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Note that though these locations were new compared to Malton, some of them are also present in third city of Borehamwood. Borehamwood instances are not counted on this page

a barn a wooden barn a farmhouse a yard some stables
a field a cornfield a garden a golf course a swimming pool
woodland a clearing a road a garage dormitory

Large Buildings

Country Club

  • There is only one 2-block Country Club in Monroeville: Greenwood Country Club
  • Items: golf clubs
  • External description: "…, a white-painted building surrounded by lawns and fences."
  • Internal description: "You are inside Greenwood country club."

Normal Buildings



  • Total: 5
  • Items:
  • External description: "…, a solid concrete tower block housing the students of the university."
  • Internal description: "…The students' rooms have long since been evacuated."


  • Total: 4
  • Items: books, knives, newspapers, shotgun shells, shotguns
  • External description: "…, a low two-storey wooden building with a wide veranda."
  • Internal description: "…Its staircase has been destroyed, and a few ransacked bedrooms open out onto the communal kitchen."



  • Total: 2
  • Items: first aid kits, knives,
  • External description: "…, a neat row of varnished wooden doors."
  • Internal description: "…, wet hay strewn around the concrete floor of the stalls."
  • Note: search rate for FAK's seems to be high.

Swimming Pool

  • There is only one swimming pool in Monroeville - at the Hamilton Mansion
  • Items:
  • External description: "… A glass conservatory houses the indoor pool of the mansion."
  • Internal description: "… The water is low and murky now, with blood smeared across the tiled walls."

Wooden Barn

  • There is only one wooden barn in Monroeville - Samuel's Barn in Samuel's Farm
  • Items: beer, knives
  • External description: "… A few planks are loose, but it looks solidly built."
  • Internal description: "… Crude, broken farm equipment is scattered around, and the floorboards are stained with blood."

Open Land


  • Total: 21
  • description: "…The surrounding woods thin out into a sparse patch of rough ground."


  • Total: 167
  • description: "You are standing in a cornfield."


  • Total: 2483 (25,8% of the map)
  • Items: mobile phones, pistol clips
  • descriptions:
    • "You are standing in a field."
    • "You are standing in a field. Heavy tyre tracks cut through the wet grass."


  • Total: 9
  • description: "…, its flowerbeds pressed into the dirt by shambling feet."

Golf Course


  • Total: 128
  • description: "You are standing on a road."


  • Total: 887
  • Items: pistols
  • You can't see the population of a woodlands square from any adjacent square.
  • description: "…The trees and heavy undergrowth block your view into the rest of the woods."


  • Total: 34
  • Items: mobile phones
  • description: "… The dusty tarmac is broken by patches of tyre-chewed mud, and tufts of rocky grass."

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