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West Malton University
West Malton University
Abbreviation WMU
University Enrollment Growing.
Chancellor Dropkick O'Reilly.
Goals To teach newcomers to Malton how to survive. We focus on game strategy & fair play. We also provide public services to the area citizens.
Looking for an Education? Open to all eager to learn, it doesn't matter if you're a grizzled veteran of Malton or a sack of fresh meat....as long as you want a challenge & like to have a fun time, we're the team for you. Register now, classes are filling up.

West Malton University

West Malton University is comprised of individuals dedicated to teaching newcomers to Malton how to stay alive in a city overrun by the living dead. Its faculty, staff, sponsors and students are busy, visible and vocal participants in the life of Grigg Heights, Owsleybank, Molebank, & Reganbank. The WMU prides itself in our unwavering support of the local community by healing the wounded, reviving the involuntarily undead, and by maintaining and defending vital resource buildings. Alongside its programme of lectures, classes and informal instruction in the mechanics, strategies, anthropology, psychology and ethics of life in Malton, WMU aims to provide a pleasant shelter for all its visitors, who will be greeted with jokes, a well stocked bar, incessant chatter, lewd poetry readings and the occasional naked twister party.


The main WMU campus is Shattock Plaza School in Owsleybank. Unless the WMU & it's immediate surroundings are under siege, it will be enterable from the street at all times, so that exhausted survivors, and newcomers who haven't yet learned the art of free-running, can find safety there. Long-term residents and students in need of a quiet place to sleep, study, and work can make their way to Harewood Library next door. WMU takes responsibility for the security of Harewood Library, and maintains its barricades at the highest level. WMU conducts research and holds lively laboratory classes next door in the The Challes Building. Local undead who have not yet succumbed to brain rot will be revived by WMU scientists at the Forshaw Drive, three clicks south of the University.

WMU is situated in what can be argued to be one of the toughest areas of Malton to survive in. It's been said that if one can survive in West Malton, they can survive anywhere in Malton. Located in Southern Owsleybank, the University offers quick access to an NT Building, a Fire Department, 2 factories & we're only a hop, skip & a jump away from multiple hospitals & Police Departments. But don't let the multiple TRP's in our area fool ya, this is a very dangerous part of town & if excitement is what you crave.......there's plenty of that to go around too.

Courses of study

Courses offered by WMU include:

  • Survivor 101: What to expect when you're new to Malton & have no skills.
  • Survivor 201: Which skills are more important & which one should I get next?
  • Survivor 301: Advanced Studies

a. Revivification Studies

b. Combat Skills

c. Group Tactics

d. Settings, Contacts, how to take a screenshot and use all of those really cool extension.

  • Zombology 101: Things to Do in Malton When You're Dead
  • 1.9 Zombology 201: Zombie skills, understanding the Zamgrh language.
  • 1.10 Rules, Etiquettes and Politics
  • 1.11 History and Humour

"Ignorance and inconsideration are the two great causes of the ruin of mankind." -- John Tillotson

"Ignorance is the cause of fear" --Seneca

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