Zookeeper Malton Grand Tour 2013

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The Zookeepers are taking a break and going on a long overdue vacation tour of our great city! We’d love to have you join us on our trip of fun and debauchery! Here is our itinerary for the next few weeks;

Giffard Arms (30,33) – Friday Jan 4th - 7th / Very big thanks to our gracious hosts ЯHR for a great time!
Caiger Mall (20,27) - Skipping due to bad case of zombie infestation
Dunell Hills (1,33) - Jan 8th - 10th / Had a blast getting eaten by the local zombies
Membery Arms (43,41) - Jan 11th - 16th / Enjoying the fellowship of the inebriated gentlemen of this fine local establishment!
Garniss Building (73,86) - Jan 17th - Jan 19th / The zombies in the area were insistent we take a tour of their intestinal tract rather then the history lesson offered by our new living friends in Garniss. We'll return soon to take them up on that offer soon enough! (The history lesson, not the intestinal tract tour)
Skarin Row Police Department (90,22) - Jan 20th - Jan 25th / After spending a few days with the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile we decided to move on to the next destination before the 30+ members of The Dead knocking on the door made a meal of our troupe!
Kersley Mansion (57,58) - Jan 25th - Feb 2nd / 'Keet arrived to find the mansion caded, safe and occupied by a couple of survivors. Plenty of room to party, so let the debauchery begin!!
Horsey Museum (55,65) - Feb 2nd - Feb 10th / Uroguy is making these dates up as he goes along because between infectious bites and the unlimited booze it's hard to keep up.
The Whatmore Building (45,16) - Feb 11th - Feb 15th / We brought many friends with us as we dragged ourselves northward, everyone had a bite to eat, albeit sometimes at the expense of a few hapless zookeepers.
Pitman Mansion (21,0) - Feb 16th - Feb 19th / The highbrow environment of the mansion lent itself to high tea. Unfortunately a couple of zombies found their way in via the servants' entrance and the party ended early.
The Craske Building (22,84) - Feb 20th - Feb 23rd / Drinking with some of Malton's finest, until our groupies got the best of our supposedly unlimited supply of booze which disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Plus we may have also accidentally broken the mall. Accidentally.
Caiger Mall (20,28) - Feb 24th - March 3rd / Maybe all of this mall walking will burn off the calories from the beers. Maybe? Also as expected we were good for at least 4 bellows in a 24 hour period.
Fort Perryn (85,91) - March 4th - March 16th / Things couldn't possibly get any worse over there anyway, could they? And surprisingly we left the place in no different shape than when we found it, a new first!
Horsey Museum (55,65) - March 17th - March 20th / Because hey, we didn't trash the place enough last time we went through!
Stickling Mall (52,24) - March 21st - March 23rd / We heard it was lit and well stocked with harmans, I mean supplies for our loyal fans.
Back to the zoo - March 23rd - May 4 / The blood soaked zookeeper shirts were starting to get itchy so we needed a wardrobe change.

We look forward to seeing you and best of all, you seeing us!

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