Wild Walk Police Department

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Wild Walk Police Department
VSB, lit.
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Wild Walk Police Department

Shuttlebank [35,17]

Fabian General Hospital the Buckrell Building William Avenue Police Department
Club Brookeman Wild Walk Police Department Drake Walk
Caudwell Road Rollason Crescent Bubcar Road Fire Station

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.

The Wild Walk Police Department, located at coordinates 35,17, is one of six police departments in the suburb of Shuttlebank. It is a large concrete buildling with arched windows. Pistol clips, flak jackets, flares, shotgun shells and shotguns can be found inside.



This is part of the SHC scavenger operation, however you can free run your way to Besly Avenue Police Department, as its closer to our other buildings and is the center of our operations. In addition to the Malton Police Department Flag, this PD flies the Rainbow Flag since all of its beat cops enjoy "taking a walk on the wild side."

Barricading Policy

According to the Uniform Barricade Plan, the Wild Walk Police Department is to be kept at the level of Very Strongly Barricaded only. This is to ensure that survivors without free running may find a safe haven in the police department. Accordingly, it should be considered unsuitable for overnight stay.


The Wild Walk Police Department, along with Club Brookeman, was destroyed on August 15, 2005 by the Undying Scourge. This attack, with human casualties numbering in the dozens, likely served as the birthing ground for the Scourge. Later, many of the zeds got sick and died after consuming the flesh of so many "wild" humans.