Zombie Inquisition

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Zombie Inquisition
Abbreviation: ZI
Group Numbers: 5 or whomever doesn't expect them
Leadership: Zombie Pope
Goals: Kill zombies. Help survivors. Kill survivors only when in a bad mood and they don't make things better. PKers are always on the menu
Recruitment Policy: Any zombies who want to feast on tastey zombie flesh
Contact: A Member

"Nobody Expects the Zombie Inquisition!"
The Zombie Inquisition is a group of helpful zombies who attempt to help survivors when possible. Though individual member's motivations are questionable, since they have and still do, on occasion kill survivors, the general goals of the ZI remain. The man who refers to himself as Zombie Pope is a raggity man in torn clothing who smells like a mixture of old dirty hobo and zombie. He often makes odd decisions, such as declaring that they now worship an object or person for no other reason then they can.

Rules of Etiquette

The ZI has few rules beyond the helping of survivors and the killing of zombies. The zombie pope fully beleives in the concept of revenge and if a human headshots you, feel free to "recruit" him.

Also shouting "Rrh hrh zrmbrrh rnrrrrrn!" or "For the zombie inquistion!" is encouraged.

And finaly never under any circumstances be expected.

Zombie Slogans

"in a namh r a zamba ngazazhn" with the death rattle ability produces "Rn hra namh rh hra zamba ngazazhn". Which is the closest we have to something other people will understand.

The zombese for the same phrase is "hnzzaa-azan.aazznnznn.aaz-n!aa-azan.aam!z-znnzzbn.aahnzzz.-bzbz?zb-azbz-zzab". But the output there will have to be translated back by the reader. Cardinal in Charge of Propeganda 18:39, 15 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Short history

The ZI started off as a joke one zombie made while chatting amoungst his fellows. Soon he found himself with a following of two members. Others soon drifted to his side and the ZI was formed. The ZI has only recently been organized; in an attempt to move with marching zombie hordes, blending into them and killing random zombies. We are not big enough to make a major impact yet, but at least we can munch on yummy zombie flesh.

List of things we've worshiped

  • Zoidberg
  • Wilson from Home Improvment
  • Zombie Lobster Crab.
  • Grim Reaper
  • Mr.T
  • The Six Eyed Cat
  • The Evil Monkey
  • This Hamburger
  • The Holy Platypus
  • A bear on a tiny motorcycle

The ZI is sponsored by Bob's House of Mystery Meat. For those who want meat and don't care about what it is or its' condition and for those who like to gamble with their lives.

Zie Speling

The Zombie Inquisition has better things to do than to correct spelling. Don't complain about it.

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