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The Zamgrh Institute for Language, Communication, and Culture
Abbreviation: T.Z.I.
Group Numbers: 1
Leadership: James Castillo
Goals: 1) To provide informational aid. 2) To study and create a database on undead language, culture, and groups. 3) To study and create a database on survivor and PKer culture and groups.
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: Inquire on this page.

The Zamgrh Institute for Language, Communication, and Culture

They say that knowledge is power, and that one has to be armed with knowledge. The Zamgrh Institute for Language, Communication, and Culture aims to arm the citizens of Malton (living and dead) with information in this dark time. The employees of the Zamgrh Institute are hard at work revising locations, studying groups, and compiling reports for dissemination into the general public.

DISCLAIMER: Just because the Zamgrh Institute hires all, doesn't mean that the Zamgrh Institute supports or endorses their behavior. The Zamgrh Institute will not be held responsible for the actions of members of the following groups+: Pkers, ZKers, GKers, etc., etc.. The Zamgrh Institute aims to be a neutral entity in Malton, studying the situation and improving conditions for all.

+If the player is on official Zamgrh Institute business when the transgression occurs, the Zamgrh Institute may accept full responsibility and fix the situation, on a per case basis. Understand that if we have an undead Zamgrh Institute staffer riding with a zombie horde, for example, we may not be liable for barricade destruction and murder. If, however, the same staffer gives the undead horde strategic tips that only a Zamgrh Institute staffer would know, we would endeavor to pay reparations.

Join the Zamgrh Institute!

The Zamgrh Institute needs staff! Becoming a Zamgrh Institute staffer is easy, whether you're a human, zombie, Pker, ZKer, or any other Ker that has yet to be documented! Just post below with the following information:

  • Username
  • Groups you are part of
  • Groups you can easily study
  • Operating location (Suburb(s))

Post Your Application Below This Heading

Username : Sirion12 Groups You Are A Part Of : None Groups You Can Study : Zombie attacks on forts Operating Location : Fort Perryn -Zeke_Zaccaro

Location Revision

The Zamgrh Institute's main goal is to provide informational aid to the citizens of Malton. One way that we are tackling this large task is by revising locations across the city, adding the information that players need to survive or operate as a group. These include:

  • Nearby resource buildings, with distance and directions.
  • Nearby revivification points, with distance and directions.
  • Local survivor, zombie, PKer and ZKer groups, with up-to-date radio frequencies.
  • Barricade plans.
  • NecroTech Field Reports, when needed,

With this information, coordinated movements can be easily made without going between location pages and maps. Also, new players can get into the game faster and more effectively than ever before.


Published Papers

Papers Under Revision

NOTE: This includes papers not originally published by the Zamgrh Institute.

Current Events

Older news (1 to 2 months +) may be found in the news archive.



  • May 12, 2014
Zamgrh Institute launches S-GRS Project
The Zamgrh Institute is always open for suggestions! Just hop on the discussion page and voice yours; we may consider it! One such suggestion was made about the crowded nature of the Crespin Grove Railway Station page; the page that we use as a testbed for possible changes. As a result of that suggestion, the Zamgrh Institute is launching the S-GRS Project, which aims to keep location pages short and serve as a 'phone book' of sorts for the denizens of Malton. S-GRS stands for 'Suburb-Groups and Radio Stations'. On any revised location, look for the S-GRS link and you'll see the groups and radio stations in the local area. The local area is defined as any suburb adjacent or diagonal to the suburb you're in that shares a side or corner. This means that the S-GRS for Brooksville, for example, has groups and radio stations from Lerwill Heights, Shore Hills, Galbraith Hills, North and South Blythville, Mockridge Heights, Tapton, and Greentown listed as well. Each S-GRS page has the number for the suburb in the title. Brooksville's S-GRS page is S64-GRS since Brooksville is the 64th suburb; go and take a look! More information may be added to S-GRS pages in the future... make a suggestion! --James Castillo 19:53, 12 May 2014 (UTC)
  • May 8, 2014
Stickling Mall falls; Shearbank revisions underway
Stickling Mall fell yesterday to members of The Dead (2.0?) and the Militant Order of Barhah. If other groups were involved, please drop us a line on the discussion page. Shearbank is currently a battle zone, but it is a good place to earn experience points. The nearby revivification points need to be checked to gauge the severity of the assaults. In other news, the Institute is working on revising all locations deemed revisable in Shearbank. The initial revisions are being carried out on paper here in the Institute's roving field office. Once finished, the revisions will be added to the locations' respective wiki pages. --James Castillo 20:21, 8 May 2014 (UTC)
  • May 6, 2014
Possible new zombie group spotted in Shearbank
A previously unknown zombie group known as 'Red Alert' attacked and ruined Lessey Lane Police Department within the last 24 hours. The attacking group was numbered at five undead individuals, all but one of which had brain rot. All listed their group as 'Red Alert', and all but one was level 22. According to initial research, this group is highly dangerous and may zerg-attack. There may be more than these five out there, and any information on this new group would be greatly appreciated. --James Castillo 17:30, 6 May 2014 (UTC)
  • May 5, 20l4
Zamgrh Institute opens to the shock and awe of no one!
Today the Zamgrh Institute opened its doors to the citizens of Malton, and the wiki revisions began. --James Castillo 22:54, 5 May 2014 (UTC)

Revised Locations

Revised locations can be viewed here.

What locations does the Zamgrh Institute revise? Out of the sheer number of possible revisable blocks out there (1,000), the Zamgrh Institute has elected to review the following: NecroTech Buildings, Revivification Points, Hospitals, Police Departments, Fire Stations, Auto Repair Shops, Malls, Mobile Phone Mast locations, Hotels, Motels, Towers, Banks, Monuments, Cathedrals, Churches, Mansions, Power Stations, Stadiums, Forts, The Malton City Zoo, Buildings, Public Houses, Cinemas, Clubs, Factories, Libraries, Museums, Railway Stations, Schools, Warehouses, and Bulletin Board locations.

Is there a particular location that you want the Zamgrh Institute to revise? Drop us a line in the Discussion page!

Suburbs Under Revision

Suburb S-GRS Reports