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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.


The capacity and effectiveness of the habitants of a building being able to defend the structure from a zombie attack.


The zombie repletion factor is constantly used in mall sieges. The more survivors in a block of the mall the less damage a zombie break in can do. This tactic is subconsciously implemented in all resource buildings. This subconscious act can be called "safety in numbers."

Strategic advantage

When a zombie horde breaks into a building the more survivors within will limit the effectiveness of the break in. Because of the large amount of survivors the higher likelihood of some users being online during the break in or recently after to fight off the zombies, rebarricade the building and warning the remainder of the survivor population.


There is a risk to this strategy, if there are only a handful of survivors in the building it there may not be enough survivors to fight off the attack after the casualties have been inflicted. If this happens your police station has just turned into a slaughter house. It is recommended that this strategy can only be effective against the average zombie raiding party of 15-20 zombies with roughly 15+ survivors. It is also advised in mall sieges that the survivor count per block should be at a minimum of 80+ for a reasonable probability of success. This means to not over crowd the north west block of a mall and starve the remaining blocks. It does sound reasonable to crowd everyone in a corner where the zeds are most active but this tactic can been easily counter. Zombies are smart, they have taken malls because block unpopulation such as this. So it is always responsible to "watch your flank" at all times.

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