Zombie Emergency Management Agency/Recruit

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Join the Zombie Emergency Management Agency


The Zombie Emergency Management Agency is a specialized organization of trained special forces who exterminates re-animated corpses and Psychopaths. The organization is also an alliance that any group or individual can join. But we do not allow Pker's, Gker's, and, of course, ZOMBIES. What we do is:

  • Protect Surviving Humans from the undead
  • Establishes Safehouses
  • Heal the wounded
  • Give out revives to zombies
  • Kill Psychopaths on sight
  • Containment and Eradication of zombies

If any zombie or psycho crosses our path, they get killed on sight and will ignore any complaints because of it.

Our Headquarters is the Piggott building in Spicer Hills. You will find it Extremely heavily barricaded once you get there.

We will respond to almost all of your needs. If you have an Emergency, Problem, Request, or Comment. Please contact us by writing about it in the Discussion page.

If anyone would like to join, contact the leader: Soldier UDW.