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This page is a part of the Outbreak Lexicon. The information here is fan-created and should not be considered in-game canon. Please do not edit this page unless you are certain that the Lexicon has been completed.

Willum J. Kersley is a reclusive man who founded Necrotech in 1949. The company began receiving government grants from the US and Great Britian.

That's it. That stupid Kersley got a billion dollars from his stupid company. Everyone wanted to get a piece of NecroTech, handing NT tons of cash in order to get them to do their bidding. I mean, look at this silly ad I found lying around:

"Have you ever wondered about World War 3? It will happen of course, but will you be ready for World War 4? Don't fight it with just sticks and stones! Bring in the heavy artillery with brand-new Project Soma. Project Soma is a humane project that will enhance the power of your army, allowing it to be able to fight ten times, maybe even twenty times, more effective than it already does! Contact us at (number blurred)."

Found this in a Soviet file. It seems that NecroTech is in the same vein as DRC in providing military contracts with basically anyone, thereby getting cash in order to fund its projects. It advertised itself in many places as a good company, yet secretly engage itself in doing this Project Soma. There has been tapes of Kersley actually meeting with high-level executives and talking about ways the Government it is currently dealing with can win a war. NecroTech was able to hide its activities from watchdog groups thanks to the Lex Scientific Freedom...which, by the way, was suggested by Kersley himself. One can easily assume NecroTech is just a scamming company, cheating big superpowers out of big bucks. That is what I assumed, before I look deeper.

NecroTech has delivered on some of its promises, although it had more failed research programs than completed ones. Kersley was pleased when Delta Alpha Omega was finally completed, as well as when this so-called "Xi" finally got to that terminal phase. It means that governments will be more willing to deal with his company, and thereby making him get another billion dollars. I hate that guy's guts. So filthy rich for doing nothing. He's just a mere figurehead, representing the company while he does nothing but brag about his riches.

In fact, Kersley, like General Aaron, does not exist. People say they see him, yet there are no records of him existing anywhere, living anywhere, heh, even being born anywhere. Yet all that money is flowing to him, and all that money is flowing out. There is someone else that runs NecroTech...but whom? Does it even matter? The fact is that NecroTech's main goal is the stealing of taxpayers' money...using it to produce weapons, such as this Zombie Plague (because, let's face it, the military wants to spend other people’s money to fight non-existent threats). There was one problem that NecroTech did not count on, that all of its tests did not actually take into consideration...

Zombies CAN'T be controlled. All Zombies want is brains. They will attack anyone, as long as they got brains. Hm...perhaps I can understand the slight error they made. Maybe during the field tests , the Zombies did not eat the Scientists...because the scientists did not have any brains to begin with. Now all of NecroTech is squirming, hoping they only get arrested before the terrorists gets them first. Government contracts got cancelled, and everyone now hates NecroTech and its "projects". That is what NecroTech gets for its stupidity. I'm happy. Kersley and the rest of those idiots finally got what was coming for them. I know Kersley is finally going to get a warrant...though, since he doesn't exist, it will be interesting how they'll hunt him down.

However, there are those people who say NecroTech may in fact be a stalking horse, that it, in fact, masks a more sinister, dangerous, and evil plan. This is likely. Though, as I asked before...does it even matter?

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