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Under-constgruction-transparent.png Zombieball is under construction.
It is either not completed or is about a subject or event which has yet to finish.
Feel free to check back later for an update in information.



Zombieball is a sporting event that is played in-game by both zombie and survivor participants. The rules are loosely based on the sport American football. Each team runs both offense and defense simultaneously in real-time. The "ball" is a zombie player called a Defiler which works with its team to score points through breaking into buildings and defiling graffiti inside.

The inaugural Zombieball game, named Barhah Bowl, will be held beginning February 6th, 2011. Details on the event can be found on the event page.


The objective of Zombieball is to safely escort your team's Defiler to opposing team's Scoring Houses. Points are awarded for successfully defiling graffiti inside scoring houses. Points are also awarded for killing the opposing team's Defiler.

Playing Field

The standard Zombieball playing field is bound within one 10x10 block suburb of Malton. Each playing field is split into three zones; the battle zone and two safety zones. Furthermore, the battle zone is divided by an imaginary line of scrimmage that prohibits survivor players from entering certain parts of the playing field.


The three zones in Zombieball are the Battle Zone and two individual Safety Zones. A line of Scrimmage and Scoring Houses are also unique to the palying field.

Battle Zone

The zone within the playing field in which attacks may occur. It encompasses all outdoor locations in the suburb which are outside of safety corridors. Indoor locations within the battle zone are out-of-bounds.

Safety Zones

Each team is designated a Safety Zone; a ten block area of the playing field in which the scoring houses are located. An imaginary line called the Safety Corridor separates the Attack Field and each Team's Safety Zone. Players are safe from attacks from competitors as long as they are inside their own safety zone. Buildings within the safety may be entered by either team.

Line of Scrimmage

An imaginary line that dissects the battle zone. Players may not cross the line of scrimmage into their competitor's half of the playing field unless they are undead.

Scoring Houses

Buildings on the map which are designated for scoring. To score in this manner, an attacking team must breach both buildings and the team's Defiler must defile the graffiti inside.


Each game of Zombieball is played by 20 players; 2 teams of 10 players each. There are four positions in Zombieball: The Defiler, Safeties, Defensive Linemen and Offensive Linemen. Once a team's Defiler is chosen and the game begins, no other player may take on the position of Defiler. All other players on the team may switch between Safety, Offensive Lineman or Defensive Lineman as needed.


Out of each team, one will be chosen as the Defiler. The Defiler is the only one which can score by defiling graffiti inside Scoring houses.


Safeties (not to be confused with safety zones) are any players which are standing in the same block as their team's Defiler. If any safety is present, it must be killed prior to the Defiler in order for points to be awarded.

Defensive Line

The defensive line are players which guard scoring houses. Since scoring houses are within safety zones, the defensive line may not be killed by opposing team players.

Offensive Line

The offensive line are players which hunt opposing team Defilers. They may make use of the entire field of play but must be undead if they wish to cross the line of scrimmage. Offensive line members may not hunt inside the opposing team's safety corridor.


Points are awarded in two separate ways:

  • Defiling graffiti inside scoring houses (7 points)
    • Both scoring houses must be defiled before points are awarded.
    • If a Defiler is killed between the time he defiles one scoring house and the next, then their scoring is reset. They must defile both buildings again.
  • Killing an opposing team's Defiler (3 points)
    • No Safety may be standing in the same block (they may be a corpse) in order for points to be awarded for killing a Defiler
    • A Defiler standing inside their own safety corridor may not be killed.

A screenshot or iWit of the scoring action must be taken. In the case of Defilers, a capture of actions in both scoring houses must be given at the same time.


This is a sample suburb showing the division of the zones. Spracklingbank is used in this example because of its freerunning lanes and limited TRPs inside the safety corridors.

80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89
30 the Wiles Motel
the Mackworth Museum
a carpark
a factory
Mornington Way Railway Station
a warehouse
Eastwick Drive
the Rycroft Building
Mauger Towers
Ham Lane
Safety Corridor
31 the Silcox Museum
a carpark
Hellings Park
Tambling Library
Ashman Row
Slann Boulevard
Sparey Boulevard
a junkyard
Mechel Drive Railway Station
32 a carpark
the Montagu Arms
Hecks Library
Millett Walk Fire Station
the Coss Building
Whittingham Lane
the Simper Building
Rawlinson Drive Railway Station
Clements Library
33 Runcieman Lane
Neave Grove
the Banks Arms
Rennie Auto Repair
Grandfield Alley School
Fackerell Auto Repair
a factory
a carpark
Dawney Cinema
Dewell Way
34 a cemetery
the Sharman Building
St. Clare's Church
Shelley Road
Ritchie Plaza
Cowdry Walk
the Dobson Motel
Stollery Street
Marshalsey Road
Herne Street
Line Of Scrimmage
35 the Vellacott Building
Woolf Auto Repair
a carpark
Bowles Street
the Wardropper Arms
Raesin Grove
the Mickelson Museum
Hines Plaza
a carpark
36 Cornelius General Hospital
Leggatt Square
Cary Bank
Club Storer
Salvage Cinema
Cudworth Lane Fire Station
Barstow Square
Pargitter Boulevard
Cundham Alley
Henslow Library
37 Burns Place
Hickling Auto Repair
McDougall Park
Opalinska Road
Manktelow Square
a warehouse
Faraker Plaza
the Jago Building
the Pepperd Museum
38 Schreiber Walk
Saltrow Library
Harnap Cinema
Peryer Place
Langford Avenue
Chippett Grove Police Department
St. Barnabas's Church
a cemetery
Wisby Plaza
a carpark
Safety Corridor
39 Elphick Walk
a warehouse
Blest Place
a carpark
the Stanser Arms
the Dewell Building
a carpark
Hopping Boulevard Railway Station
the Mees Building
Crosland Lane
80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89
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