YagoBrew Baristas

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YagoBrew Baristas
YagoBrew by deathonabone.jpg
Abbreviation: YB
Group Numbers: Half a dozen or so dedicated staff, countless thankful customers
Leadership: Dexter Manley and Ophelia Stump
Goals: Caffeine, comfort, and entertainment for Yagoton's citizens
Recruitment Policy: Text Dexter Manley to set up interview for employment; customers always welcome!
Contact: Dexter Manley

Yagoton's Only Coffeehouse

Opening for business on February 15, 2007, Warehouse 44,12 is Yagoton's (and perhaps Malton's) only coffeehouse. The staff is focused on serving quality baked goods and caffeinated beverages, as salvaged from the innumerable boxes and bags found in its warehouse location.

The boxes themselves have been arranged to artfully create a warm and welcoming environment, being arranged as table and chairs, and also as a stage for the frequent open mic performances.


September 24, 2007

Experiments with stale bread and chocolate yield . . . biscotti!

September 22, 2007

Dexter Manley makes an amazing discovery in amongst the mouldering boxes . . . chocolate! The word goes out immediately that YagoBrew is now able to prepare a caffe mocha!


The YagoBrew Baristas, recognizable by their dark red aprons, have recruited an excellent staff to serve Yagoton's cultural needs:



  • Jamaican Blue Mountain "Zombie" Blend Coffee
  • Caffe Latte - steamed milk and espresso
  • Caffe Mocha - steamed milk, espresso, and really old chocolate bars melted up
  • Hot Chocolate (new1) - steamed milk and really old chocolate bars melted up

Due to the short shelf life of dairy products, all espresso beverages are prepared with soy milk unless we get a supply crate dropped on our heads.

Baked Goods

  • Biscotti (new!)
    • Can be used for barricading in a pinch.


YagoBrew enjoys friendly relations with area businesses, particularly McZeds and all Bale Mall stores. In addition, discounts are offered to local law enforcement and medical groups, including the Abandoned and the YRC.


  1. Although YagoBrew is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate in hiring or patronage based upon race, creed, national origina, gender, oritation, or life status, we do request that employees report to work alive, and that customers maintain their lives while in our establishment. We have found that it is difficult to maintain our strict quality standards otherwise.
  2. All poetry and music performed during open mic sessions should be appropriate for an audience of apocalyptic survivors.
  3. The barricading policies in northern Yagoton change from time to time, but it is the strict policy of YagoBrew to maintain the junkyard directly north of its location as an entrance.
  4. The zombie-head logo and YagoBrew slogans ("Coffee so good it wakes the dead," and "YB tired?") are the sole property of Yagoton Coffee Associates Ltd., and as such may not be used without prior written permission.