Zerg Hunt I

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Zerg Hunt I
Zerg Hunt I.jpg
Abbreviation: ZHI
Group Numbers: bountifull
Leadership: Resensitized
Goals: To Teach Those Dirty Dirty Zergers a Lesson!
Recruitment Policy: Any Non-Zerger Can Play
Contact: Zerg Hunt I Reporting Thread on Resensitized

The Zerg Hunt I is a game wide contest sponsored by Resensitized to show solidarity against cheaters who wish to ruin the game for legitimate players.

The Contest

Zerg Hunt I will run from March 1st at 00:00 GMT until March 31st 23:59 GMT, and is used to generate buzz for the Zerg Liste, and to reward players who are against cheating in the game. The Game is open to all players (with one big exception, see the rules), Survivors, Pkers, and Zombies (yes, this means you too Big Bash). So let's kill some Zergers!

The Prize

Several Prizes will be awarded for participating in the Zerg Hunt.

Grand Prize(s)

The player(s) with the most kills during the contest period will have a character of his choice paid for by the Resensitized Staff. Actual number of Grand Prizes varies upon the number of entrants. Should the response be great, more than one paid account will be awarded to the top Zerg Hunters participating. Also along with winning a paid account, the Grand Prize winner(s) will receive a special userbar for their forum profiles, and given a special forum tag on Resensitized showing how they triumphed during the Zerg Hunt.

Secondary Prizes

Each participant will get a receive a lovely userbar just for participating, while others will be receive a userbar based on certain accomplishments. Some of these accomplishments will include (but may not be limited to):

  • Most Unique Zerg Kills
  • The Most Zerg Kills in Different Suburbs
  • Most Zergs Killed By a Zombie

The Rules

Enforced Rules

  • Nobody who is currently on the Zerg Liste may participate in the contest.
  • Only kills against those listed on the Zerg Liste will be counted. Suspected Zergers can not be counted.
  • If you find new zergers, do not kill them, simply report them to the Zerg Liste so that they can be added and made for available targets after the update.
  • Unlike the Zerg Liste nabs tally, the Zerg Hunt will be based on character kills not player kills, and tracked as such. So if Bob's character PKLovin' Fool kills Hobo1, and his other character GrahZombah69 kills LuckyJim87, he will get 1 point for PKlovin' Fool, and 1 point for GrahZombah69, and not 2 points collectively for Bob.
  • Also note, that while you may hunt with more than one character, no more than one grand prize will be awarded to any single player.
  • All Entries MUST be posted in the Zerg Hunt I Thread on Resensitized between March 1st 00:00 GMT and March 31 23:49 GMT. All early or late entries will be dismissed. Any posts in the Zerg Liste thread will NOT count towards your total.
  • Entries MUST have the Zerger Profile Name and Link in the post, the Zerg Hunter name and link in the post, and a screenshot (or Iwitness) of the kill.
  • Screenshots must include your characters name and the kill line. You may mask your location if you want, but we will require that your name be seen under the map screen.
  • While we accept iWitness, be on note that it has been a little buggy as of late, and some records have been known to disappear, so to ensure your kill is counted, be safe and include a screenshot.
  • All Entries MUST in the first person. No submitting posts for your friends or family, or third party reports of someone else killing a zerger.
  • All Rules and Guidelines are subject to change. This will only be used in extreme cases to curb abuse, or to clarify rules that seem vague or hard to understand.

Unenforceable Guidelines

  • The goal of the Zerg Liste has always been first and foremost about rehabilitating zergers, so be courteous and inform them that they are on the Zerg Liste, and that they should come to Resensitized to rectify that.
  • I like using: Character Name, you have been accused and found guilty of zerging, and for your crimes, you shall be executed. For more info, visit the Zerg Liste at http://tinyurl.com/lv56n
  • Make sure your list is ALWAYS Updated. We recommend using the UDWidget for your name colorizer.
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