Wasteland 70,56

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Edgecombe [70, 56]

Vivian Cinema
the Somerton Building Gilesi Plaza
the Gregors Building
wasteland Denis General Hospital
the Kirkland Arms
Margaret General Hospital Alderson Walk

Basic Info:

  • A wasteland is an empty city block, not even containing streets.
  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.


A wasteland noticeable due to the abandoned fork cranes and trucks in the area.


What the missing egg is believed to have looked like.

A mad man named Charles Somerton reportedly buried a Fabergé egg here. He had been a rich man when his investment business, operating one block north at the Somerton Building, was booming, and in a flamboyant gesture, he invested a large sum in the purchase of a genuine Fabergé egg, the Rose Trellis model originally ordered by the last tzar of Russia, Nicholas II as a gift for his empress.

But a series of misfortunes and the poor economy completely ruined the Somerton Enterprise, and with it, Charles' social standing. He dropped into poverty and with the death of his wife, became a complete alcoholic.

Everything valuable he owned was either sold or pawned, but he never sold or gave the egg to anyone. It was rumored he buried it in a field, located at this current block, during one of his drunken wanderings, and he was found dead before anyone could confirm if this was true.

Many Malton residents, including Charles' nephew, sought in vain to find the treasure, worth 8,300 Russian rubles at the time of its creation, and an even vaster sum today. The last devoted effort was made in the summer of 2005, when the nephew hired a team of bulldozers to dig the entire field from edge to edge. All this continued digging and the litter left by the workers turned the once beautiful field into the empty wasteland it is today.

The nephew and his crews were still searching when the infection spread, and quickly became a meal for the newborn zombies, their fork cranes and cars remaining as the only trace of their work here.

Barricade Policy

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