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Clock.png Inactive Group
Squad Zulu are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 13:30, 16 July 2010 (BST) Not Inactive?

Squad Zulu
Abbreviation: SZ
Group Numbers: 10
Leadership: Leader: YuriRuler90
Co-Leader: BobMcFartsens
Goals: Currently: Disbanded
Recruitment Policy: Recruiting anyone
Contact: YuriRuler90 on theUnoffical UD Forums

Squad Zulu was a squad of high level players in charge of hunting and support missions. Squad Zulu was an official Council of Leaders certified Squad.

We cleared out buildings before barricades were even thought of. We killed zombies by the dozens, giving us bragging rights for so far back. However, after the battle of Roachtown, the Squad has become dormant. The Squad has become disbanded in the mid months of 2006. It stands as one of the oldest and most effective player groupings to date.


Squad Zulu was involved in many battles, right up until it liquidation. Among them include:

- The first battle of Ridleybank. The Squad was forced to retreat after being overrun by the Ridleybank Resistance Front

- The first battle of Fort Perryn.

- The October Battle of Fort Creedy.

- The battle of Hildebrand Mall. The Squad stayed for over a month in the Chalderwood Road Railway Station, providing support until it fell.

- The battle of Roachtown, in which the entire suburb, along with the Squad, was wiped out in a matter of a week.



The founder of Squad Zulu. See his user page for more info.


A brave soldier, and an expert at battlefield tactics, Bob has proven himself time and time again in the face of danger.


A medic that the Squad met early upon their adventures, Rune personally kept the Squad motivated. He saved many lives, always putting other before his own life. Rune went missing in September as the Squad moved to help other survivors. Many sweeps have been made to find him, but our comrade has not shown up. I pray for him.

Shotgami Kayde

Another Soldier in the Squad, she provides defense along with Intel runs for the team. Abandoned the squadren after the Roachtown attack and no longer wishes to be affilitated with the group nor with ANY of the original COL groups. Since the begining of Nexus Wars, she has gone missing in Malton.


A Civilian in the middle of this Apocalypse, he has grown adept at many different methods of survival.

Ulysses Smith

A more recent, and lucky addition to the Squad, Smith is a bit tempermental and sometimes goes out of his way to achieve his objectives, running missions that no one else can run. I hope he comes back alright.


A VERY recent addition to the Squad, Qarros has already proven himself in several battles, and is not afraid to go in with guns blazing.

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