s and was initially torn down to begin construction of a medical science laboratory. In 1995, as the project was nearing completion, the building was catastrophically damaged by falling debris from an Airbus A320 flown by Ansett Airlines, which had suffered tail fin damage midair. While the plane managed to land safely in what was later called "The Skystar Miracle", the damage of laboratory at 57, 38 was deemed to be totally catastrophic and was left to ruin.

Rumours from the homeless population of Wasteland 57,38 around the time of the outbreak assert that strange behaviour had befallen those living in Wasteland 57,38 around the time of the outbreak. The Malton Gazette has published testimonies from witnesses that claim long-term exposure to discarded medical and scientific chemicals, as well as aviation wreckage, had begun to morph the bodies of those who had frequented Wasteland 57,38. The claim that the Malton outbreak began at 57,38 has not been scientifically verified.

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