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"I have a dream. I dream of a place where zombies don't have to sleep outside like second class citizens. A place where there are no barricades to keep the undead out of their homes, a place where the doors are always open. I dream of a place where zombies aren't ridiculed just for looking different, a place where zombies aren't the victims of random violent outbursts, just because we might smell bad or talk funny. I dream of a place where a nice zombie family can raise their undead children, go to work, mow their lawn, and lead a regular undead life. Zomburbia! "

Other Names: Zambarb!a!, Zed-Town, Dentonside
Population: 12ish
Leadership: Dr Doktor
Goals: Create a safe home for Zombies
Recruitment Policy: See Recruitment
Contact: See Contact
~ Dr Doktor

Zomburbia! is, in the strictest sense, a zombie group dedicated to preserving the utopia of Malton. However, we are more than just a group. Zomburbia! is also an idea, an idea that zombies should not be afraid of the humans, harmanz zhahh bah zharah ah zah zambahz!


Zomburbia!'s ranks are composed primarily of the undead in Malton, shambling through the streets, seeking to eke out a joyful non-life for themselves. Interspersed, however, are some who have gained higher motor skills, and behave like normal citizens of Malton.


Zomburbia! seeks to return all buildings to their natural state, un-barricaded and ruined. This is in compliance with the Non-Barricading Policy. With buildings open to zombie-kind, we will no longer face aggression in the streets. Rather, we can enjoy a nice stay inside, out of the rain and the cold.


Us Zomburbanites decided to carve out a niche for ourselves in the glorious suburb of Dentonside; a place mostly in ruins before the outbreak. There are no tactically important buildings here for harmanz, so the survivor population is relatively low. We fight small groups and persistent individuals, invaders into our homes.


Simple! Just shamble on over, and tear down the barricades. Step on in, and have a nap. Wake up in the morning, and do it to another building. Remember, it takes more AP for a human to kill and dump you inside than it does for you to stand up. As long as everybody sleeps inside, the harmanz cannot return. If somebody happens to revive you, please advertise Zomburbia! through spraypaint, radio, and word of mouth.


December, 2017

December 6th

Today the Zomburbia! horde (at the moment containing 3 BRAZZAHZ) alongside a feral ZAMBAH managed to take down and hold (atleast for a limited time ;) ) Mitchem Mall in Vinetown. Not bad for a horde of four. It has taken us some time to accomplish, mostly due to the HARMANZ failing to play nice. Instead they've put up a fierce fight, forcing us to arise over and over again, sometimes several times a day.

[1] [2] [3]

December, 2010

December 8th

Zomburbia is in bad shape. Our members are unfortunately mostly dormant, and the area itself is FULL of pesky harmans, most of which are in barricaded, lighted buildings. While some efforts are underway to hopefully retake the suburb, this is still a dark day for Zomburbia.

January, 2009

January 21st

The new year has brought a new crop of pesky harmans to our fair shores. Barricades keep us out of our homes and generators keep us awake with their garish lights and infernal racket. But the citizens of Zomburbia! have rallied to retake Simplicius Hospital and Maney Lane PD, and a good-sized pack of ferals is helping wipe out the nest of breathers inside Winsley Ave PD as I write. Dentonside will be in ruins again soon enough, but all zethren are urged to sleep inside the barns when they can.

November, 2008

November 5th

There is nothing alive in Zomburbia! Not even plants. There are only habbah zambahz. Some of us wonder if harmanz will try and come do something about this. Most of us think they are too chicken, or at least they taste that way.

November, 2007

November 9th

Denner Towers, the Mobile Phone Mast for Dentonside, is still in shambles. There are a few ZomTel technicians inside, guarding the building against reconstruction. Life in Zomburbia! is generally good.


Zomburbia! is open, and understading. We accept many behaviors which are frowned upon by most groups, so long as they are kept in good spirits. We ask that all ZKing be done outdoors, while the eating of bra!nz be done indoors. Feel free to PK as much as you like if you are revived, but please spraypaint tags advertising Zomburbia! throughout the area while you're walking. We do have a few policy-boxes to share, however.

Ubpicon2.GIF Non-Barricading Policy
This user or group complies with the Non Barricading Policy, which states that all buildings shall be barricade-free, ruined, and un-lit.
Gargoyle.jpg Profane Existence Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Profane Existence Policy & asserts that all Wastelands in the city of Malton are revive-free zombie zones.
Brainz.gif maarh harman bra!nz ahr har!!
This user or group is a fan of feasting on harman bra!nz, and wants more opened.


Please contact us through our discussion page on the wiki, or by posting in the public board on our Forums. Any and all topics are open for discussion


Zomburbia! is always accepting applications for residency. To apply, you must meet a few simple requirements.

  1. Embrace the spirit of Zomburbia!
  2. No pulse(optional, see above)
  3. Submit your application

Submitting your application is easy. Just login to our Forums, and submit your profile in the recruitment thread. If you would rather not join our forums, please read through the notice to ferals for instructions on helping the cause.

Partners in Zombification

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