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Weary Library
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Weary Library

East Boundwood [47,5]

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Basic Info:

  • Libraries have no internal descriptions.
  • Libraries can be barricaded normally.

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Weary Library is located in eastern area of the suburb of East Boundwood.

Neutral Policy

The Weary is to be considered a safe haven for all. We ask that anyone wishing to stay puts away their weapons, pulls out a good book and enjoys the hospitality.


A Gothic style library, built in 1520 by Mr. Robert T. Builder,II. It houses a vast collection of research materials; from contemporary fiction to medieval scripture. A large open lobby leads into the public section of the library where people are free to sit, read and muse over a coffee from the fine cafeteria.

In the lower levels are several vast vaults, originally built as a refuge for persecuted scholars in the 16th century, now converted to a complex of record rooms where the innumerable books, illuminated manuscripts and other parts of the collection are cataloged.

As well as a large public section the library also has several private studies where some of the more select volumes are kept. These can only be viewed by appointment and a library attendee will be present at all times.

Weary reading area.jpgWeary main hall.jpg Weary staircase.jpg Weary study.jpgWeary records vault.jpg


Prior to the outbreak, the Weary Library housed many rare and ancient secular and non-secular texts. These texts were located in the lower levels of the library, which have been converted from catacombs to study rooms for the modern scholars. Many of these manuscripts have been sealed off in a climate controlled environment. Scholars from all over the globe have come to study here as it is one of the most complete collections of manuscripts. Also housed in the Weary is an extensive collection of Art History books and theatrical scripts. It is rumored that original scripts and illustrations by Shakespeare are housed within her walls.

The Weary Library is part of Malton's interlibrary loan system. Sadly, some of her magnificent collection is trapped at other libraries across the country, as well as the Weary "acquiring" many books from other collections.

In keeping with the spirit of literacy, the Weary has quite the collection of "best sellers" as well as rare occultism texts, chemistry reference books. Many readers come to the Weary, for the shear splendor of her collection and the variety of books held within the walls.


Welcome to the Weary! Please keep her barricades at EHB. Pull up a book by the welcoming fireplace, chat with your hosts, enjoy your stay!

Come, rest, read!