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Where all of the ZRNT newspapers are created.


Below: The new edition,

The Truth

Malton, Ruined?

Last Fort Pyrnn Survivor Stronghold Ravaged!

Today the ASK reportedly ravaged the last known survivor stronghold in all

of the Whittenside area. Two ASK members in zombie form supposedly assaulted

the Methodius General Hospital (82, 88). The break-in occurred around 6:30pm

central time. There was a recorded 6 unknown survivors in the Building at the

time of the break-in. The building was EHB and ransacked. When asked the

ASK leader denied any comment. The Methodius General Hospital was believed

to be the last known survivor controlled building at that time.

--zinker 20:21, 31 March 2008 (BST) Zinkthereporter

The ASK's banner

Malton In Ruins?

(see headlines)

Last Saturday there was a record breaking amount of red suburbs. Totaling

69 the huge mass of red suburbs occupied all of Malton except a few yellow

and orange suburbs in the south. The leader of the Zombieslayerguild who

is set up in West Grayside, one of the only yellow suburbs, said

"We(the ZSG) are very proud to be in the only safe spot in all of Malton",

"That just shows the combined might of the WGW, polecats and the ZSG."

The cause for this is believed to be the March of the Dead which is

currently going on. Another theory is that with the new nerf on

barrication humans have lost all power to hold or retake buildings.

The Nerf theory as it is called is contradicted by the fact that

the humans of West Grayside recently re-took their entire suburb.

What ever the case may be, every one in Malton is advised to lock up

windows and gather supplies, this is going to be rough.--zinker 20:21, 31 March 2008 (BST) Zinker