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Malton Herald & Sun

The Malton Herald & Sun is the official newspaper of the RRF.

Read, be enlightened,
and achieve Barhah!

Who We Are

The Wrecking Ball is a branch of the Ridleybank Resistance Front born from the now defunct 'Group 0'. BongoBrain doesn't know it yet, but he will write some more spiel here so that i don't have to. :o)

(Ignore this - it's just to fill the page) While the Department's primary responsibility is to the homeland, it has a secondary responsibility to the new zombies within our horde. As the DoHS is grounded firmly within the area of Ridleybank, it provides a perfect opportunity for low level zombies to develop their skills under the guidance and assistance of their higher level zethren. We provide empty streets to practice swifter lurching. We have plenty of doors to help stir the memories needed to open and close them. Large infestations of the breathing in nearby suburbs give zombies the chance to sharpen their claws on the unruly and give bites of greeting to the rest. Yes, the DoHS is the perfect place for a young zombie to grow, eventually to move on to fighting with the Groups abroad, joining one of the Front's feared Strike Teams, maybe even become one of the illustrious Gore Corps members should they decide that's where their future lies.

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We are currently coordinating our efforts on the barhah forums; check there for the latest barricade reports and sightings of trespassers.

We also have the channel #rrf-ud on the IRC server irc.nexuswar.com, which is open to all Urban Dead players.


  • All members of the RRF should put 'Ridleybank Resistance Front' in the Group field of their profiles. 'RRF' is not acceptable, as there are a number of groups using that acronym now. The new change to Feeding Groan makes this a necessity for all members.
  • There is to be no 'alt usage' within the borders of Ridleybank. If you have a zombie in the RRF horde abroad you must not have a zombie alt within Ridleybank helping out the DoHS as a feral. No intel can be accepted from zombies who are not members of the Front. You must not gather information if you are combat-revived. Occasional tagging runs, clean up duties, and any death-culting activity is undertaken ONLY by the Gore Corps. The reputation of the Front is too important to us to risk shattering it by cheating.

Current Orders

  1. Protect the borders or Ridleybank and Stansbury Village.
  2. Ruin all buildings on the free-run paths from Nichols Mall to any local resource buildings.
  3. Sleep in Guell Bank [58, 50]


The Wrecking Ball is a subset of the Ridleybank Resistance Front.

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