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A message from the Zombie Emergency Management Agency


This page is currently under construction

This website is for the newbies who are playing Urban Dead. Surely there's other pages like this one but this page will prove that we will help the newbies in Urban Dead. We have created this page in order to teach others how to survive in a zombie apocalypse, and we also did our homework on how to survive other Disasters as well like Nuclear Invasion and Pandemic whatever. If you have any questions please write it in the Discussion Page of this article.

Getting started

Malton is a quarrintined city where Survivors battle to survive against the living dead (Zombies), if you want to survive you came to the right place heres theses tips you should follow.


  • Safehouse: A safe house is a protected and barricaded building where people take refuge during a crisis. Safe houses can be found all over the city; it is best to be in a safe house before you logged off. If you are caught outside, the zombies will kill you and make you one of them. You can go into a safe house if the building is Very Strongly Barricaded or lower but you cannot get into a building if it is Very Heavily Barricaded. Zombies cannot get into a barricaded building but some can open doors to get inside an unbarricaded building. A single zombie can destroy an entire barricade if it is at VSB, the best will be Extremely Heavily Barricaded buildings, which is simple to make.
  • Portable Generators: The city is in a Permanent Blackout so there will be no power returning anytime soon so Portable Generators are set up to power safe house which a building with a highlighted yellow box signifies that theirs a running Portable Generator. The generators will help you with lighting making it easier to find something. The Disadvantages for having a Portable Generator is that the lights will let zombies know there's Survivors inside so becareful if you have a Running Generator in your safehouse. Also you have to find Fuel Cans to refuel the generator in order for it to keep on running.
  • Radio Transmitters: they are used for radio broadcast and can only work if being powered by a generator. The Radio signals can be picked up by other Radio Transmitters or Portable Radio sets if tuned to the proper frequency.
  • Mobile Phone Mast: Only one building in each suburb carrys a Mobile Phone Mast used for transmitting Microwave signals from peoples Mobile Phones to other peoples Mobile Phones. If a building with a Mobile Phone Mast is being powered by a Generator, you will have a signal in that suburb. You won't get a signal if the power is not on in the MPM building.


If your gonna survive, you will need supplies. The law no longer exist in Malton so all you have to do is raid buildings for supplies. Some buildings won't carry much goods, others carry a ton.

  • Weapons: Why would you fight bare handed when you have weapons? Weapons are the most needed in Urban Dead. The Melee weapons are Baseball bats, Fire Axes, Pool Cues, Crowbars, Pistols, Shotguns, Knives, Cricket Bats, Tennis Racket, Golf Clubs, Hockey Sticks, Fencing Foils, Flare Guns, and Ski Pools. It takes special training to operate firearms; there are skills that can improve your accuracy for taking down your target. Toolboxes, Fuel Cans, and Newspapers can be used as a weapon of choice but a newspaper does no damage. The most powerful weapon is the flare gun, but they are used as signal the user's location not as a weapon. Even with training the Flare Gun is inaccurate and can only be used once. Some zombies are able to use weapons but only a few Melee ones. You can even use beer bottles as weapons too.
  • Clothing: Clothes are plentiful around the city; it is best to wear clothes because of the changing seasons and protection from the zombies. Body Armor known as Flak Jackets can be used for protection against enemies like Psychopaths and Zombies. At some point in time your clothes will be torn and bloody so it is best to change new ones once in awhile. Of course, clothes can only provide a use by wearing them and that’s it.
  • Medical Supplies: These have a great impact with Humans and Zombies. There are First-Aid Kits, Necro Tech Syringes, and DNA Extractors. The First-Aid Kits will help heal you from 5 to 10 Health Points and can cure the zombie infection. The DNA Extractor's purpose is to tag and identify zombies, and finally the Necro Tech Syringe only use is to turn a zombie hack to a living being again. There are skills to help the use with these items. In malls the First-Aid Kits are beginning run out since October 2008 so looking for one in a mall will be touch work.
  • Miscellanous:These items are pretty useful. Their are binoculars, bottle of beers, bottle of wines, crucifixes, fuel cans, GPS units, mobile phones, books, museum pieces, and newspapers, spray cans, and poetry book. The GPS Units will provide your coordenates on the map, the Alcohol will provide only 1 HP, books will provide experience points but not much, spray cans, are used for Graffiti, Cell phones are used for text messaging, Museum Pieces are used to decorated safehouses, newspapers give out the news in the early days of Malton, and crucifixes provide no use. You can find a lot of theses in Malls too.


It is always best to pick sides, Survivor or Zombies but all are controlled by players. Here is the list below:


Survivors are Human Beings being trapped within the walls of Malton. Survivors fight to survive against the zombies, some didn't make it. Survivors barricade themselves in buildings for protection and it proved affective, but zombies sometimes tear the barricades down to get to the occupants inside. Any survivor who spends the night in the streets won't last long in 2 to 3 hours until a zombie finds and kills them. Survivors ranged up to Civilians, Scientist, and Military; it has been confirmed by official sources that their is still 911 Emergency Officers (Police Officers and Firefighters) in Malton but they don't mean they could be relied on. Also the military is within the city or flying in helicopters giving updates on the radio, plus they sometimes drop crates for surviving humans to use.


The reason why Malton is quarantined in the first place, the living dead. The reanimated corpses are walking undead who feeds on the flesh of the living. Anyone who dies no matter what reason becomes one of them; anyone who gets bit by a reanimate will become one of them that much sooner. If you killed a zombie, you actually knocked it out cold, even if they take a headshot they will just get right back up with full Health Points. Only in Malton and no where else, Necro Tech have provided Revivification Syringes, all you have to do in order to revive a zombie is get the skills to do it, take a syringe, inject the contents into the zombies' brain and spinal cord and they will slump to the ground dead but will get right back up as a survivor. Some zombie's formed resistance against the revivification drug, this resistance is called Brain Rot, which the brain is damaged. Zombies will have to find an NT building in order to get a revivification.


Psychopaths are surviving humans who have gone insane during the outbreak of Malton, they tend to be Player Killers, Generator Killers, Zombie Spies, or other. They are known to kill other Humans for the sake of Experience Points but the disadvantages of being a Psychopath is that Psychopaths are hunted down and put to an end of them and that’s that , multiple times at least. So this is one of the most unpopular choice to be in the game. So please in God's name don't be a Psycho.

During in the Game

When playing the game, things can easily change after a few months like FAKS are running low in malls or suburbs are a lot bloodier than they used to be. Sometimes most of Malton's suburbs would be in zombies and Survivors same thing. When playing the game it is best to adapt to whats been thrown at you like getting zombified or Revived and so on.


  • Action Points: Action Points, or AP is the limit that you will have when playing the game. AP can ranged up to a Maximum 50 and will be regained after 25 Hours. You can gain more AP every 2 in 60 Minutes like an hour. Lower level zombies could end up spending 2 AP when they are moving block to block until they get a skill that they can only spend 1 AP when on the move. If every user in the game gets 100AP then everyone will regret it and could result in Technical Problems in Urban Dead so 50 is enough.
  • Experience Points: Experience Points, or XP is the number of experience you have gained. It depends on your actions and how many will you get like Dumping a Body outside, Injuring or Killing someone, healing wounding, taking DNA samples, reading books and so on. These points will help you get skills needed for whats to come, could ranged up to 75 and 150 depending on the Character class of the Character.
  • Health Points: Health Points, or HP is the number of your health. HP can ranged up to 50 to 60. You will loose HP if you get attacked by someone, loosing your footing awhile free running, or suicide. Simple that if you run out, you will die and slump to the ground dead and wake up as a zombie. Zombies, when they are dead keeps rising back as a zombie unless they get a revive. You can replenish Health Points By using FAKs (First Aid Kits), they are found in Hospitals, Churches and Malls.

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