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Zombie Slayer Guild

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the zsgs' official ranks

note: this page does need work for any suggestions go to the dissusion section of this page.


Rank Level Privileges
President Any
(Only 1)
Supreme leader of zsg. The President provides objectives for the entire group.
Authority to promote soldiers up rank(s).
Head of War and Defense Any
(Only 1)
Initiate new missions and coordinate zsg soldiers during missions. Also make sure the teams are defended.
Authority to promote soldiers up rank(s).
Head of Internal and Foreign Affairs Any
(Only 1)
Coordinates missions with allies, then reports the main parts of the setup to the Head of War.
Authority to promote soldiers up rank(s).
Head of Security and Law Any
(Only 1)
Makes sure missions are law abiding, and orderly. Also, makes sure the forums are secure.
Authority to promote soldiers up rank(s).
General 35
(Only 1)
Leads missions, and has the respect of the council. Watches over the TAT, and the RDT.
Captain 15
(Only 2)
Has control of the RDT, or the TAT, and is trusted by the council.
Sergeant 5 Has earned the trust of the Council. In case of emergencies, they can be relied upon to lead the Tactical Teams.
Private any A member who has proven his loyalty to The zsg.
Recruit any A member who fights for The zsg, but who has only recently joined.

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