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13-XIII-arcane sans nom.png
Abbreviation: XIII
Group Numbers: Recruiting
Leadership: Collective
Goals: Triskaidekaphobia! Currently, to recruit 13 members
Recruitment Policy: Put XIII in your profile and contact us to learn our s00per sekrit plans and current rendez-vous
Contact: Via the XIII forum

Triskaidekaphobia: fear of the number 13.

XIII are a death cult whose overarching goal is to inspire Fear and Trembling before the Awful Number -- 13 -- all the while heralding and speeding the ascendancy of the New Flesh.

A Brief History of Apocalypse

As the Black Death ravaged medieval Europe, many became convinced that the Apocalypse was upon them. Some, cynical of the Church's ability to save them, formed obscure death cults. Others threw morality aside and sought oblivion in alcohol and hedonism -- often engaging in morbid, graveside debauchery as thousands in the cities and towns around them perished. Others sought scapegoats, and thus massacres and vicious pogroms against perceived outsiders became commonplace.

Malton in the clutches of the Zombie Apocalypse is little different...

Cult Symbolism

The 13th Major Arcana of the tarot -- Death, or La Mort -- holds a special place in cult iconograhpy and has been adopted as one of its central emblems.

The 13th Major Arcana represents change, the ending of cycles, ressurection and the inescapable transition into a new state. Some call Death the harvester of life. Others say that Death is the gateway to infinity, passage through which demands the sacrifice of virtue and/or vice, or of a loved one or an enemy. XIII sees in all these statements Truth. Their depth and diversity speak to the awful nature of XIII.

Facts About the Number 13

  • 13 is atomic number of aluminium
  • 13 is the only positive integer that is the fourth root of the sum of the squares of two successive positive integers (119 and 120)
  • There are 13 Archimedean solids (D&D dice FTW!)
  • Loki was the 13th uninvited guest at a banquet of Norse gods, where Loki tricked Baldr's blind brother, Hödr, into killing him with a poisoned arrow
  • According to the Torah, God has 13 Attributes of Mercy
  • 13 is the number of participants at the Last Supper
  • The Code of Hammurabi, one of the earliest and best preserved law codes from ancient Babylon (written ca. 1760 BCE), omits 13 in its numbered list
  • The legion with which Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon was the Legio XIII Gemina, or the 13th Legion
  • 13 is the number of loaves in a "baker's dozen"
  • There are 13 players in a rugby league team

Group Practices and Policies

Fear of 13 is sown in many ways: by eating people, lots of them, and their cute little pets, all of them; by casting safehouses into darkeness; by introducing humans directly to the experience of the New Flesh; and sometimes even by showing random members of the undead the meaning of Rebirth.

Members of XIII are expected to proselytise on behalf of the cult and are also encouraged to destroy generators, radio equipment and even barricades as they see fit.

Nonetheless, in all we do, we must keep in mind that we are not petty criminals or random killers. And in the end, there is no greater pleasure -- and no greater tribute to the Awful Number -- than to kill with our own hands and our own teeth and to feast joyously upon the warm flesh of our dismembered victims.

Zerging and multi abuse are strictly forbidden. You may have only one alt in XIII, and all your alts must lead completely seperate existences. There are no exceptions.

Of course botting, forum/group infiltration, hacking, text rape, harassment, etc. are verboten.

XIII and Dual Nature

XIII adheres to the Dual Nature policy -- albeit with our own particular "interpretations" and practices.

Primary among these "intepretations" is the cult's attitude towards revivification. Cult members will never actively seek revives from outsiders. We will, however, revive each other as and when we see fit, to further the cult's goals. We may also sometimes disrupt "organised revivification". And, on occasion, XIII members may even engage in mass "combat reviving" as a means of (re)introducing zombies to the meaning of Rebirth and Transmutation.

Even while being Dual Naturists, members of XIII are dedicated death-cultists. As such, whilst alive they will not actively seek death (unless ordered to in greater cause of the Awful Number) -- but neither will they fear it. Nonetheless, we are not fools, and living cult members may take whatever measures they deem necessary to protect themselves -- as long as this does not involve direct hostility against our zethren.

XIII freely make use Trans-mortal tactics, including active coordination between their living and dead members. We ascribe this cooperation to a "hive mind" effect among the cult's fanatical followers. It does not extend to outsiders. (Possible exceptions may be made for very close and well-established allies who share a similar philosophical outlook to ours.)

Not Frequently Enough Asked Questions

In order to clear up any misconceptions or misunderstandings about XIII -- among outsiders, members and potentials alike -- I put together a small FAQ. It was originally posted on our forum: excerpts acceptable for perusal by outsiders have been posted here.

Potential recruits are especially encouraged to read this FAQ. It's best you understand exactly what you'll be getting into and know if XIII is right for you.

Friends and Enemies of XIII





Small dogs with large eyes.

The numbers 12 and 14.

The bourgeoisie. All of them!

Those Who Came Before Us

They Killed Through Their Vocations

These death cults — some present, but most (sadly) past — are our forebears, our guides and our inspiration:

  • Church of New Eden – Very early death cult, and dual nature to boot. Possibly the first to view zombiedom as a step toward transcendence.
  • Dark Order of Armageddon – One of the earliest and arguably most successful -- and "archetypal" -- death cults. We can only aspire follow humbly in their shadow.
  • Gore Corps – "As deadly as humans... as pantsless as zambahz". What more needs to be said about the Gore Corps?
  • Slaves Of The Mistress – Their wiki speaks for itself...
  • Unknown Armies – One can't argue with success. And the Eastonwood ferals are in the Premier League for success, as are their death cultist wing, the Unknown Armies.

Further Reading for Death Cultists

Both of these articles come courtesy of IamRisen and are considered classics in the genre:

  • Siege PKer Guide - Almost every word of this lecture is canon, with the exception of the section on "false infections". Most survivors have infection and/or UDtool or udWidget and will see through this ruse. Considering how hard it can be to infect someone, especially if the RNG goddess is being fickle, I don't consider this to be a worthwhile tactic.
  • "So You Wanna Be a Death Cultist" (Gore Corps wiki) - I do not agree with the Survivor skills build order: personally, I don't think Body Building is that high a priority, and I do consider the Shopping skills significantly more useful, and thus higher priority, than IamRisen does. Otherwise, though, it's a decent read.

Virgins Sacrificed

The Virgin Murders

  • On 29 June 2008, the founding members of XIII came together for the first time, in Bale Mall. After raiding the condiment bar, it was decided that a certain Mr. John Verne needed some ketchup. After a few nibbles to whet his appetite -- and some bullets courtesy of our favourite morbid 'n' murderous lovebirds, Amber and Emeric -- Peter E Jarry summarily introctinated Mr. Verne to the ways of New Flesh. Nom nom nom....

Sinking the pink... pinkgothic, that is...

(18 July 2008)

It began one evening in an old warehouse in central Yagoton, where Peter E Jarry and William Thorrne took it upon themselves to offer some fright and fashion tips to a few of the locals. There we ecountered one very well coordinated, -- but much to our dismay, numerologically misguided -- pinkgothic. She definately has the right idea, but really needs to learn to accessorise. We thought some ketchup would help... pre-seasoned with a bit of 9mm vinegar, of course...

Having got pinkgothic finally well-doused with vinegar, bringing her to the very brink of death, M. Jarry set about to add some ketchup. However, in the excitement M. Jarry found himself temporarily unable to finish the job and swallow...

Now it turns out pinkgothic is a bit of a feisty one, and upon suddenly waking up to the fact that she was being non-consensually marinated, with only a single HP left, she managed to escape before M. Jarry was able to resume masticulating. But a mere one building north. And right into Amber and William! Where pinkgothic must have stopped in her tracks, quivering all over with hawt pink triskaidekaphobia flashes. Quite likely. Whereupon M. Jarry quickly caught up with her:

  • Peter E Jarry said "pinkgothic? Well... we approve of your fashion sense. But you serve wrong master! Serve La Mort! Or learn to fear and tremble before XIII!" (8 hours and 16 minutes ago)
  • Peter E Jarry killed pinkgothic. (8 hours and 15 minutes ago)

Next, William and Peter moved on to one Scaryguy. This guy ain't so hardcore. He doesn't even have a profile description, sheeeeeeesh. That ain't scary! Needs... ketchup!![1]

Since your last turn:

  • William Thorrne said "Not all that scary, are you?" (1 minute ago)
  • William Thorrne said "yikes" (48 seconds ago)
  • William Thorrne killed Scaryguy. (31 seconds ago)[2]

Much better!

The ketchup may have run out by this time, however the saga does not end here...


More fun with inter-zombie-breather relationships

(25 July 2008)

Since your last turn:

  • A zombie ( Amber Waves )- dragged Maxwell White out into the street. (40 seconds ago)
  • You say "Maxwell White is offered as a sacrifice to La Mort. Long live the New Flesh!! " [3]

Since your last turn:

  • A zombie ( Amber Waves )- dragged Leonidas Sparta out into the street. (1 minute ago)
  • You say "Leonidas of Sparta . You are sacrificed to La Mort for referencing the worst film of the millenium so far. And for being a member of the Bowring Blackwatch. All horrible crimes against good taste and decency! [4]
  • You say "Long live the new flesh! Fear the Awful Number, XIII !!!" [5]

Sadly, an exhausted Amber Waves was not able to drag a certain GunCB into the street in offering to La Mort and the legions of the New Flesh before he awoke from his partiarchal slumber...

  • GunCB began to rebuild the barricades, using a chair. (50 minutes ago)

... and ran away into the mall.

However, in response to his presumptuously sexist profile blurb, Amber has this to say:


Just because he may not know any girls in real life, doesn't mean there aren't any playing UD...

But La Mort and the legions of the New Flesh will prevail!

  • A zombie brought down the last of the barricades. (41 minutes ago)
  • You heard a loud groaning from very close by. (33 minutes ago)


I would like to take this moment to note that XIII is an equal opportunity zombiesexvoodoodeathcult. We do not discriminate on the bases of gender, sexual orientation, race, age or breathing status. We also enjoy the occasional evening out in drag, ourselves.

Radio XIII

Our tiny little, completely harmless and utterly ineffectual death cult is proud to announce the arrival of shiney, new, bouncing baby radio frequency: 27.13!

And such an elegant frequency: opening with a strong and bold odd number (27), and finally arriving, with a conclusive crescendo, at the Awful Number itself. Make a joyful groan, live and on the air, for the Awful Number!

The Ronin Gallery

No longer need Malton's trenchcoat-clad, mirrorshade-wearing, katana-wielding loners live in obscurity and anonymity!

No longer will their ammo and their AP be spent in vain!

XIII presents the Ronin Gallery: one central database to record these nomrally forgotten souls' exploits for posterity and edification. As well as for addition to your list of "priority converts" to the New Flesh.

Celebrity Endorsements

A Count von Count approved zombiesexvoodoodeathcult

Role Play Notice

Red Mage.gif Roleplaying Notice
Notice: This User or Group enjoys the RPG aspect of MMORPGs, the category of games that Urban Dead falls into. As such, there is probably quite a bit of roleplaying and/or creative writing on this page and in said User/Group's in-game actions. In other words, if you think the difference between IC and OOC is "One has an 'I' and the other has two 'O's," buzz off.

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