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Abbreviation: ZN
Number of members: [1]
Leadership: [Ashell Campbell]
Goals: To establish and maintain the Zombienation within the city of Malton
Recruitment policy: The Zombienation is open for all Zombies willing to live by its rules.
Contact: Comming soon...


For reasons yet to be determined the bodies of the recently deceased are returning to life and attacking the living. The scope of this epidemic is now reaching global proportions.

The members of the Zombienation have grown wary of the constant attacks and misstreatment from the Surviviours of Malton. The founding members have therefor withdrawn from the general public and made a safe haven fo Zombiekind. Any Zombie that wants a safe place is welcome to take refuge to the Zombienation at their leasuire. Surviours are striktly forbidden and will be killed on sight.

Group Policy

Being a member of the Zombienation doesn't disqualify one from any other group alleigances. However, every member currently within the bounds of the Zombienations territory are responsible for the maintenence of the nations security and law enforcement. Hostility between Zombies is frowned upon by the Zombienation.


Currently the Zombienation is in the progress of establishing the Zombienations territory in New Arkham.


The following rules must be upheld by all members of the Zombienation

  • All Survivors encountered withing the Zombienation must be killed.
  • All buildnings inside the Zombienation should have no barricades and their doors open.



Ashlee Campbell


The Plague are also located in New Arkham and share the Zombienations views on how to handle the Survivors.

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