Zombie Zoo Animals

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This Page Translated courtesy of Dr. Doolittle.

Zombie Zoo Animals
Abbreviation: ZZA
Group Numbers: a Dozen or so
Leadership: Zombie Koala (He has thumbs...sort of)
Goals: Destroy all baricades in and around the City Zoo, increase numbers, and eat.
Recruitment Policy: Any Zombie Animal
Contact: At the Zoo discussions page


Who would have thought the Zedvirus would have crossed the species barrier in so many dramatic ways as to raise and/or affect the denizens of the City Zoo.



We have no leadership other than the first and second laws of the jungle. Be advised that we do indeed "eat" each other if there are no other suitable meals. Fortunatly The Malton Zookeepers and associates continue to bring in viable foodstuffs.

How to Join

Be a Zombie animal and show up near the Malton Zoo. We typicaly picnic near the Bear Pit. We have been known to forage to the north and or west in search of a good meal, but the presance of secured door knobs continues to thwart us.


Doctor Doolittle
Zombie Koala
Zombie Girrafe
Zombie Rhino
Zombie Pandabear
Zombie Mamoth
Zombie Kodiak
Zombie Penquin
Zombie Ocelot
Zombie Komodo
Zombie Otter
Zombie Aardvark
Zombie Macaw
Zombie Rat
Zombie Squid
Zombie Prairie Dog
Zombie Spider
Zombie Tigress
Zombie Dingo
Zombie Pacaderm
Zombie Alpaca
Zombie Armadillo
Zombie Timberwolf
Zombie Hyena

Friends and Allies

We'd eat ally with the dead animals if we found any of them....

We eat love the Malton Zookeepers too.