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Zombikah is a zombie holy day that centers around the sharing of the spirit of Barhah. Zombikah day falls on the 26th of December, though Zombikah season usually starts just after Zanzgabang and continues into early January. The Zombikah season is marked by zombies spreading cheer and good will to all. The spreading of cheer by zombies looks remarkably like the usual brutal maulings; however, experts claim that zombies do this in an affectionate and festive manner.

The origins of Zombikah are shrouded in mystery. Zombikah, called Zambagah by zombies, is believed to have started as a Pagan holiday in early Germanic and Celtic zombie tribes. Little else is known about Zombikah's history. Research is difficult, as zombies do not keep written records. Zombies do have a strong oral tradition. This is not helpful to researchers, however, because the tradition involves a zombie consuming the researchers, orally.

Traditions associated with Zombikah include decorating sidewalks with human entrails, exchanging neck bites under the mistletoe, and opening skulls on christmas day. Festive dishes include haunch of man and brain pudding.

The views of the Church of the Resurrection on this holiday are unknown. This is due not to reticence on the part of Church authorities, but rather the fact that every interviewer has been converted by the Church's extremely agressive evangelists.

It is unknown whether this is related to BARHAHmas.

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