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Rules to make and edit a Record

  • There has to be a == second level heading == for each month in the page.
  • When an event worthy of a Record happens, a === third level heading === will be made with the date of the Report and the Report itself will be listed there.
  • Don't sign the Report, it will be considered bad faith and the Report itself will be wholly deleted, as it limits the capability to edit it by other members.
  • When making a Record, be sure to keep a NPOV in the whole body, stating:
    1. What is the event to be recorded.
    2. What are the implications to the normal user.
    3. If a rule/precedent was bent, wich one was and who bent it.
    4. If a rule/precedent was broken, wich one was and who broke it.
    5. If a rule/precedent was invented, how it consists and who made it.
  • The original poster, the leader and whoever the original poster or the leader authorize are the only ones that can modify an already posted Record.
  • If you want to add/change/delete a Record, ask on the discussion's page, explaining yourself as well as you can: you may be authorized, may be not.
  • Each month's Records will be archived when two months have passed.


Still no archive, hehe