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Zombies for the Advancement of Living People
Abbreviation: Z.A.L.P.
Group Numbers: A core group of 9 with some fluid members
Leadership: An automonous collective
Goals: The preservation of Harman resources
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: forum
Malton's Only Active, Organized Life-Culting Group

(Humans are friends: not food)

About Z.A.L.P.

Our mission

Humans are a dwindling resource. Research shows that if we continue eating humans at the current rate, they will be extinct in a matter of 2 – 5 years. It is up to us to help preserve this precious commodity for the future, for our future. This is why Zombies for the Advancement of Living People was established.

Our goal is to help the humans in creating pockets of living-friendly areas where they might run free and begin to repopulate. This might seem to go against everything a zombie should stand for, but think of this- When the last human dies, we will only have ourselves to eat, I mean blame.

Zombies Working With Survivors!?!

It may seem hard to believe, but with only a little bit of restraint on both sides, zombies can be very helpful to humans and vice versa. Zombies can infiltrate buildings that have a horde in them and help whittle them down to numbers the humans can handle. They can also use their feeding groan to draw others away from buildings the humans might want to use. This usually requires some communication with humans, but it can be done.

How do you do it?

There is a detailed account of various life culting tactics here but here are some easy-to-use tips

1) Maintain a good contact list. Zombies do look alike, and we don't want to eat our friends. 2) Eat antagonistic zombies or Death Cultists down to 1 - 6 HP so a human can kill and remove from the area. 3) Practice forgiveness. Humans have been trained to be afraid of zombies, they might kill you unknowingly. 4) Don't eat the humans. We all have lapses, but try to leave the tasty tasty human intact.


ZALP is a group consisting of a core of dedicated zombie life cultits, but we also share a fluid membership, as well as tactical information with survivor groups. Please see links below if you are interested in joining as a full zombie member or if your survivor group is interested in sharing members or information.

What is "Fluid Dual Membership" and who are the D.S. R&D?

Let's say you find yourself zombified, but want to help out your still-living friends and relatives. A zombie in this situation could change their group to "Zombies for the Advancement of Living People" to help identify them as a life cultist and then switch back to their survivor group once they are revived.

Dr. Schwan's research team currently has this kind of fluid dual membership with Z.A.L.P.

Recruitment Policy

Zombies for the Advancement of Living People is both a philosophy and a group. We have resources to help us organize and be more effective life culters. If a zombie shares Z.A.L.P.'s ideals, change your tag and get to work. For organized projects, to share inteligence, for more information, or for requests to cooperate, please see the D.S. R&D/Z.A.L.P shared forum. We are more than happy to hear from other groups who might like to share a fluid membership with us.

Scentoral Map: Finding sustainable ways of living

Local life-cultists and indigenous Zambahz are the stewards of the urban environment ZALP works to conserve. They depend on the environment and the Harmanz in it for their survival. Over time, some have developed traditions and practices to sustainably manage their natural resources while others have consumed their resources with abandon. Such disregard for our shared environment places us all in danger. Today these Zambah communities face growing challenges such as outside competition for land and resources, conflict with PKers, and stagnating Harman population growth. Change must come.

At ZALP we protect Harmanz, preserve habitats and empower Zambahz to conserve resources while improving their livelihoods. We understand the close relationship between Zambahz and the environment, and incorporate elements of governance, health and education into our conservation work. Our community conservation program features an updatable Scentoral Map of Malton used by "Harman Conservationists", Zambahz, and Harmanz alike to track the migratory patterns of zombies throughout the city, improving lives/unlives by helping to conserve biodiversity. Through this ZALP initiative, Harmanz are given the opportunity to see zombie movements and plan accordingly and environmentally conscious Zambahz are given the opportunity to become environmental stewards through their donations of time and materials.

Our vision: Build a sustainable balance between Harmanz and Zambahz by empowering local communities to enhance their opportunities and well-being, and strengthen their role as environmental decision makers.

Scentoral is not a word is it?

Scentoral is a term coined to account for the blending of the senses of taste and smell that allow zombies to derive such precise data from ambient aroma. Scent data is processed through the nasal cavity first and then delivered to the oral cavity where additional details are added. The process by which these details are then conveyed to the brain is related to the process by which human flesh is metabolized to heal wounds. The scent is metabolized by the lungs and digestive system and details are converted into proprioceptor signals like those used to feel the position of one’s arm without looking. The zombie then feels the death and undeath in the area as extensions of itself and, with practice, can translate it into approximate values. These values can then be uploaded through zombie friendly terminals at select sites throughout the city and compiled into a map.

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ZALPlogo.png Z.A.L.P.
This user or group supports zombies who support survivors because typical zombie groups constitute enablement.
Dsculinary.png Dr. Schwan's Culinary
A.s.egraphic.png Dr. Schwan's Essentials
This user believes that life-cultists are not necessarily terrible role-players. That's why they use Dr. Schwan's Rotalin formula.
ZALPcompasRose.jpg Scent Cartographer
This user knows the value of scentoral imaging. That’s why they follow their nose and contribute to ZALP’s full migratory map.

Recruit advert

Zombies for the Advancement of Living People (Z.A.L.P.)


Rot got you down? Tired of singing to yourself in empty buildings? Want to participate on the survivor side without having to put up with the politics or actually…be a survivor? ZALP may be the group for you. Here at ZALP, we believe that Harmanz are a dwindling resource in Malton. If the major hordes get their way, we can add HARMANBARGARZ to the list of bygone delights right next to Tasmanian tiger steaks, dodo fingers, and coelacanth sticks.

We cannot allow this to happen: think of the zombie children!

ZALP believes there is another way. As Malton’s only organized life-cultist group, We are committed to establishing pockets of living-friendly areas where harmanz might run free and begin to repopulate. We do this through the use of life culting tactics aimed at curbing rampant undead consumerism. Through communication and cooperation with our food source, combined with an ounce of restraint, Zombies for the Advancement of Living People works towards a brighter and more diverse Malton. At some point, Harmanz may be numerous enough that they will no longer need our protection, but until that day arrives, HARMANZ AHM HRANS, NAH BARG Z!NGZ.

ZALP is looking for independent zombies who know what is at stake, zombies interested in coordinated zombie/harman strategy, rotters who feel they can better aid their community by not always having to break into NTs to get a revive, or those of zombie or Harman persuasion who are interested in taking a new approach to life and unlife in Malton. Interested parties should seek information on the Z.A.L.P. talk page, or on the shared forum.

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