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Whittenside Medical Corps
Abbreviation: WMC
Group Numbers: Unknown, having been largely inactive for the last year.
Leadership: We work as a freelance group, therefore currently in no need of leader.
Goals: To ensure the welfare of the civilians of Whittenside, and all the wounded and those in need are helped, in one way or another.
Recruitment Policy: One must be human, and willing to devote to others' cares and defenses.
Contact: Please Contact Smiff or Chad Hipper, around Anne General Hospital

Website: http://s9.invisionfree.com/The_WMC_Boards/ E-mail: Smiff: professorpastry@hotmail.com

Chad: hapetorronen@netti.fi

Whittenside Medical Corps started as a group of medics and doctors whom are based around Anne General Hospital treating the wounded from Fort Perryn. However due to the severe casualties the past few months, the Whittenside Medical Corps got tired of having to wait inside for the wounded to arrive the hospital, and risking the possibility of people dying outside in the streets. We decided to walk out, and to help everyone in the suburb. We believe as capable individuals, we should devote ourselves to the needs of others whenever possible. This is our chance.

Whittenside Medical Corps is a healing based group, however we are not afraid to tackle the actual source of problem, the zombies. We are very enthusiastic towards reviving zombies, but if needed, the Doctors Whitecoat are not worried to be stained with blood. Should anyone want to give us a hand -- Doctors, Military, and Civilians alike -- please come to Anne General Hospital in Whittenside, where the group will be based, and contact Smiff[1] or Chad Hipper.

Relations & Other Organizations

We are very welcome to have relations with other groups and/or organizations within the area.

Friendly Groups: British Military Corps BMC This is a group based around Whittenside, committed to having a good time while protecting civilians within the suburb. We will provide medical assistance on their request.

Fort Perryn Garrison Fort Perryn Garrison This group is also based around Whittenside. We fully support their assistance within the area.

Codes of Conducts

  • We do NOT PK.
  • We try to put others welfare as a higher priority, before our own safety.
  • Patients who are in the most urgent danger, as determined by the doctors, will be treated first.
  • Everyone will receive treatment in relation to the amount of danger they are in, as determined by the doctors.
  • Just because this is a "Medical Corps" does not mean we are around just for healing; the WMC is not against fighting back.
  • Getting killed isn't a crime. We'll revive you if you want it. Please see the revivification section for more information.
  • If you wish to stay dead, that's fine. Avoid revive points if this is what you want, and the WMC will not revive you.

Current Events

May 15th, 2006 The attack of Whittenside from the zombies has ended, first priority is to rebuild the location.

April 3rd, 2006 Currently still under zombie attack, suspecting attack from the Feral Undead. Still holding strong.

March 11th, 2006 Scouting report indicates that Miltown is an unorganized mess. Thereare hospitals overrun with zombies and no barricades. Other key buildings are mostly extremely heavily barricaded and people sleeping on the streets are getting attacked. Extra precautions should be taken whhile walking outside as zombie attacks are soon expected in Whittenside, after Miltown.

March 6th, 2006 The Whittenside Medical Corps are officially formed, and the group Wiki first edited.

Current Members

To join, please Contact Chad Hipper. He is most probably in Anne General Hospital.

As of September 11, 2007, the member known as Smiff [2] will be acting recuiter of the WMC, as contact with Chad Hipper has ceased for a very extended period of time; around Spring 2006. Smiff will put up a list of active members if enough are found to still be around. Officially, there is no leader of the WMC.

Contact Smiff via cell for any group-related questions or needs, or to be added to the list on this page. Smiff can most likely be found in these places: Anne General Hospital; the Colglough Building (NT); Methodius General Hospital; Voizey Drive PD; or the various blocks in Fort Perryn.

Revivication Notes

Woolley Grove will be the revive point for zombies. If you need revivification, please say Mrh and wait until one of our group members comes about to revive you.

As many other groups are doing, the WMC observes cemeteries as universal revivification points. If a brain rotted Zombie is found in a cemetery, force may be used to remove them whenever possible.


Banton Cinema, 1 north of Woolley Grove. Its barricades are ALWAYS Very Strong or below. Therefore, people who cannot enter the hospital will be able to wait there for heals. If we're under massive attack, Zombies tend to ignore other buildings until they break down the hospital.

This will give enough time for them to run if we are under attack. Also, it is strongly advised for survivors within the suburb and group members to obtain free running as soon as possible, as this will enable one to enter over-barricaded buildings.

In case of emergency, all members of the group should read the defense plans, and act according to them. It is strongly recommended to buy the skills Free Running & Construction as early as possible.

Barricading Code

Our Barricading code will be Very Strong +2. Please do not over barricade, as this will attract zombies. Cinemas are noted entry points to hospitals and the like for Free Runners, these must especially be no higher than VS. Players can get to practically any other building from a cinema with Free Running, so it is suggested that the skill is acquired early on. Whittenside Barricade Plan is the suggestion, more or less, active WMC are encouraged to help keep buildings in the area at least closed up and Zombie-free.


We have ZERO tolerance to PKers. Once found, we will put you on our list, and will provide no treatment at all if found injured on any occasion. If serial PKer, kill on sight.


No tolerance towards GKers, if any known GKers are found in the building, either our security guard will escort you out, or violence will be used.

Known GKers:

Name:JalanRa------Group:Followers of Jalan

Name:Nuke Texas------Group:none

Name:bullgod------Group:Feral Undead

Name:ZombieGeorge------Group:Feral Undead


If any known zombie spies are found by the members, kill on sight.

Name:bullgod------Group:Feral Undead

Name:Xperiment------Group:Feral Undead

Name:ZombieGeorge------Group:Feral Undead

It is suggested that if a human with the Brain Rot skill is found, to not instantly attack or accuse them of being spies. It is more appropriate to either ask them why they have that skill, or just keep an eye on their actions. It is hard to accidentally be revivified in an NT building, with power, when one has Brain Rot.

Enemy Groups

  • Feral Undead (Some of those nice people are currently greeting us, which is very civil of them. They are not always "enemies," but are known for their particularly harsh ways when Zombies. Human Feral Undeads are not to be harmed, unless their actions are impermissible, such as PKing or destroying barricades/generators.)

Or any other known zombie group

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
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