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===ATTENTION=== This list is pretty old but many people on this list still play. It would need to be seriously updated for it to be put back into real tactical use. It's kind of here for historical purposes at this point.

Welcome to the THE LIST. We and those who join us in our efforts have compiled this list of brain rotted zombies that have either invaded the Zone or are part of the local populace. We hope you find this tool useful.

The links in Bold are profiles that are highly recommended to be on your profile list. We try to ensure that leadership data is up to date, however some "regulars" may have switched groups or have gone inactive.

This resource is designed to aid the vigilant survivor. It's a good idea to regularly check profiles of Survivors in the building with you, to identify new friends and new foes. Don't for get to DNA-Scan the Zombies too. The data here can give you further information about who exactly it is you're seeing. If you wish to add to the list, please contact Benigno, or leave a message with the Zone Defenders or the Roftwood Coordination Center.


Antitribu, Revenant, Benigno, and Members of the RCC.

Infamous PKers

Philosophe Knights


Ridleybank Resistance Front


attacks at 4:00pm GMT


Team America

Strike Team for the DoHS, attacks at 10pm EST

GMT Breakfast Club

attacks around 9:30 - 10:00 am GMT

Gore Corps

Death Cultists


Formerly Group 0

We are Trolls!

Militant Order of Barhah

Hambargar Halparz

Minions of the Apocalypse


General Location : Roftwood

Zombie Squirrels

Revenant Zombies

usually in Pimbank but sometimes wanders, especially when a large event is going on

Quartly Diners

Slaves Of The Mistress

General Location : Eastern Roftwood, near Hildebrand

Union of Food Vendors and Associated Trades

Mall Tour '06

Mall Tour '07


of note

Feral Undead

The Feral Undead are a large zombie horde, but is spread all over Malton. Their entire profile list is publicly viewable, but is listed --> here <-- for your convenience.

Other Notables

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