Withyman Street Police Department

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Withyman Street Police Dept

Lukinswood [29,41]

the Tonkin Monument the Cake Building Chisholm Alley
a warehouse Withyman Street Police Dept Staddon Library
St. Elisabeth's Hospital Lukins Auto Repair Hemore Auto Repair

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.


Withyman Street Police Department
EthrDemon (talk) 00:38, 13 April 2020 (UTC)


Withyman Street PD Under Construction before Outbreak.

Welcome to the Withyman Street Police Precinct, this is a current outpost for the Tactical Assault Containment Service. The coordinates to this building are 29,41. WSPD is located at the far North East Corner of Lukinswood. While here in Luckinswood, T.A.C.S. will do its best to restore order and safety to the streets, protect its citizens froms any enemies within the area, and hopefully one day make it a safe place to live for everyone.

Barricade Policy

Current Status

OPERATIONAL STATUS: Powered and safe. Chessnuts17 20:28, 3 September 2012


The newest edition to the Malton Police Precincts is the Withyman Street Police Department. After high demand for a more up to date, technologically advanced police precinct, an order was placed to start construction of Withyman. It is fairly close, only 10 blocks from the Jensen Boulevard Police Department, the only other precinct in the Lukinswood area. This new precinct is slightly smaller the Jensen but once construction has completed will be the new district command for Lukinswood. Before the outbreak, they were only weeks away from openeing the doors to this new precinct, however recent events have postponed this opening. For now the Tactical Assault Containment Service occupies the building while containing a presence in Malton, but once the outbreak is contained, this building will be returned to the Malton Police Department and construction will finally finish...

Recent News

This is a building now controlled and operated by the Tactical Assault Containment Service. This is currently a resource point maintained by TACS.

Note: TACS have not been seen in some time and no longer maintain WSPD. Someone should take up the task.

UPDATE: TACS is back and will begin with securing efforts for Withyman. Though we are rebuilding our forces and will be a few before we are back at full power, we do plan to aid with protection, anyway we can.