Zookeeper Objet d'art Tour 2013

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Zookeeper Objet d'art Tour 2013

The Zookeepers are once again taking a break and going on a tour of lovely Malton. This time around we'll try to visit some of the places we missed or skipped on the last trip! Additionally we hope to bring as many museum Objet d'art to each place we visit.

We’d love to have you join us on our trip of fun and debauchery! We look forward to seeing you and best of all, you seeing us!

Here is our itinerary for the next few weeks:

Membery Arms (43,41) - May 5 - 11 / We heard they were just ransacked and eaten, so we're lending a helping paw to our neighbors and friends down south!
Caiger Mall - May 12 - 13 / Because hey there's no possible way the mall could be overrun by zombies. I mean what are the odds?
Taylor Lane Police Department (29,23) - May 13 - ??? / Following our hasty, I mean planned and well executed departure from the wasteland that once was Caiger Mall.

We took a break from the tour to pick flowers in and around the zoo. --UroguyTMZ 19:08, 19 July 2013 (BST)

Update: Due to strenuous objections by the Philosophe Knights the tour has been cancelled.

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