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Zinkthereporters News Team
Abbreviation: ZRNT
Group Numbers: All truth sayers!
Leadership: Zinkthereporter as head reporter and editor plus founder
Goals: Bring the truth to the people!
Recruitment Policy: Any one wishing to bring truth to the world
Contact: Discussion section of this page or email: Zinktherockstar@gmail.com

Hello all and welcome to Zinkthereporter's official news team wiki page. In honor to this starting of the group I'd like you all to feel welcome to this group. the ZRNT was inspired by the BBC in urban dead. our goal is to bring news to the people in any way possible. We have frequent radio broadcasts and are currently working on a newspaper.


Zinkthereporters news team is Neutral meaning that we aren't allied nor do we take part in any human, pker or zombie actions. We will of course downgrade everybody appear to hate all except our sponsor (respectivily) and make everybody's day a bit worse.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.01 and 28.88 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Currently: YoungHusband Arms in West Grayside and Spaulding Mall in South Monroeville


The Truth

Radio Broadcast Log


Zinkthereporter: Currently MIA after a radio broadcast was cut off by zombie activity.

Zinker (Part-Time): A good reporter making frequent broadcasts and will be filling in for Zinkthereporter.

Z1nk666: A ZRNT reporter working in Monroeville.

Note: All of the other Zinker and Austin accounts act as journalists for the ZRNT.

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