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Zombie Slayer Guild

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black marks

with 9 black marks you are one step away from being kos so wach out.

with 8 black marks you (if you have the rank) will lose your president position.

with 7 black marks you will lose your head of war and defense rank.

with 6 black marks you will lose your head of internal and forieng affiars rank and will not be able to lose any more black marks until you prove your loyaltie in an extreme way.

with 5 black marks you will lose your head of seciurity and law rank.

with 4 black marks you will lose your genral rank.

with 3 black marks you will lose your captian rank.

with 2 black marks you lose your rank of seargant.

with 1 black mark well ah let's say you won't be winning any elections.

gaining black marks

you gain black marks by pkin,rking and gking without permission from the president. you can also gain them by being rude, disrespectfull or verbally attacking another zsg member.

losing black marks

To repeal a black mark go to the disscusion section of this page.

people with black marks

  1. Austeko3rs currently has 1 black mark for pking multiple times without a permit.
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