Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah

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Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah
!zanbah Barhah.png
Abbreviation: ZRO!
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: All provinces of the republic are controlled by a Protector, they are supported by a council, The Grand-Protector "The Great Leader Fysh" is formal head of state, the Protector of Barhah Mall Papa Fidel is the Prime Minister, but of course all incorportaed orgainzations are fully autonomous.
Goals: Protect the Republic, allow it to prosper and be Barhah
Recruitment Policy: All zombies may declare to be part of ZRO! as they wish
Contact: No central communication available

Welcome to the Republic comrade

The Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah (ZRO!) was fought for and eventually was proclaimed by the Eastonwood Ferals in the suburb of Eastonwood. It was the ultimate goal of this particular group to overthrow the strong hold of dozens of Survivor Groups and the harman oppression over the undead and reverse them into zombie rule, controlled territory and organisation of their own design. On April 1st 2006 plans of establishing a zombie nation arose among the EF fighters but it was not until the occupation of the centre of Eastonwood and the most fortified stronghold within this suburb, Pooll Crescent Police Department in late May 2006, that it became reality. Now both, EF and the Republic itself are ever increasing in power and influence, with the fall of Caiger Mall and the major achievements of zombiekind, such as the CRF, in the area a zombie controlled territory finally came together. If it can withstand an onslaught of harman enemies, old and new, is yet to be seen.

!zanbah Barhah.png The Declaration of Zombiedom


In order to maintain the barhahness of the Zombified Republic of !zanbah (ZRO!) and ensure the happiness of every non-smelling corpse and standing zombie, though he may smell if this is his wish, the Zombified Republic of !zanbah Revolutionary Council (ZRO!RC) declares the following:

1st Groan:

The Structure of the Republic.
The ZRO!RC of the ZRO! is the central governmental Body of the republic, it consists of envoys of all incorporated hordes, it is located in Pooll Crescent Police Department. Every Incorporated territory shall be controlled by a Protector he shall be supported by his local Council of advisors. The Protector has complete authority in all questions concerning his horde and territory.

2nd Groan:

Freedom of death rattle, flailing gesture, and general BARHAH.
ZRO! shall make no law respecting an establishment of another religion, or prohibiting the free exercise of Barhah; or abridging the freedom of Death Rattle, or gesture; or the right of the Zmabahs smellingly to assemble, and to flame the harman Government for a redress of grievances.

3rd Groan:

Right for the Zmabahs to bite and maul with limbs, as well as to maintain a Zombie Horde.
A well fed Zombie horde, being necessary to the barhahness of a free suburb, the right of the Zmabahs to infect and drag survivors out of safe houses shall not be infringed.

4th Groan:

Protection from barrricading of houses.
No Harman shall, in time of swaying lightly be barricaded or situated in any house, without the consent of the ZRO!, nor in time of raids, but in a manner to have the doors left wide open.

5th Groan:

Protection from unreasonable Headshot and revive.
The right of the Zmabahs to be standing as corpses, ransacking houses, smash generators and infecting harmanz, against unreasonable (all) headshots and revives, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue.

6th Groan:

Zombie trial by ZRO!RC.
Horde Officials, Protectors and Councillors may conduct jurisdiction on local basis but the right to trial and convict enemies of the Republic lies with the ZRO!RC.
  • Submitted by Zawa o' Draugr on August the 30th 2006 to the ZRO!RC. Passed unanimous. Ratified November the 6th 2006.

The Republican Infrastructure

  • Fighting Force
EFzombie.png The Eastonwood Ferals are one of the fighting forces of Republic and serve her as soldiers. Their Honours Guard have taken over the task to secure peace and wellbeing of the core territories according to the Declaration of Zombiedom.
CRF.jpg The Caiger Resistance Front are the Custodians of the mighty Barhah Mall. Their leader Papa Fidel has been unanimously elected as "Protector of BARHAH Mall" and his War Council has taken it's rightfull place in high government offices.
TourWikiImg.png For the time being the leader of Mall Tour '07 which declared allegiance to the republic, the mighty Xyu has been proclaimed warlord and dictator of the fighting force, shall he lead the tour and ultimately the republic to the greater good that is !zanbah.
De-new.gif The relatively young and successfull group, Death's Embrace has somewhat settled in the republic's east and has been invited to join the ranks of ZRO! on account of their valiant help at MT'07's siege of Stickling Mall.
Final with anarchyOE.JPG The death cultist members of the Knights of the Apocalypse deciding on being dead on a constant basis have been welcomed and embraced as members of the republic.
  • Intelligence Service
Unknown armies.gif Is provided by the Unknown Armies Group (UAG for short). They provide the Concil with information and scout the territories and borders of the Republic for insurgencies and conspiracy.
  • Clubs and Societies
10ksociety.gif The 10k Society provides leisures and accommodations, especially to old and experienced zombie warriors.
  • News and Information
ZNN-logo-small.png While not a part of the Republic, the The Zombie News Network (ZNN) is widely accepted as a source of information by the citizens of ZRO!.
Sm barricade.jpg Also not part of the governmental structure the Malton Herald & Sun has begun to become popular among republican citizens.

Policies and Laws

  • First and foremost the template {{ZRO!}} added to a page can be used as a way to indicate citizenship or support for the Republic.
!zanbah Barhah.png Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah
This user or group is part of the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah.

  • The Republic is proudly presented to you by the Ministry of BARHAH


  • The Republic maintains large scale projects to further develop its infrastructure. Especially the CRF is responsible for the most important of all social development projects.

Crf3.jpg Crf2.jpg

  • The Scorched Earth policy is enacted throughout !zanbah. Going a little further with the responsibility for young zmobies who easily fall prey to MKII, the Salt The Land Policy is in use as active measures of the anti-drug campaign.
DeathValley.jpg Scorched Earth
This User or Group supports the Scorched Earth Policy & acknowledges that all revive points must be razed and their inhabitants killed.

  • The Citizens of !zanbah are under the protection of the "Unlive Sympathy Act".
CryingZombie.jpg Zombie Sympathizer
This user or group doesn't think that zombies should be shot just because they are different from us.
  • The ZRO! acknowleges that indeed violence is the most direct approach to foreign policy.
Redskull.jpg Violence is quicker
Both diplomacy and violence solve problems. But violence is quicker.
  • The Zombie News Network has the republics fullest support and enjoys unrestricted permittion to report, investigate and broadcast news within its jurisdiction.
ZNN-logo-small.png This is ZNN!
This user or group is a supporter of The Zombie News Network.
  • The Republic is on the move. We are going Barhah on the mighty Mall Tour '07.


  • The Normal and accepted spiritual orientation of !zanbah's citizens is the general believe in Barhah, widely spread among maltonian zombies. Official churches or doctrines have yet to arise but many of !zanbah's finest harbour a deep devotion to it. Hence the battlecry BARHAH or the EF's abrevation !zanbah Barhah are common to be used throughout the republic.
  • Zombies in the Darvall Heights area are urged to pick up residences according to the Feral Resistance-Scheme. A social Housing project initiated by concerned zombie citizens.

!zanbah Barhah.png The Republican Territory

In due time the Republic has grown to incorporate the entirety of Eastonwood under it’s total control. The Republican forces however scout a vast territory and some even make claims to places outside the borders of Eastonwood. The map below shows !zanbah and it’s sphere of influence. While harman activities within it's territories are subject to persecution and are elliminated with extreme prejudice ZRO! officials acknowledge the fact that they can never be completely prohibited. In some cases harman presence within the Republic might even be tolerated and for reasons of food and recreation harmanz are invited to come and fight for what they believe to be right.

The republican core territories
Usual sphere of influence
Inconsequently scouted and/or Patrolled

NW Dakerstown NE Dakerstown NW Jensentown NE Jensentown NW Quarlesbank NE Quarlesbank NW West Boundwood NE West Boundwood NW East Boundwood NE East Boundwood
SW Dakerstown SE Dakerstown SW Jensentown SE Jensentown SW Quarlesbank SE Quarlesbank SW West Boundwood SE West Boundwood SW East Boundwood SE East Boundwood
NW Roywood NE Roywood NW Judgewood NE Judgewood NW Gatcombeton NE Gatcombeton NW Shuttlebank NE Shuttlebank NW Yagoton NE Yagoton
SW Roywood SE Roywood SW Judgewood SE Judgewood SW Gatcombeton SE Gatcombeton SW Shuttlebank SE Shuttlebank SW Yagoton SE Yagoton
NW Peddlesden Village NE Peddlesden Village NW Chudleyton NE Chudleyton NW Darvall Heights NE Darvall Heights NW Eastonwood NE Eastonwood NW Brooke Hills NE Brooke Hills
SW Peddlesden Village SE Peddlesden Village SW Chudleyton SE Chudleyton SW Darvall Heights SE Darvall Heights SW Eastonwood SE Eastonwood SW Brooke Hills SE Brooke Hills
NW Dunell Hills NE Dunell Hills NW West Becktown NE West Becktown NW East Becktown NE East Becktown NW Richmond Hills NE Richmond Hills NW Ketchelbank NE Ketchelbank
SW Dunell Hills SE Dunell Hills SW West Becktown SE West Becktown SW East Becktown SE East Becktown SW Richmond Hills SE Richmond Hills SW Ketchelbank SE Ketchelbank
NW Owsleybank NE Owsleybank NW Molebank NE Molebank NW Lukinswood NE Lukinswood NW Havercroft NE Havercroft NW Barrville NE Barrville
SW Owsleybank SE Owsleybank SW Molebank SE Molebank SW Lukinswood SE Lukinswood SW Havercroft SE Havercroft SW Barrville SE Barrville

!zanbah Barhah.png Alliances and Hostilities

In it's long and troubled history the ZRO! has made powerfull and destructive enemies as well as trusted and brave allies and friends.

The following groups and orgainizations are currently considered part of ZRO!:

EFzombie.png CRF.jpg TourWikiImg.png Unknown armies.gif De-new.gif Final with anarchyOE.JPG

These Groups or organizations are considered friends of the Republic and are to be honoured as such:

Rff.jpg EF-RRFaward.jpg The Big Bash.png Shack.png ZAM!.JPG Snap22a.jpg
The GMT Breakfast Club

And finally the groups and organizations that are mortal enemies of the republic and are to be engaged whenever possible:

The Sun Organization
DEM NW Squadron
The Dunell Hills Police Department
and the Neo-Warseers