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Wiki Monitors^∞
Abbreviation: W(M)^∞

WMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..(alternative, truncated)

Group Numbers: about infinite, more or less
Leadership: Daranz
Goals: To keep Monitorings Fair and Balanced
Recruitment Policy: See Guidelines
Contact: Talk:Wiki (Monitors)^infinity

NOTE: This article should be called <math>Wiki (Monitors)^\infty</math>, but isn't due to techincal restrictions. And even then, it should be called something that it will never be called, because math is disabled here. And for the better. Who needs math anyway? Damn mathematicians, pushing math on people. Yeah, that's right. We don't need you


We monitor all of the Wiki x(Monitors), where 0 < x < ∞ to make sure things are Fair and Balanced.


Membership is open to all those who wish to keep tabs on the Wiki x(Monitors), where 0 < x < ∞ to make sure what they are monitoring the Wiki (x-1)(Monitors), in a fair and balanced way.

Members are free to list their names here, in reverse alphabetical order, spelled backwards, and with blink tags:

Note: the <blink> tag doesn't work on the wiki, so just pretend we're back at web1.0, and the list doesn't use any of that xcsshtmlohmy crap.

Wikidrama alert level

In an effort to make the wiki a safer, more enjoyable place for everyone involved, W(M)^∞ developed a color alert system for advising wiki users on the current levels of drama on the wiki. We also provide information on hotspots of drama activity within the wiki, and methods that wiki users can use to avoid the drama.

The current WAL:

Not red anymore W(M)^∞ Wikidrama alert level
Somewhat elevated level of drama on the wiki


  • The Hidden Tower - Oh noes! It was a hotspot for a short while, burning rather bright, but then dying out.
  • User:Faerie Queen - Oh noes, second edition. Watch this, uh, faerie queen. Or rather, don't.
  • Wiki Monitors - Our intensive monitoring of Wiki Monitor's monitoring presented no results, and it seems they aren't too active recently. However, the whole area might still contain excessive amounts of drama so avoid


  • All wiki users are advised to steer clear of areas full of wiki drama.
  • All wiki users should be familiar with the position and operation of their browser close button, and should be able to use the button quickly, should the need arise.
  • Keep children and small pets away from the wiki


Our goal is simple, to make sure that all monitoring that's going on is all fair and balanced.

The monitoring today requires new measures - it requires a new level of monitoring. We need to be able to monitor all the monitoring, to ensure that the monitoring that is being monitored by the upstream monitoring isn't monitored unfairly by any of the monitorings upwards in the hierarchy, and that monitorings of these monitorings are being monitored properly. That is what we do.


As Sir Issac Newton's Third Law of Motion states, To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and if there's a reaction to the reaction, and it continues, then there will be infinite reactions, and the whole thing will be in perpetual motion. The Wiki Monitors^∞ was created to keep everything in in check.. infinite Checks and Balances keep the wiki free of corruption.



Want to show off your status with in your sig with W(M)^∞ Letters and arcane symbols? Simple!

  1. Go to the Preferences page. Whut Whut Whut Whut Whut Whut Whut Whut Whut Whut Whut Whut Whut Whut Whut Whut Whut Whut Whut!
  2. Check the box labeled "Raw signatures"
  3. In the box-like thing, "Your nickname (for signatures)":
    [[User:Your Name|<span style="color: white">Your Name</span>]] <sup>[[Wiki (Monitors)^infinity|<span style="color: white">W(M)^∞</span>]] [[Special:Loguot|<span style="color: white">Lolz leet hax</span>]]</sup>
  4. Press Save Preferences.[1]


  1. ^ Note that doing this to get a signature like that can get you banned. So, um, don't.