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This is the news page for Zomburbia!

December, 2017

December 6th

Today the Zomburbia! horde (at the moment containing 3 BRAZZAHZ) alongside a feral ZAMBAH managed to take down and hold (atleast for a limited time ;) ) Mitchem Mall in Vinetown. Not bad for a horde of four. It has taken us some time to accomplish, mostly due to the HARMANZ failing to play nice. Instead they've put up a fierce fight, forcing us to arise over and over again, sometimes several times a day.

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December, 2010

December 8th

Zomburbia is in bad shape. Our members are unfortunately mostly dormant, and the area itself is FULL of pesky harmans, most of which are in barricaded, lighted buildings. While some efforts are underway to hopefully retake the suburb, this is still a dark day for Zomburbia.

January, 2009

January 21st

The new year has brought a new crop of pesky harmans to our fair shores. Barricades keep us out of our homes and generators keep us awake with their garish lights and infernal racket. But the citizens of Zomburbia! have rallied to retake Simplicius Hospital and Maney Lane PD, and a good-sized pack of ferals is helping wipe out the nest of breathers inside Winsley Ave PD as I write. Dentonside will be in ruins again soon enough, but all zethren are urged to sleep inside the barns when they can.

November, 2008

November 5th

There is nothing alive in Zomburbia! Not even plants. There are only habbah zambahz. Some of us wonder if harmanz will try and come do something about this. Most of us think they are too chicken, or at least they taste that way.

November, 2007

November 9th

Denner Towers, the Mobile Phone Mast for Dentonside, is still in shambles. There are a few ZomTel technicians inside, guarding the building against reconstruction. Life in Zomburbia! is generally good.
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